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Helena Nista Collection (3 Courses In 1)

Helena Nista Collection (3 Courses In 1)

Helena Nista Collection (3 Courses In 1)

What You’ll Learn in Helena Nista Collection:

Helena Nista – Legendary Lover for Men

Every Man Has A Legendary Lover Within Him But Only A Special Few Will Do What It Takes To Elevate Their Lovemaking To Greater Heights Through Intense Connection, Deep Intimacy And Mutual Ecstatic Pleasure.

Whether you are single, dating or in a committed relationship, you are here because you have a deeper knowing. A knowing that your lovemaking ability holds the key to something far more transformative and beautiful than a fleeting moment of physical release.

When you discover what it takes to be the best lover you can possibly be, you will be doing an extraordinary service to you, the women in your life and maybe even the world. Your unique efforts to take things to the next level will unleash far more fulfilment, mutual nurturing and orgasmic ecstasy you will have experienced. Ever.

It doesn’t matter what kind of intimacy or sex life you have right now. Investing time and energy into your sexual journey will inject more connection, more joy and positive energy into your being. And it will only get better and better.

In a society obsessed with suppressing rather than celebrating sex, now is your time to reverse the tide. Start by discovering the stuff you’re made of. Cast your hesitations aside and stride boldly forward to deepen your intimate connections between the sheets.

  • Are you ready to unlock your full potential in the bedroom?
  • Do you want women to talk about you as the hottest lover in the world?
  • Are you ready for a complete sex life makeover?

The LEGEND methodology will take you through 6 steps of in-depth learning and practical techniques in order to help you become the best lover you can possibly be. This system is only for committed men who are ready to take their lovemaking to the next level of intense connection, deep intimacy, ecstatic pleasure and greater mutual satisfaction. This is the best investment you will ever make in your lovemaking skills.

Based on the principles of Tantra, Taoism, mindfulness and somatic sexology, this program is guaranteed to create more fulfilment, mutual nurturing and orgasmic ecstasy in your sex life.

Helena Nista – Tantric Sex for Couples

By The End Of The Tantric Sex For Couples Program, You Will:

  • Make Your Lovemaking Special
    Elevate your sex life into something sacred, so that sex becomes deeply intimate and nourishing to your relationship.
  • Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure
    Expand your erotic and orgasmic states and share more pleasure than you ever thought possible.
  • Deepen The Love & Heart-Felt Connection
    Use Tantric rituals that are specifically designed to create emotional connection and bring you closer together.
  • Master The Art Of Tantric Massage
    Get the step-by-step on how to use this ancient, sacred ritual to guide each other into deep, orgasmic states of bliss.
  • Be Confident Communicating What You Want
    Create more pleasure and intimacy by mastering the skill of Tantric communication.
  • Discover The Ecstasy Of Tantric Sex
    Transform your lovemaking through deep presence and intense mindfulness, so that every kiss and caress feels like ecstatic, electric bliss.

Helena Nista – Masturbation Coaching

By The End Of The Masturbation Coaching Program, You Will:

  • Learn What Your Body TRULY Enjoys|
    Be confident in what you want, learn how to give yourself that, and ask for it from another.
  • Touch Yourself In A Variety Of New Ways
    Your hands & fingers are amazing tools of pleasure. Re-sensitize your body to ecstatic touch, and find new ideas to enjoy yourself.
  • Release Shame & Guilt Around Pleasure
    Ditch the toxic programming and become joyfully expressed in the bedroom. Discover your most empowered, liberated, sexual self.
  • Become A More Confident & Skillful Lover
    The way you masturbate is the way you have sex. Uplevelling the way you touch yourself primes you for amazing sexual experiences with a partner too.
  • Understand Your Body Intimately
    You’ll understand your pleasure anatomy and all your erogenous zones – there’s WAY more pleasure potential to your body than you realize.
  • Become Multi-Orgasmic
    Discover new levels of pleasure and a range of orgasms that you didn’t know were possible (yes, including whole-bodied orgasms without ejaculation).

About Helena Nista

Hi, I’m Helena Nista!

You might recognize me from my popular YouTube channel – I’m a certified Sexologist and one of Australia’s leading Sex Therapists and Tantra Practitioners.

Here’s the thing – I know what’s possible for you, and it’s so much more than you even realise. You’re capable of experiencing more pleasure than you’ve ever had, of having incredible sex, and of reaching amazing, out-of this-world orgasms.

And I want that for you. Which is why I created the Masturbation Coaching online course. So that every human being can become effortlessly orgasmic, and experience incredible sex and legendary love.

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