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Sean Cooper – Conversation Hacking

Sean Cooper – Conversation Hacking

Sean Cooper – Conversation Hacking

Conversation Hacking will help you go from being quiet, shy and awkward around people… to talkative, confident and charismatic.

Conversation Hacking is specifically designed for people who are VERY shy, quiet, awkward, nervous and withdrawn in conversations.

It will show you the step-by-step path to become more confident, social and outgoing in everyday social situations.

  • Learn how I stopped feeling left out, ignored and invisible in social situations…
  • Read on to discover how you can develop a confident, attractive voice everyone can easily hear…
  • And I’ll even tell you exactly what to talk about so you speak up more often and stop being called quiet!

So what exactly will you learn in the Conversation Hacking Program?

Conversation Hacking is a 4-week program. Each video module will be delivered to you weekly.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn:

MODULE 1: What To Say In Conversations

The first module will show you exactly how to eliminate the problem of “not knowing what to say”.

Once you go through it, you’ll never have to worry about standing there quietly, feeling left out, having a blank mind in social situations or running out of things to say.

  • My Step-By-Step Blueprint For What To Say After “Hello.”
    When you meet someone new, are you ever confused about what you’re SUPPOSED to talk about? I’ll reveal a step-by-step TEMPLATE you can use to kick start a conversation with almost anyone.
  • 5 Ways To Stop Being The Person Who Rarely Says Anything
    I’ll show you a couple of simple mental exercises that will break your habit of not talking. These will remove the automatic block in your psychology that makes you not say much in social situations.
  • How To Avoid Awkward Silences
    My proven techniques for FLOODING your mind with interesting things to say whenever you feel an awkward silence coming up.
  • “Ease Into” And Become A Part Of Any Group Conversation
    …Even if you’ve always been the person standing nervously at the edge of the group too scared to speak up.
  • Stop Running Out Of Things To Say!
    Most introverts make these 3 mistakes when talking to people that make their minds go “blank” at the worst times. Stop making these mistakes and you’ll be able to talk and talk like an extrovert.
  • “You Don’t Talk Much”
    Find out how to get people to stop saying this (and similar comments) to you…

MODULE 2: Stop Being Called Quiet!

The second module will make you louder, more expressive and more confident in conversations.

You’ll learn how to use your voice to make yourself a warm, charismatic person people are drawn to.

  • 3 Simple Steps To Raise The Volume of Your Voice.
    Doesn’t it suck when you have to repeat what you said? Especially when you’re already trying to be loud but it seems like there’s an invisible “block” stopping you from raising your volume.
  • How To Speak Expressively With Emotion. If you are not expressive enough, then many people will find you boring. It’s as simple as that. I’ll show you how to use the new science of Bioenergetics to remove the inner physical blocks and tensions that stifle you and block your expressiveness.
  • Speak Up And Be Heard… Even Around Lots of Strangers.
    I’ll give you mental exercises to remove fear so you can avoid having your voice go quiet automatically when there’s lots of people around. (For example, you can talk as loud as you want when you’re alone, but you become quiet and timid in public, at the store, at school or work, etc.)
  • How To Develop A Confident, Attractive Voice.
    Learn specific vocal exercises from top Hollywood vocal coaches. Do these exercises for just a few minutes a day and you’ll soon be able to project your voice across the room loudly and effortlessly.
  • A Simple 2 Minute Trick To Speak With Clarity.
    This will make sure everyone hears and understands what you said … the first time! Best of all, it’ll easily eliminate bad habits like mumbling and not pronouncing your words properly.
  • Speak As Well As You Write.
    If you can write in an intelligent and clear way, but have trouble expressing your thoughts and ideas well when you open your mouth, then I’ll help you fix this. You’ll learn how to express yourself and your ideas clearly and effortlessly to people. How much would this help you with having interesting conversations, winning arguments, in your career, public speaking, etc?

MODULE 3: Make People Like And Respect You

The reason why you may have a hard time making friends is because you don’t TALK to them in a way that leads to a friendship.

This module will show you how to talk to people in a way that connects with them and makes them want to know more about you.

  • Is Your Insecurity Turning People Off?
    If you’ve ever wondered why people you meet don’t make an effort to get to know you or invite you out, then I’ll reveal the REAL reason why. I’ll also show you how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future so people want to be your friend.
  • How To Remove “Negative Energy.”
    I’ll show you how to remove the blocks in your inner energy that make you feel negative or closed off. Once these blocks are gone, you’ll find spending time with people becomes enjoyable and relaxing. And best of all, other people will finally seem to like you and enjoy being around you too!
  • The “Social Polarization” Secret.
    THIS is how some people are able to magnetically attract close friendships to them without doing anything — often without even deserving to have people like them! (Think about how many loud, obnoxious people have tons of attention and friends … this is how they do it.)
  • Fun, Natural and Spontaneous…
    I’ll give you simple tricks that will make you feel less tense and self-conscious around people you don’t know that well so you can create NEW friendships easily. (This also works amazing if you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex.)

MODULE 4: The Science Of Self Confidence

If you’re frustrated that you totally lose your confidence and personality around strangers, then this program will fix that.

You’ll find out how some people are able to talk to anyone about anything and have it be interesting.

  • “Smile” … “Make Eye Contact” … “Stand Up Straighter”
    I just described 95% of the ‘advice’ you’ll find in most books on conversation and social skills. In this module you’ll see why advice like this can just make you more nervous — and the techniques that actually work IN THE REAL WORLD for increasing how solidly confident you appear to other people.
  • From Awkward And Nervous To Easy And Natural.
    I’ll show you my simple 2-minute technique for removing your negative uncomfortable emotions in conversations so people like and enjoy talking to you.
  • Avoid Losing Your Personality Around Strangers.
    Do you ever feel like you have many separate personalities? One around close friends and family, one that you use at work, and one that makes you become quiet and awkward around people you don’t know well? I’ll show you how to easily be confident, talkative and charming around strangers as if you’ve known them for years.
  • Stop Being Seen As “Quiet.”
    If you’ve always been known as that quiet girl or shy guy, then I’ll teach you how to reshape the identity other people have of you. I remember this used to be “the quiet one” and really hated it. Luckily, there is one way to change other people’s perception of you quickly.
  • Don’t Be Ignored!
    How to use the 3 elements of authority to make people pay attention to you when you say something. Once you learn these, you’ll never feel “left out” or invisible again. You’ll also avoid having people seem to not hear what you said.
  • The Cure For Self Consciousness.
    Don’t you hate that awkward feeling like other people are judging your every action? I’ll show you simple tricks to stop feeling self-conscious almost whenever you want.

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