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Mike Mandel – Pain Management

Mike Mandel – Pain Management

Mike Mandel – Pain Management

Chronic pain… If you have it, you know all about it.

Pain makes it difficult to concentrate. It ruins your sleep, saps your energy, and takes the enjoyment out of life. And worst of all, friends, relatives and colleagues just don’t understand what you’re going through. They can’t see or feel your pain, so it’s all too easy for them to simply dismiss it as irrelevant and expect you to get over it.

I understand your situation because I know all about pain.

Hello, I’m Mike Mandel, and I want to show you exactly how you can start to feel relief from your chronic pain in less than one hour. Even if you’ve been suffering for years. In this brief letter, I’ll explain my story and you’ll understand how my method of natural pain management can work for you too. It has a way of getting your attention and intruding into your conscious awareness. It makes work unproductive, relationships stressful, moods depressive and your downtime, a waste of time.

I’ve experienced the full gamut of discomfort, including the short-term agony of abscessed teeth and the sudden, excruciating torment of an attack of gout.

In my own practice, I helped many people overcome the torment of headaches and other recurrent pain, but it was my own victory over 6 years of debilitating fibromyalgia that inspired me to create this natural pain management program.

About a decade ago, I developed a deep muscle ache that would come and go, dependent upon the weather. Being a Brit, I had always loved rain, but now I started to hate it. For days on end, I would feel a deep, flu-like ache, that seemed to pierce right into my bones. I would lie flat on my back on the floor, and take over-the-counter pain medicine, but to no avail.

Eventually, I visited a Toronto osteopathic physician who diagnosed fibromyalgia. He began a regimen of 90 minute appointments that included heat packs, laborious stretching of the muscle fibres, electro-acupuncture and Chinese cupping. After the appointment, I would wrap up warmly, and rush home to a scalding hot whirlpool bath with Epsom salts.

The relief was amazing …but it didn’t last.

It would knock the pain down by about 80%. For days I’d feel better and be able to function. Then it would come creeping back, and in a couple of weeks I’d be seeing the osteopath again for another treatment.

But then I had a breakthrough. I’m not a medical doctor, but I do have a vast background in clinical hypnosis. I’ve studied a lot of very effective therapies, with some of the best teachers in the world. In desperation, I took a technique I had used to clear my clients’ phobias and anxieties, and applied it to my fibromyalgia. To my amazement, the pain began to reduce immediately. Encouraged, I persisted with the treatments, and in just 45 minutes, I was totally pain-free for the first time in 6 years. That was several years ago, and I’m still feeling great

So I began to collect all the various methods I had used to deal with pain in my own practice.

I put together a powerful program that anyone can easily apply to reduce or even completely eliminate their own pain.

The entire Pain Management program consists of:

3 audio tracks designed to teach you how to reduce pain.

  • 3 hypnosis tracks that help you attack chronic pain using different unconscious methods. This gives you plenty of choices as to how to best manage your own pain.
  • One critically important video designed to teach you the protocol I used to reduce my own chronic pain from fibromyalgia. This method can be applied to a wide range of discomforts and chronic pain management.
  • A PDF (electronic document) file with instructions on how to use the program and complete transcripts of the teaching tracks.

The Pain Management program is comprehensive, and is designed to get your pain off drugs while empowering you to take control.

Through hypnosis, reframing, and other dynamic techniques, you’ll be using safe, natural, and effective methods to reduce your own pain and feel better.

The more you use the program, the better you’ll feel, as you pick and choose from my methods to find the ones that work best for you. I’m also including at no extra cost, the method I used to eliminate my own fibromyalgia in one evening, which can be applied to all sorts of discomfort.

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