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Joe Dispenza – Changing Beliefs and Perceptions

Joe Dispenza – Changing Beliefs and Perceptions

In Changing Beliefs and Perceptions course, you will learn how to change your belief or perception about yourself that stops you from creating the life you want.

All beliefs and perceptions come from past experiences. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over again until it becomes hardwired in your brain. Beliefs then become subconscious or unconscious programs that are happening behind the scenes of your awareness. Since feelings and emotions are the end products of past experiences, the boundaries of our beliefs are our feelings.

In order for you to change a belief or perception about yourself or your life, you’re going to have to make a decision with such firm intention that the amplitude of energy from that decision is greater than the hardwired programs in your brain and the emotions conditioned in your body. The choice that you make to change your belief will become and experience that you never forget.

Changing Beliefs and Perceptions Contents

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About Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is a Doctor of Chiropractic. His post graduate training includes the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) measurements, epigenetics, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence. As a researcher, lecturer, author, and corporate consultant, his interest lies in demystifying the mystical so that people have all the tools within their reach to make measurable changes in their lives.

Dr Joe works on being the living example of everything he teaches. He also appreciates good food and wine, communing with nature, and being around highly creative people.

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