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Rollin McCraty – The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence

The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence

Rollin McCraty – The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence

Adopt scientifically proven techniques to help you find calm in any circumstance… increase your immunity… gain a renewed sense of vitality, focus, and unconditional love… and activate the power of your inner guidance.

What you will learn in The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence

In this 7-module of The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence transformational intensive, Rollin McCraty will guide you through the fundamental skills you’ll need to achieve heart coherence in any circumstance… increase your immunity… gain a renewed sense of vitality, focus, and unconditional love… and activate the power of your inner guidance.

Module 1: The Science of Global Coherence & Interconnectivity — How Love Connects Us

In this opening module, Rollin will share about the term coherence, and how it reflects harmony and order at the personal, social, and global level.

Rollin McCraty will offer the latest research on energetic interconnectivity, and how love is the primary factor in nonlocal heart rhythm synchronization.

You’ll examine the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) suggestion that the Earth’s magnetic fields provide a mechanism that interconnects and distributes information to all living beings on our planet — and why it’s so important to “feed the field” with more love and compassion.

Rollin will then guide you in a practice to send coherently focused love and heart energy to the global field — to ease and soften the impact of planetary stress and discord…

… while holding an intention of deeper connections among people and more harmonious cooperation for the good of the whole.

This process also helps strengthen and stabilize the mutually beneficial feedback loops between human beings and the Earth itself.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The science of interconnectivity
  • How planetary, solar, and cosmic energies affect our emotions, mental functions, health, and behaviors
  • How to intentionally create energy fields that raise your consciousness vibration and help change the planetary vibration
  • How the GCI magnetometers measure Earth’s magnetic rhythms
  • The Global Tree Monitoring system for measuring how collective consciousness affects the global field
  • A heart coherence technique for radiating love to yourself and the planetary field environment

Module 2: Getting the Heart & Brain in Sync — Reduce Stress & Make Better Choices

In this session, Rollin McCraty will introduce a practical framework of energy self-regulation and the Inner-Ease™ Technique…

… which can help you gain more inner poise, intuition, and clarity in the face of change and overwhelm. You’ll discover how improved inner balance and composure facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger alignment with your personal purpose and heart values.

You’ll explore how heart-brain interactions affect many aspects of cognition and emotional stability. Rollin will share how technology is used to reinforce self-regulation skills associated with a distinct change in the rhythm of heart activity — which enables optimal mental function and a wide range of improved health outcomes.

He’ll show you how self-regulation is fundamentally important to operate optimally. Performance decreases when people lack the capacity to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors in the face of ongoing challenges — which can perpetuate your experience of stress.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The Inner-Ease™ Technique — a self-regulation technique that can be used in the moment to better manage stress, especially in challenging times
  • An exercise to reveal how, as you expend energy, you can learn to make better choices
  • What the brain in the heart (Heart-Brain) is, and its surprising role in optimal health and performance
  • The benefits of heart coherence on mental performance and emotional composure
  • What heart rate variability is and why it’s important
  • About the free Global Coherence App, which you’ll use throughout the course to monitor our collective heart coherence

Module 3: Moving From Depletion to Renewal — Keep Your Inner Battery Charged

In this module, Rollin McCraty will introduce the Depletion to Renewal™ Grid — an effective tool for expanding self-awareness around the attitudes and emotional undercurrents you experience.

You’ll come to understand how those emotions affect key aspects of your physiology, performance, actions, and behavior.

Rollin will guide you in an on-the-go coherence technique that you can use in your daily life to transform emotional stress reactions.

In this session, you’ll experience:

  • How the Depletion to Renewal™ Grid can be used in daily life to increase self-awareness and better manage stress
  • A self-regulation technique to shift draining emotional states and attitudes in the moment — so you can live with more personal peace, joy, and fulfillment
  • Practices for sustaining coherence and composure
  • What the primary, hidden source of stress is

Module 4: The Intuitive Heart — Your Inner GPS for Navigating Life’s Challenges & Developing Creative Solutions

Within each of us, there’s an intelligence that can lift us beyond our problems and into a new experience of creativity and performance — even in the midst of chaos.

As a high-speed, intuitive source of wisdom, it embraces and fosters cognitive and emotional intelligence and clear perception. The HeartMath Institute calls it heart intelligence.

In this session, you’ll discover the three primary types of intuition, and receive scientific data on how the human heart is connected to your larger self. Rollin will guide you in a technique to help you more easily access your heart’s intuitive guidance — enabling you to make better choices as the unveiling of your authentic self and your life purpose unfolds

You’ll also explore:

  • The science of intuition and effective ways to increase your connection with your intuitive heart
  • How to solve problems and make better choices from a different level of consciousness
  • Techniques for rising above the predictable and often mechanical approaches to problems
  • Ways to bring your heart, mind, and emotions into alignment, to access your higher potentials
  • The power of freezing the frame in the moment — creating an inner pause that can ward off some of your largest stress deficits, especially in these times of rapid change

Module 5: Transforming Self-Limiting Emotional Memories & Mindsets

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change continuously throughout life. Subconscious emotional memories underlie and affect our perceptions, emotional reactions, thought processes, and behavior. This means we can easily get “stuck” in unhealthy patterns, unconscious biases, judgments, and inaccurate perceptions of ourselves and others.

One way to establish sustainable change and move beyond the past is to establish a new internal baseline reference that becomes your new normal.

In this module, Rollin will explain the science of baselines in a simple and straightforward way. He’ll also introduce the Cut-Thru® Technique to help you establish a new coherent baseline and reduce the limiting influence that emotional memories and mindsets can have on your perceptions.

This mind-opening module will reveal:

  • The importance of turnarounds to reduce or soften trigger reactions and transform areas that you thought impossible
  • How you can feel more secure and resilient in any of life’s interactions
  • Practices for clearing stress patterns that are stored in your cells
  • A heart-awakening technique to raise the baseline of your spiritual awareness
  • How to progressively replace old mindsets, attitudes, and feelings that block access to your higher self

Module 6: Understanding That What We Feed the Field Matters — Social & Relational Energetics

It’s been scientifically established that energy and information are always being exchanged between people.

In this module, you’ll discover that when an individual is in heart coherence, the heart radiates a more coherent magnetic signal into the environment and can lift others into a more balanced state. Other people (as well as animals) can detect your heart’s magnetic field. This phenomenon explains how you can feel or sense another person’s presence and emotional state — independent of body language or other factors.

This module, Rollin will also share about personal vibration, and how it can fluctuate throughout the day.

You’ll come to understand:

  • Ways to intentionally create energy fields that raise your consciousness vibration and that of others
  • How we influence each other through the energetic fields we radiate
  • The science that supports the importance of feeding the field with more love and compassion
  • The Shift and Lift™ on-the-go coherence technique to raise your vibration and lift your energetic field

Module 7: Redirecting Planetary Consciousness — Daily Practice of Feeding the Field With More Love & Compassion

Even with our best intentions to practice new strategies that can benefit us, the fade factor tends to happen after a short time. We forget to practice, get lazy, decide we’ll “do it tomorrow.” The fade factor happens because we tend to default to our usual, though not always productive or effective, ways.

When your practice becomes more familiar and automatic, you establish a new baseline.

In this closing module, you’ll circle back to the first module and explore what you’ve now experienced — that your personal level of vibration and your day-to-day practices are not only important for your own health and evolution. They also affect the planetary consciousness field.

You’ll also explore self-compassion, compassionate latitude, and patience.

In this final session, you’ll look at:

  • Ways to react to fading commitments, to increase your care, kindness, and compassion
  • How to establish follow-through, which is the key to transformation
  • A unique perspective on the importance of compassionate latitude, patience, and radiating love
  • The journey you’ve taken into your deeper heart

About Rollin McCraty, PhD

Rollin McCraty, PhD, is director of research for HeartMath Research Center at HeartMath Institute. As a psychophysiologist, Rollin’s research interests include the physiology of emotion, with a focus on the mechanisms by which emotions influence cognitive processes, behavior, and health, and the global interconnectivity between people and the earth’s energetic systems. Findings from this research have been applied to the development of tools and technology to optimize individual and organizational health, performance, and quality of life.

Rollin McCraty has acted as principal investigator in numerous laboratory research studies examining the effects of emotions on heart-brain interactions, and on autonomic, cardiovascular, hormonal, and immune system function. He has also served as principal investigator in a number of field studies, to determine the outcomes of positive emotion-focused interventions and heart-rhythm feedback in diverse organizational and educational settings, as well as in various clinical populations.

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