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Elma Mayer – Heal Your Situation

Elma Mayer – Heal Your Situation

Elma Mayer – Heal Your Situation

Holographic Healing… from the Tiny Hidden Roots to the Cosmic Big Picture

Heal Your Situation is a deep healing program that Aligns your situation from both the wide lense of the big picture, and the in-depth specific bits.

It heals you from every possible angle… not just the standard “holistic” areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. There’s also time and space. But most importantly, it heals morphic habits and patterns, and the resonances and entanglements between all things.

This is the most thorough and comprehensive way to heal. We heal top-down, bottom-up, inside and out, past and future… and the entire universe.

It sounds complicated, but no worries… in Heal Your Situation, I take you through an easy guided healing process.

Yes, you really can get customized healing – and and you really can heal all your many different issues – without the need for private sessions with energy healers. The simple tools you need are all right here in my Heal Your Situation audios.

You can use it to

  • Heal yourself and others… without needing learn a healing modality.
  • Heal any situation… without having to pay for multiple specialists or practitioners.
  • Get WHOLE healing, not just for your “parts”… so that your body, mind, spirit, life — and the ENTIRE universe — all Align to support your healing and Wholeness.

And it works wonders on anything and everything.

What’s in Heal Your Situation

Session 1: What brings you here? Align it now!

  • Learn how to discern & observe your situation for optimal healing
  • Expand your awareness & your undistorted perception – of your body, mind, mood – so that you accurately identify your blockages & disconnects.
  • Clear all the entangled components of your situation & Reintegrate them.
  • Enter a state of instant healing & Wholeness
  • Discover an easy template you can use, to heal any situation

Session 2: Activate highest healing

  • Find out whether you are blocked from Healing. (You might be surprised.)
  • Quickly get non-attached to outcomes, so you can get better outcomes!
  • Activate your highest expression of healing that applies to you
  • Watch what happens when you simply Align your entire situation with Wholeness!

Session 3: Clear the Mind Field

  • Clear away thoughts and self-talk that keep you from healing
  • Transcend your beliefs, assumptions, inner skeptic, and hidden objections
  • Overcome your attachment to specific needs and conditions for healing
  • Purge your history and unnecessary attachments to it
  • Scan your entire Mind Field, to repair ALL disconnects and distortions

Session 4: Scan & Align your Body: Total Body Reintegration

Even if your situation is not primarily about your body, this Total Body Reintegration will strongly support the healing of your situation and enable you to more easily handle stress. We Align your…

  • Spine, nerves, brain, heart (physical and energetic)
  • Organ systems, organs, glands
  • Functions, fluids, metabolism, hormones, senses, and digestion
  • Structures, tissues and cells
  • Qi, energy meridians, chakras, auric field… and much more.

Session 5: Scan the Universe for Entanglements

  • Align everything outside of your body (known and unknown) related to your situation…
  • …This includes: matter, energy, time, space, psychic resonance, morphic memory, external minds, collective consciousness
  • Plus… relationships, ancestors, future generations
  • And many other field phenomena (that most healing methods ignore).
  • Because… everything in the universe can entangle with your situation!

Session 6: Create Your State

  • Identify the most important question to ask, to allow healing into your life
  • Upgrade your story, and program your ideal outcome
  • A deep and powerful Sacred Geometry Alignment
  • Create your new vibrant state – and learn to sustain it
  • Recap of the Basic Protocol for use on any situation

Session 7: Heal While You Sleep

  • Absorb the healing as you doze off. Powerful and easy multi-layered healing.
  • Program yourself to heal as you sleep
  • Assimilate powerful healing techniques not only into your subconscious, but on all levels

About the Author: 

Elma Mayer is the founder of Now Healing. She has taught thousands of people from all walks of life to do effective, instant energy healing – including medical doctors and 6-year-old kids. She’s a Certified Practitioner / Instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics and ThetaHealing.

Elma Mayer’s mission is to take energy healing out of the realm of the mysterious and make it accessible to all. “Everyone has heard stories of miraculous healings. They are becoming yawningly commonplace,” says Elma.

“Each of us has the power to perform instant healing. It’s not just for saints and shamans anymore, it’s a teachable skill. It’s easy, if you know a couple of simple techniques that take just a few minutes to learn. Of course, there’s lots more to master, but I always love to see how amazed people are when they do instant, effective healing with just these elementary techniques.”

Now Healing is an energy-healing technique that shifts the Energy component of any kind of problem or goal – rather than shifting the Matter or Mind component. Energy changes at the speed of light, and many people report quick results, often within minutes.

Elma Mayer’s STORY:

Elma Mayer visited Lyme, Connecticut in 1991, and promptly got bitten by a tick, contracting Lyme disease. For years, she was unable to find a cure despite a positive diagnosis of this hard-to-diagnose disease, and despite treatment by both Western medicine and several other alternative modalities including acupuncture and chiropractic.

In desperation, she stumbled upon energy healing. Although she was skeptical, she experienced great symptom relief as well as deep changes in many areas of life. While she notes that a significant part of her healing came from finding a Lyme-literate doctor (LLMD) to prescribe the correct antibiotics and supplements, a large part of her recovery was aided by energetic self-healing.

Studying the work of Orin got her started on the path to shifting energy instantly. She discovered that she could tap into earth’s regenerating energy, which she called “The Thing That Heals,” for lack of a better term. She also found she had a knack for treating her family with homeopathy, which saved lots of money in doctor bills.

Learning the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics transformed Elma into a purposeful healer, and gave her a proven methodology. Within days of taking her first Yuen Method class, she was healing those around her. On a trip to the zoo, she visited a little lame owl hobbling in its cage. In just 3 minutes of Yuen Method treatment, the owl uncurled its gnarled feet and ran around freely.

Now Healing evolved from Elma’s experience in private practice with clients, and teaching Yuen Method. She developed a revolutionary new kind of healing session — via audio and video (samples are available on Elma also specializes in teaching basic energy-healing techniques to Lyme Disease sufferers, and guided healing-via-video for the environment – earth, air & water.

Elma Mayer is also a composer of art-pop music. She’s a mother of two kids, and is married to her favorite songwriter, Brian Woodbury.

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