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Stephan Schwartz – Remote Viewing: The Gold Standard Online Course

Stephan Schwartz – Remote Viewing The Gold Standard Online Course

Stephan Schwartz – Remote Viewing: The Gold Standard Online Course

The Gold Standard Online Course includes 10 Streaming Videos, 5 Audio Recordings, and my book, Opening to the Infinite. By the time you have finished this program, you will know everything science knows about remote viewing, and you will have been carefully and gently guided through a series of experiences so that you will understand this aspect of your consciousness that is not limited by space-time. And although I can not guarantee it, it would not surprise me if you become as proficient in remote viewing as the people who worked in my Mobius laboratory.

These are the men and women, much like you, who discovered sunken ships in the Caribbean and California. Who located Cleopatra’s Palace, Mark Antony’s Timonium, and the ruins of the Lighthouse of Pharos one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

Using the techniques described in this course people much like you have solved crimes, and guided an investment program that tripled its money in less than a year. The 10 Videos, each about 45 minutes in length, introduce you to every aspect of remote viewing. The audio recordings, 4 of them, guide you through the experiences so that will know what it feels like to open to the part of yourself that is nonlocal. Although they can be used with no reference to Opening to the Infinite, the Albums are specifically designed to get you started doing the actual techniques described in the book.

I have tried to make your experience the same as it would have been if you had come to the Mobius lab and worked on say, a project to locate an archaeological site. Through these techniques of remote viewing, you will be in contact with that part of yourself not limited by space or time. You will open yourself to an aspect of your own consciousness, that most people hardly know exists.

But what really completes the course is the book, Opening to the Infinite. I wrote this book as a manual of remote viewing. It is the complement to the videos and recordings, and is designed to be used with them, and will give you even more information and will walk you, step-by-step, through all the remote viewing protocols showing you exactly how to have these experiences. Using the same program they did you may become as proficient as the people that worked with me at the Mobius Laboratories or worked in the SRI/SAIC and Stargate programs. I am quite serious about this.

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