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Erik Dalton – Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Vol 1

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

Erik Dalton – Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Vol 1

Erik Dalton, Ph.D. Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Vol 1 for Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain.

This respected multi-modality pain management system is designed to alleviate reflex muscle guarding caused by joint blockage. The myoskeletal method simplifies complex muscle/joint into an easy to follow hands-on format… a quality experience for the visual and kinesthetic bodyworker. Dalton’s muscle energy and myofascial mobilization techniques offer the pain-management, sports therapist and structural integrator Certified Myoskeletal Therapist credentials that set them apart in the eyes of clients and referral sources.

About the Actor

Erik Dalton, Ph.D., earned his philosophy and clinical psychology degrees from the University of Oklahoma. An inspiring presentation by Dr. Ida Rolf in 1972 sparked a passionate mind-body adventure leading Dalton through a maze of learning institutions including the Menninger Foundation, Mueller College of Holistic Studies, Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration. In 1989, a traumatic neck injury spurred a self-healing inquiry into the neurologic relationship between muscles and joints…spinal biomechanical therapy.

Throughout the next decade, Dalton interned with leading manipulative osteopaths which prompted the integration of osteopathic principles into his Structural Integration practice. Thus, the seeds for his Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques® were planted. Dalton serves as Executive Director of the Freedom From Pain Institute® which is dedicated to the research and treatment of chronic pain conditions. Erik Dalton shares his broad therapeutic background in massage, Rolfing® and osteopathy in his entertaining and informative pain-management workshops, books and videos.

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