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Tim Freke – The Evolutionary Wake Up Program

Tim Freke – The Evolutionary Wake Up Program

Discover the keys to evolutionary spirituality — and why time, ego, and the rational mind are not villains, but essential to ‘waking up.’

What You’ll Discover in The Evolutionary Wake Up Program

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Tim Freke will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies necessary for experiencing this groundbreaking spirituality.

The Evolutionary Wake Up Program will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices. Each session will build harmoniously on the last, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of what it means to wake up at this turning point for humanity. Break free of old spiritual ideas and make the next evolutionary jump in your life. Join pioneering philosopher and spiritual teacher Tim Freke to awaken to the WOW of new soul habits, soul-to-soul communion, and unividualism.

Module 1: Feel the WOW of Being Alive

As you embark on this journey, you’ll discover what it means to experience the WOW of being alive — and how you can bring this unmistakable sense of magic into your daily life.
Many widely embraced spiritual perspectives require us to leave behind pieces of ourselves that are actually crucial to who we are — including self-will, ego, and attachments.

In this opening module, Tim will encourage you to embrace a fresh way of thinking that makes sense on a deep soul level, which he calls “both/and spirituality” because it encourages us to be both present and engage with the process of time… to be both conscious of your divinity and embrace your human vulnerability… to value both deep feeling and clear thinking.

In this module, you’ll also:

  • Wake up from the numbness we’ve come to call normal, and become conscious of how amazing it is to be a human being in our evolving universe
  • Discover what the “Deep Awake” state really is — and learn how to experience it for yourself
  • Master paralogical both/and thinking and how it can help you to both wake up to oneness and celebrate your individuality
  • Understand why so many popular spiritual ideas are actually harmful to our humanity and an impediment to our awakening
  • Experience the Mystery of the Moment Meditation, which will make you conscious of how amazing it is to be alive
  • Discover that meditating together is a powerful way to wake each other up, using Tim’s Soul-to-Soul Connection Meditations

Module 2: Make the Next Evolutionary Jump — Breaking Free of Old Spiritual Ideas

Have you ever felt torn between science and spirituality? They each make sense and feel true, but seem incompatible.

In this module, you’ll discover Tim’s refreshing new way of understanding our evolving universe, which shows that science and spirituality are actually complementary. Armed with this new perspective, you’ll join with Tim and your fellow course participants to discover how to make the next great evolutionary jump together.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • What it means to be living at the leading edge of the universe’s astonishing, creative evolution, which began 13.8 billion years ago
  • How you can make the next evolutionary jump by becoming a unividual — an individual conscious of unity
  • Why spirituality is no longer about individual enlightenment, but rather waking up together as unividuals
  • Tim’s Unividual Meditation, which will make you conscious of both your individual nature and your universal nature
  • The Soul-to-Soul Gazing Meditation, which will teach you how to connect deeply with other people in a safe and easy way

Module 3: We Are All One — Experiencing Deep Connection With Others

How would your daily life be different if you could experience wonderful oneness and all-embracing love?
In this module, you’ll learn how to connect deeply with others — and why it’s such a powerful way to spiritually awaken as a unividual.

Most traditional approaches to spiritual awakening teach that to experience oneness you must see that your individuality is an illusion… you need to eradicate the ego that traps you in separateness… you need to escape the prison of the body.

Tim takes a very different “human-centered” approach which celebrates our individuality… warts and all! He suggests our human individuality is a great blessing, not a curse, because we wake up to oneness through our individuality. Our ever-evolving human nature is the foundation from which we can experience our deep divinity.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Experience for yourself that “love is how oneness feels”
  • Find out why learning to value and nurture your soul autonomy is so important
  • Understand why loving attention is the most emergent quality in the evolving universe
  • Learn how to pay loving attention to others — and to yourself
  • See how we can even love our enemies by bringing the most emergent quality in existence to the less emergent aspects of life
  • Practice the Loving Attention Meditation, which promises to transform your relationship with everyone and everything in your life
  • Practice the Soul-to-Soul Listening Meditation to connect deeply with others by listening deeply

Module 4: The Deep Meaning of Life — Forming the Character of Your Soul

As you move through the training, Tim will guide you to see what it really means to be an evolving soul.
The universe has evolved first as matter, then as life, and finally as soul. As an evolving soul, you are at the leading edge of the universal process of evolution.

Now you need to form the character of your individual soul so that you can evolve into a unividual… an individual soul awake enough to know that essentially all is one…During this session, you’ll delve deeper into Tim’s visionary philosophy of Unividualism, mastering principles that can utterly transform how you see the world — and bring real meaning and deep hope to your life.

In this module, you’ll explore how:

  • Every “thing” is actually a “process”… which means you aren’t really a thing, you’re a process… and processes are “made of time”…
  • Time doesn’t pass, rather the past accumulates because there is always more past… and the past hasn’t gone, because the present contains within it implicitly everything that has happened in the past
  • Your soul is a process made of everything you’ve ever experienced in the past — which means everything that has happened to you is meaningful because it has shaped who you are
  • You are forming your soul with every new experience… which means you have the opportunity to consciously engage with how you form your soul-character by choosing wisely how to live your life
  • The Loving Your Life Meditation will help you accept and embrace your life story just as it is… and the Gratitude Meditation will help you appreciate the goodness in your life

Module 5: Transforming Your Negative Soul Habits

How can you use all you’ve been learning to cultivate a more creative, intentional, vibrant life for yourself?

You are an evolving soul, made of everything you have ever experienced in the past… and the past repeats as your “soul habits.” Tim will guide you to transform your negative soul habits into positive soul habits to support your awakened life as a unividual.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand pastivity — how your past creates your present
  • Learn to overcome and transmute the weight of pastivity that’s keeping you from living more creatively
  • Discover how to unite the different “soul currents” in your fractured soul
  • Understand “narrativity” — the soul power of story — and how your intentions can shape your life
  • Experience the Soul Transmutation Contemplation, which will teach you how to transform your wounds into wisdom
  • Experience the Intention Meditation, which will help you articulate your future aspirations

Module 6: Soul-to-Soul Communion — Why Death Is Safe & God Is Real

Tim teaches that, essentially, despite all the suffering and challenges, “life is good, death is safe, and what really matters is love.”
You can know this for yourself by experiencing the intuitive deep knowing that arises in the deep awake state — a source of great strength in the face of the fear we inevitably experience in life.

As Tim will show you, we’re all being invited into something MUCH greater — a more expansive experience of God, a deeper recognition of the immortal soul, and a more evolved level of our humanity.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • That Heaven is a Soul Dimension, which has evolved — just like everything else in the universe
  • A revolutionary new conception of God, which answers difficult questions such as “why does a good God allow all the suffering in the world?”
  • How you can experience God as the “Communion of Souls” — and how you can enter more fully into this deep state of connection
  • Transformative new practices, including the Unividuating Into God Meditation and the Soul Communion Meditation, both of which will help you explore your experience of the Divine

Module 7: How to Live as a Unividual — An Individual Conscious of Unity

In this module, you’ll discover how to live your everyday life as a unividual… an individual conscious of oneness… by bringing loving attention, deep connection, and grounded wisdom to your world.
When you live as an unividual, you’ll experience the enormous difference it makes to yourself and all those in your life.

Tim will explore the opportunities and challenges we face in making the next evolutionary jump into unividuality… and how we can help wake up the world.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to love the less-evolved aspects of human culture — and the less-evolved parts of yourself
  • Understand why getting things wrong is necessary for an ever-evolving soul
  • Discover why the old adage, “Do your best,” isn’t just an empty platitude, but deep wisdom
  • Return to Tim’s Unividual Meditation that you learned at the start of this course and understand how to use it in your everyday life
  • Experience Tim’s Appreciation and Affirmation Meditation to create a positive foundation from which to live your life as an empowered unividual!

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