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Khe Hy – Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track

Khe Hy – Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track

Khe Hy – Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track

Supercharge Your Productivity

Design your dream life. On your own terms.

My Journey from the “Board Room” to the “Beach”

Hi, I’m Khe Hy the creator of Supercharge Your Productivity.

As a young analyst on Wall Street (ahem, two decades ago), I became obsessed with a simple question:

How could I live a fulfilling and happy life — on my own terms?

I wanted the financial security to not worry about the zigs and zags of the stock market.

I wanted the discipline and focus to chip away at the “important, but not urgent” parts of life.

I wanted the patience to invest in myself — and play the long game.

And I wanted the courage to take risks. Whether it was putting myself out there for a keynote — or doing the unthinkable — walking away from a seven-figure Wall Street job.

Level up your life with Supercharge Your Productivity

Supercharge Your Productivity is the course that I always wished I could take. So I went out and built it.

I wanted to uncover the cheat codes, tools and mindsets that would enable me to live on my own terms.

Over the past two decades, I’ve immersed myself in systems thinking, productivity frameworks, neuroscience, psychology, entrepreneurship, spirituality, engineering and organizational design.

I internalized ideas that seemed intuitive (GTD, Essentialism), discarded the superfluous ones (Zettlekasten) and developed my own frameworks ($10,000/hour work).

This system helped me become one of the youngest Managing Directors at Blackrock (at age 31), but more importantly enable me surf every day in Manhattan Beach.

My unwavering commitment to our students

Teaching is in our family’s DNA. My grandmother, mom and sister have all taught their entire lives. Teaching – whether it’s via a webinar, 1:1 coaching or mentoring a recent grad – is what gets me out of bed every morning.

I’ve taught this system to over 300 students, organizations and executives and have written 200+ related articles.

My work has been featured in countless publications like the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Time, Barrons, Bloomberg, and TedX.

An integrated dashboard to transform your life

Systems act as the catalyst for transformational change.

But systems alone are not enough.

A system without implementation and execution is nothing more than a collection of ideas.

Over the four weeks, you’ll design and build an integrated system to manage your tasks, goals, and everything you consume digitally using the powerful no-code platform Notion.

And the entire setup is as simple as an Excel Spreadsheet.

What You’ll learn in Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track

A fluff-free and relentlessly pragmatic curriculum including 8 one-hour training sessions with Khe, weekly office hours, 30+ modules to learn the ins-and-outs of Notion and a private community of like-minded high-performing (and kind) professionals.

(Oh yeah, and 20+ pre-made templates so that you hit the ground running.)

Week 1: What’s your why?

The course kicks off with a unified framework to tie your daily activities to your life vision.

You’ll build your habit tracker, “jar of awesome” and set your intentions for the year.

Templates include: meeting notes, web clippings, and tickler files for managing up with your boss.

Week 2: Your $10,000 per hour work blueprint

Stop chasing the dopamine and start doing the impactful work that scales. Work on your business – not in your business.

You’ll build a GTD-inspired task manager so that the right tasks find you.

Templates include: a CRM, applicant-tracking system and editorial calendar.

Week 3: Goal-setting (that actually works)

A detailed methodology to define and architect goals that can be measured over time. You’ll target the pesky category of tasks that are “Important, not Urgent” covering your health, finances, and most important relationships.

You’ll be introduced to Notion’s database functions that will act as the glue to your Life Dashboard.

Templates include: Advanced file manager, coaching/consulting dashboard, and product road map.

Week 4: The “Cheat Codes” (aka Weekly Reviews)

Ah, the weekly review: loved by many, executed by few. Yet for your new system to work, this habit change must stick.

You’ll set your future self up for a win with a series of checklists, task views, and incisive reflection prompts – in less than 25 minutes.

Templates include: A finance tracker, investment research dashboard, Smart reading list.

Supercharge your Productivity is designed to work for you, no matter how much experience or time you have. 

I’m not going to lie. This course requires you to show up and do the work.

You’ll build your own Life Dashboard (aka YourNameHQ), complete with your own $10K Task Management System, habit trackers, notes and all your digital workflows.

Supercharge your Productivity is taught as a mash-up of the Harvard Case Method, a coding bootcamp and a coaching engagement. (With the bonus of my hip hop and surfing references. Oh, and #dadjokes.)

By the end of Week 1, you’ll have a solid system for capturing and organizing your ideas, tasks, and all the content you read.

Once you’ve acquired these basic building blocks, the course opens up like wildfire. You’ll start grabbing a CRM template and duplicating it into your dashboard; customizing the frequency of your quarterly reviews; and pollinating ideas across disciplines.

About Khe Hy

Khe Hy is the founder and CEO of RadReads, an online education company that helps professionals lead productive, examined and joyful lives. Khe is creator of the $10K Work productivity method and teaches the popular cohort-based course Supercharge Your Productivity. RadReads provides guides, trainings, and coaching for over 35,000 professionals to help them gain back free time, scale their impact and make their little dent in the universe.

Before founding RadReads, Khe spent 15 years working on Wall Street and was one of the youngest Managing Directors at BlackRock. He’s been called Oprah for Millennials by CNN and the Wall Street Guru by Bloomberg and his work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TedX, Barrons, Time Magazine and Quartz.

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