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Psalm Isadora – Multi-Orgasmic Tantra Massage

Psalm Isadora – Multi-Orgasmic Tantra Massage

Psalm Isadora – Multi-Orgasmic Tantra Massage

Turn Your Bedroom Into an Explosion of Ecstasy, Pleasure & Bliss by Surrendering to the Physical Side Of Tantra

Multi-Orgasmic Tantra Massage master course focuses specifically on using the physical expressions of Tantra to further deepen and intensify your relationship with your own sexuality, your partner, your body, and your spirit. The lessons can be practiced on your own or with a partner and can be used as foreplay, pleasure, or simply to deepen your intimacy or understanding of your own body.

What You’ll Learn In Multi-Orgasmic Tantra Massage:

Lesson 1: The Heart Opener Massage For Women

In this video lesson, you’ll discover how to perform an erotic massage for women focusing on the heart and breasts. You’ll discover how to:

  • Have deeper or multiple orgasms and create waves of pleasure whether alone or with a partner
  • Understand how to tease ecstasy and sexual pleasure from the nipples and transfer it to the rest of the body
  • Connect to your body and fully let go and get away from self-judgement
  • Give yourself a Tantric breast massage and release oxytocin, the “Love Hormone”

Lesson 2: The Yoni Genital Massage For Women

An advanced lesson on understanding the ancient Yoni massage and how to fully experience whole-body orgasms. This goes beyond the Beginner’s Yoni Genital Massage within your tantra Course by further showing you how to:

  • Reconnect with your own body and your partner’s by releasing judgement
  • Fully understand the Yoni Puja, a sacred practice that will enhance sexual satisfaction
  • Have full-body orgasms by releasing the energy and pleasure from the clitoris to the rest of the body
  • Have the best self-stimulated orgasm by understanding the connection between anticipation, dopamine release, and the final climax
  • Experience an orgasm if you’ve never had one before, or intensifying your current orgasms

Lesson 3: The Heart Opener Massage For Couples

Learn how to perform the orgasmic breast massage as a form of powerful foreplay that will link you and your partner in ecstasy. In this video lesson, you’ll learn how to:

  • Bring yourself or your partner into a state of senxual safety and comfort so that all mental and emotional blocks can be let go
  • Have powerful orgasms by dropping the “expectation” of the orgasm
  • Slow down your breathing to enhance and lengthen the pleasure your body will feel
  • Increase intimacy between you and your partner through physical touch and mental connection
  • “Tease” and manipulate the sexual energy and transfer it throughout the whole body
  • Use the pleasure chemicals (oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin) to enhance intimacy and pleasure

Lesson 4: The Yoni Genital Massage For Couples

Focusing on the woman, this couple’s massage re-connects you and your partner to the ancient worship and joy of sex and physical pleasure. In this video, you’ll discover how to:

  • Go from no orgasms to powerful orgasms or mediocre orgasms to intensified and multiple orgasms
  • “Read” a woman’s body and respond with the right touch and stimulation
  • Sync and slow down the breath in order to lengthen the pleasure of anticipation and increase the waves of sexual bliss
  • Use both touch and breath to increase pleasure
  • Build anticipation throughout the woman’s body with just the right amount of touch, squeeze, and pressure
  • Activate “double sensation” by massaging both the nipples and the clitoris at the right time

Lesson 5: Five Tantric Touches For The Nipples

The nipples, when touched just right, offer exponential orgasmic waves. In this video you’ll learn:

  • The “Spreading Touch”
  • The “Circling Touch”
  • The “Tracing Touch”
  • The “Pinching Touch”
  • The “Rolling Touch”
  • How to mix and use all five for enhanced waves of pleasure
  • Perfect for couples or for self-stimulation

Lesson 6: Five Tantric Touches For The Clitoris & G-Spot

Understand the variety of ways the clitoris and G-spot can be manipulated for enhanced pleasure. In this video you‘ll learn:

  • The “Circling” technique
  • The “Push+Pull” technique
  • The “Tugging+Rolling” technique
  • The “Turning+Tapping” technique
  • How to finding and stimulate the G-Spot
  • How to vary your speed, pressure, and touch to further intensify pleasure

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