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Pleasure Mechanics All Access Bundle

Pleasure Mechanics All Access Bundle

Pleasure Mechanics All Access Bundle

What You’ll Get In Pleasure Mechanics All Access Bundle:

1. Mindful Sex – $147

Bring the power of mindfulness to your erotic life.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to pay attention to your body during arousal
  • Get out of your head and into your body during sex
  • Develop the ability to heighten sensation and deepen orgasm
  • Experience the awesome power of erotic breathwork
  • Gain skills in slaying distractions, taming anxiety and releasing shame
  • Minimize the judgement that limits your sexual expression
  • Tap into the power of erotic trance
  • Experiment with mindful sex practices for both solo and partnered experiences

Mindful Sex is one of the most powerful practices you can use to transform your sex life.

2. Foreplay Mastery – $197

Techniques & Strategies For Prolonging Foreplay and Unlocking Your Erotic Potential

This course includes:

  • Video demonstrations of our proven erotic touch techniques for prolonging arousal & optimizing orgasm – for both of you!
  • Audio guides & conversation starters to help you explore the most common roadblocks to more frequent, fun and exciting sex
  • Game changing frameworks to recalibrate your relationship towards more shared desire and interest in sex

3. Couples Massage Mastery – $197

Master the art of full body massage!

Become Fluent In The Language Of Touch

Sharing massage at home makes this luxury available to you as often as you wish – no expensive spa appointments needed! And while professional massage can be highly therapeutic, no professional will touch you with the same love and care as your partner.

We show you everything you need to know to give high quality, satisfying massage right in the comfort of your own home, all while connecting with the person you love the most!

We are trained massage therapists and sex educators, and we’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our thousands of hours of training and delivered you the most essential information so you can learn quickly at home.

These easy to learn, powerful techniques guarantee you have a fun and pleasurable experience right from the start. We’ve designed this course to make learning massage together a satisfying and rewarding experience. Then, you’ll have the skills to pamper and pleasure one another for years to come!

4. Prostate Massage Mastery – $147

Unleash The Power Of Prostate Orgasms

The Pleasure Mechanics Guide To Prostate Massage: The World’s Best-Selling Video Guide on Prostate Massage

Master Prostate Massage With Stroke-By-Stroke Guidance

  • Discover The Secrets of How to Create Mind Blowing Prostate Orgasms
  • See All Techniques Demonstrated on Lifelike Replicas – No Pornography!
  • Stream On Any Device or Download

Complete Handbook on Prostate Pleasure:

  • Learn How To Prepare For Prostate Stimulation
  • Avoid Embarrassing Mishaps With Our Hygiene Tips
  • Get All The Facts About Prostate Massage, Health and Orgasm
  • Power Up Your Pleasure: Master Amazing Solo Orgasms through Prostate Masturbation
  • Find The Best Toys For Prostate Play So You Don’t Waste Time & Money!

In Depth Audio Guides:

  • Shatter The Myths & Discover The Naked Truth About Prostate Pleasure
  • Answer Your Lover’s Questions To Overcome Her Resistance!
  • Uncover The Secrets To Powerful Prostate Orgasms

5. A..l Play Mastery – $147

100% Pleasureable, 100% Pain Free, Every Time

  • Want to expand your sexual experience and try something new in bed?
  • Ready to unlock new levels of orgasmic pleasure?
  • Are you and your lover curious about backdoor play, but afraid it will hurt?
  • Want all the fun without any risk of embarrassing, messy mistakes?

The truth is, exploring backdoor play can add huge amounts of pleasure and orgasmic joy to your sex life. Every woman can enjoy it as part of her sex life, without any pain or discomfort.

We want every woman to have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible pleasures of anal stimulation, without any of the pain or mess. That’s why we created this online, multimedia course that reveals everything you need to know to master the skills of anal pleasure.

This course is the key to expanding your sexual pleasure and overcoming the barriers that are holding you back. Our revolutionary approach to anal pleasure will transform your relationship to your sexuality, and permanently improve your sex life.

6. Kinky Sex Mastery – $197

A Guided Exploration Into Kinky Sex – For Beginners And Anyone Ready For The Erotic Adventure Of A Lifetime!

Ready For More Thrills?

The world of kinky sex is absolutely thrilling. It can also be overwhelming. That’s why we designed this course to be a gentle yet exciting adventure. Each date, you’ll be introduced to a new concept or skill.

You’ll be invited to explore your own desires, have intimate conversations with your partner and explore new sexual adventures together.

You can go at your own pace and revisit each section of the course whenever you wish, and with lifetime access there is no such thing as falling behind. The course is waiting for you whenever you have the time to continue your erotic adventure.

7. Erotic Spanking Mastery – $197

How to Electrify Your Sex Life With The Power of Erotic Spanking

Stroke-By-Stroke, Spank-By-Spank Video Guides

  • Master the skills of erotic spanking, from warm-up to climax
  • Discover 5 ways to use your hands to create a wide range of sensation and pleasure
  • Follow simple, easy spanking rhythms to take your lover on an intense erotic journey
  • Explore 5 positions to find your favorite
  • Learn where to spank and where to avoid for maximum pleasure and to minimize the risk of injury
  • See how to use gloves, paddles, vibrators and more to amp up the pleasure of your spanking

In Depth Audio Guides:

  • Discover why erotic spanking can be so pleasurable, arousing and satisfying
  • Explore roleplaying, power exchange and the range of erotic energy that can fuel your spanking
  • Learn how to communicate with your lover before, during and after an erotic spanking
  • Disaster-proof your erotic spanking explorations
  • Gain insight on the skills of both giving and receiving an amazing spanking

Comprehensive Handbook:

  • Understand how spanking creates arousal so you can tap into maximum pleasure
  • Overcome common concerns about erotic spanking
  • Gain communication skills so you can experience the ultimate erotic spanking

Personal Support:

  • Get all your questions answered personally by Chris and Charlotte, The Pleasure Mechanics
  • Get the support you need for successful explorations at every stage

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