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The School Of Esoterica – The Complete Course To Modern Brujeria Witchcraft

The School Of Esoterica – The Complete Course To Modern Brujeria Witchcraft

The School Of Esoterica – The Complete Course To Modern Brujeria Witchcraft

When you come to Brujeria Witchcraft and magic you are coming from a standpoint where you have already admitted to yourself that there is a lack or need in your life and you are demanding changes by means of magic.

Brujeria Witchcraft can quickly get you the material results you want, you can improve your finances, you can get the love you feel you deserve from that special someone.

Brujeria if practiced correctly and diligently will bring you riches, love, and protection from enemies whether natural or supernatural, and will endow you with wisdom, charisma and enhanced senses.

Mexican Brujeria unlike other Magickal systems may surprise you in the way that it works results into your life; this kind of magick will help you bring out your authentic ego’s desires and have your physical needs met directly.

It is your right to work Magick in order to obtain the desires that enable your life to progress as splendidly as you believe it should and Brujeria will help with that; however the exact manifestation of the results you seek may emanate in an unexpected manner, but you will get what you ask for.

Real traditional brujería is a very secretive tradition accessible to very few people. You must be mentored by a real brujo/a, and it is not a type of magic that you talk about openly.

The Brujeria witchcraft is very real and very powerful and is most often used to yield power, influence, rise in business & politics, enhance finances, obtain true occult protection or manipulate for love and seduction amongst many other uses. however, should you have concerns about safety, know well that we have not released a reckless manual of experimentation.

In the United States, there is a tendency for Latin American folks who practice the American Brujeria style of Magick to refer to themselves as brujas. This creates a bit of a confusion that can be hard to differentiate when it comes to “Mexico style” or “American style” that really needs to be understood and we will be explaining this in the course.

The Complete Course To Modern Brujeria Witchcraft is simple, clear and effective. We have done the hard work for you and present you the end product in a simplified form for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.

The witchcraft in the course is light Magick and not black or daemonic however still immensely powerful and very practical unlike grimoire oriented magic with all its complications, confusions and repercussions.

The Complete Course To Modern Brujeria Witchcraft is a full system and has 42 easy to do spells for a variety of purposes.

Inside it you will learn what traditional Brujeria is, how to set up an altar with the required tools and a myriad of immensely powerful spells covering:

  • Business, Attracting luck and finding jobs
  • How to bless & protect a home
  • General success spells
  • Healing and stopping addictions
  • Conquering enemies
  • Protection against psychic and occult attacks
  • Removal of the evil eye and uncrossing jinxed businesses
  • How to avoid accidents
  • Prayer treatments
  • Attracting genuine friends
  • Spiritual Growth
  • How to break hexes
  • How to bring peace to a family
  • How to change luck
  • How to find missing/ hidden people
  • How to stop fear, gain confidence and courage to face difficult situations and enemies.

The Complete Course To Modern Brujeria Witchcraft audio course is a classic detailing real Mexican Magick that has been proven and used in MesoAmerica for over 200 years. The only difficulty you might encounter is finding the type of candles and herbs needed for each spell; otherwise everything else is straightforward.

The rituals are easy to perform and are good for beginners as well as seasoned occultists.

We hope you enjoy the course and the results it will bring you!

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