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Boris Konrad – Superbrain Memory Training

Boris Konrad – Superbrain Memory Training

Boris Konrad – Superbrain Memory Training

Learn how to improve your memory, remember names, numbers, facts and more

You can improve your memory! By a lot! Learn how from the Memory World Record Holder and Neuroscientist Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

Boris Konrad does not only research superior memory, he has one himself. The neuroscientist investigates the neuronal basis of memory training at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen and is a multiple times memory World Record holder, winner of the TV show ‘The Brain’ in Germany and also known from ‘Wedden Dat Ik Het kan’ (SBS 6).

In Superbrain Memory Training, he will share all the techniques that make such performances possible and explain the neuroscience of superior memory.
Remembering names, numbers, and presentations easily – anyone who can do this has a clear advantage. In this course, you will learn how to remember names, how to give presentations and speeches without notes and how to easily store facts, information, and definitions in your head. You will also learn what you need to do to remember something permanently and how to target your long-term memory directly.

The focus is always on the practical application. There will be many exercises because the goal is that at the end of this course you will experience and appreciate your future great memory. By then, you will know how to apply the methods you have learned!

When memory artists bewilder their audience, hardly anyone knows that these skills are based on techniques that are thousands of years old. They can be learned in reasonably short time with expert instruction. What is used in memory sports can also be used for typical challenges in professional and daily life.

Memory trainer and neuroscientist Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad has himself set different memory world records. In 2015, he broke his world record by remembering 215 names to the matching in just 15 minutes. He also had set a record for memorizing numbers, words, capital cities and birthdates.

This course contains all the methods as well as numerous practical examples which enables him to do this and will enable you to do the same. The most important message from the memory expert is: “A good memory is an ability that can be learned! Everyone can massively improve his or her memory!”

What you’ll learn in Superbrain Memory Training

Introduction – Please read first

  • Please Read
  • Lets begin!

What is memory?

  • Where in the brain is the memory?
  • Different types and tImescales of memory

Simple Memory Techniques

  • Thinking in Images
  • Story method
  • Keyword Mnemonic

Method of Loci – The Memory Palace

  • What is the method of loci
  • Body List
  • First Memory Palace
  • How to build more memory palaces

How to remember numbers, facts and figures

  • Simple system for digits
  • Major System / Phonetic Mnemonic
  • How to make 100 Images
  • How to use these systems in real life
  • Advanced: PO, PAO and co.

How to remember names and faces

  • The Five Star Method – Five steps to remember any name
  • How to remember last names
  • How to remember difficult and foreign names
  • How to remember many names at once

How to learn for long term

  • Why testing is important
  • What does spaced retrieval mean?
  • Great tools for review – Anki, Memrise, Quizlet

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