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Adam Vance – Stamina Coach

Adam Vance – Stamina Coach

Adam Vance – Stamina Coach

Start Stamina Training Today And Last 20 Mins Longer In 4 weeks

Hi. I’m Adam. I’m your new stamina coach and together we’ll be learning the many techniques, exercises, and training methods to last longer in bed. Everything you’re about to learn is based on science and proven to work. Stamina Coach has been successfully used by 1000s of men. It’s time to get it working for you too.

How You Will Last 20 Minutes Longer In Bed In 4 Weeks…

Emergency Methods To Last Longer Tonight

Learn 10 proven emergency techniques that will cool your system fast. Learn these instant cool-down techniques today and last longer tonight.

  • Last longer tonight – You can learn all of these today
  • Stop anxiety and panic by knowing you always have a fallback.
  • Keeps you covered until you learn the more powerful methods

Advanced Premature Ejaculation Exercises That Rapidly Build Stamina

6 powerful training exercises that will build muscle memory and reprogram your ejaculatory system for ultimate control.

  • Build powerful stamina fast with targeted training modules
  • Reprogram your ejaculatory system – Unlearn bad habits
  • Complete on your own – you don’t need a partner for these

Build A Mindset Of Longer Lasting Sex

Stop sabotaging yourself by making simple mental mistakes before and during sex. Make these simple corrections to the way you approach and think about sex and never experience that sexual anxiety, panic, and humiliation again.

  • Reprogram negative thoughts that are making it impossible to last in bed
  • Practical mind hacks that instantly correct focus
  • Learn Why building the physical skills in the Ejaculation Coach is the best way to build real mental confidence

Best Positions And Techniques

You’ll learn how to position your body and specific movements during sex to stay in control while driving your girl wild. Once you learn these you’ll never have to stop and start during sex again.

  • Know the best positions and when to use them
  • Superior techniques that keep you in control
  • You’re moving your body the wrong way during sex – We’ll fix this up

Breathing, Relaxation, and Visualization Methods

Learn how to regulate your ejaculatory system with breathing techniques that keep you focused relaxed. Then we’ll take it up a notch with advanced meditative and visualization techniques that will put you in the zone.

  • Easy to learn breathing techniques that will help you last longer by tonight
  • How to breathe without flexing your core (and pelvic) muscles
  • You’ll use visualization at the beginning of sex to get past the first 5 minutes

How To Stay in Control During Hard Pounding Sessions

  • We’ll wrap it up by working on advanced techniques to stay controlled during hard, pounding sex.

Here’s some more of what you’ll get in the Stamina Coach program

  • How to ride arousal
  • What to focus on to forget about the clock
  • How to drive your girl wild and regain control by making small adjustments to your angles
  • Why numbing yourself with sprays is one of the worst things you can do
  • Because you are developing skills everything is permanent
  • Why you will be better in bed than 99 percent of other guys within 4 short weeks

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  1. Hi, i was finding it difficult to access all the course you have posted because whenever i click on download now the page is redirected to another website page. please tell me the solution because i want to learn from some of course you have pasted. Please reply

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