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Patrick James – Words That Make Her Want You

Patrick James – Words That Make Her Want You

Patrick James – Words That Make Her Want You

Words That Make Her Want You has been my secret sauce to attracting quality women into my life – and making it look effortless at the same time.

And after today – these “words” will become your secret weapon too.

99% of Men Leave Their Conversations Up To Pure CHANCE.

Did you know that Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street himself, makes every salesman on his team use a script?

Why would he do that?

Is it because he’s a terrible boss? Is it because he’s unethical or immoral?

No! It’s because using a proven script is the ONLY way to get consistent & predictable results.

And if you’re currently struggling to consistently land the quality of women you want (and deserve)…

It’s because you don’t have a proven strategy to always say the “right” thing at the “right” time… And that’s exactly what Words That Make Her Want You is designed to do!

You already know how we roll on #RawDatingAdvice.

If you’re seeing this page right now, you likely already have my best-selling book 107 Proven Ways To Get The Girl… So you already know I love to overdeliver.

And if I only gave you “what to say”, you might be able to take your dating life from a 2 to an 8… But I’ve never been one to “settle” for an 8.

There’s an old saying that goes: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I want EVERY self-investing action taker on #RDA to experience the POWER of actually becoming the type of guy who naturally has women chasing him, everywhere you go!

That’s why (for the FIRST TIME ever) I’m revealing the “secret sauce” elements that pull it all together in a way which are uniquely me, and me alone. A way which I reveal to you in Words That Make Her Want You…

The BIG 5 “Secret Sauce” Ingredients in Words That Make Her Want You That Create a Rabid Roster of Loyal Women…

Words That Make Her Want You is lightyears beyond just a few “lines” to keep in your back pocket…

This is a SYSTEM, where I’ve ripped apart my conversation strategy into 5 SIMPLE yet mind-blowing components:

Make Her Want You Component #1: THE SCRIPTS

This is 93 pages containing 40+ of my go-to word-for-word scripts for every “Hinge Moment” you’ll experience while out in the field…

Inside These Word-For-Word Scripts, You’ll Discover…

  • ​The perfect line for when the conversation starts fizzling out… ( pg.11)
  • ​The perfect script for when you want to inject rock hard tension into a conversation… (pg. 25)
  • ​The perfect conversation script to spark undeniable sexual attraction… (pg. 13)
  • ​The perfect line for when you’re kissing her that’ll have her fantasizing what sex with you is like… (pg.34)
  • ​The perfect line to get her thinking about you in her free time, so she’s eagerly waiting for you to text her back… (pg.47).
  • ​The perfect script to turn any boring and platonic conversation sexual, fast… (you’ll never get “friend-zoned” again after saying this) (pg.35)
  • ​The perfect script to subtly imply you’re in demand, so she’s working even harder to “win” you over… (pg.38)
  • ​The perfect script to qualify ANY girl, and get her chasing even harder… (she’ll never see this one coming!) (pg.42)
  • ​The perfect script to invite her back to your place (and have her thinking it was HER idea)… (pg.43)
  • ​The perfect script so you can easily get her number without coming off as needy or creepy (I will warn you, it’s not sexy. It’s not unique. It’s not even creative. which is EXACTLY why it’s so effective)… (pg.53).
  • ​The perfect “compliment” that makes you immediately stand out & naturally makes her hot with anticipation… (Have you seen the video above, on this page?!) (pg.62)
  • ​The perfect script that’ll give her the sudden urge to give you the best blowjob you’ve experienced… (pg.65)
  • ​The perfect line to turn playful banter, into undeniable lust. (pg.65)
  • ​The perfect line for the end of a date that’ll have her begging for a 2nd date… (pg.70)
  • ​The perfect script that’ll have even the most “standoffish” women making the first move on you… (pg.73)
  • ​The perfect script to avoid “awkward silences” for the rest of your life (this is so subtle, nobody will ever catch on to what you’re doing) … (pg.78)
  • ​The perfect line to “test” her attraction level for you (use this whenever a girl tries to “test” you)… (pg.90)

Make Her Want You Component #2: THE CASANOVA CONVERSATIONS

There’s an old video of Neil Strauss (author of “The Game”) on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel… Where he gets ONE shot to attract THE Jessica Alba.

How did it turn out?

With Jessica Alba completely selling herself to Strauss, on national TV – within just 30 seconds!

What people don’t know is Strauss was 5 moves ahead, the entire time. Every word he used fell into a specific conversation “structure” he had entirely memorized, beforehand…

There will come a time in your life where you too meet that “once in a lifetime” type of girl… And when it happens, you’ll only have ONE tiny “window of opportunity” to stand out!

Imagine meeting your celebrity crush tomorrow, and within seconds, she’s hooked on YOU for days, sometimes…even months.

That’s why in this highly guarded video series you’ll discover not one… not two… but TEN powerful routines that take 1-second to start. Last 1-5 minutes. And make you seem so interesting she’s DYING to hear what you say next…

These alone are so powerful, they deserved their own dedicated video series SEPARATE from the scripts I’m giving you inside Words That Make Her Want You.

Consider these the “holy grail” of conversation hooks, because they trigger a bond so deep, she’ll be secretly fantasizing about taking you home, pulling off your jeans and f*cking your brains out – within seconds.


Did you know 99% of all attractive conversations follow the exact same blueprint?

Yet – for some reason when it comes to conversation, most men are completely clueless.

Even if they learn “what to say” they often find themselves not knowing what to say NEXT… Struggling with where to lead the conversation.

And if you’ve ever felt like having a script or a routine “didn’t work”… It’s because you didn’t have the Seductive Small Talk Blueprint (proven to make mundane “small talk” sexy)!

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Seductive Small Talk Blueprint:

  • ​7 “Deadly Sins” of conversation men commit when talking to women (sin #1 is the reason you keep landing in the friendzone)
  • ​The secret conversation “framework” to effortless and free-flowing interactions that make her chase you
  • ​The 5 “Window’s of Opportunity” for you to lead any interaction, with little to no resistance (warning: miss any one of these, and you risk sacrificing your power to her)
  • ​​The 4-step framework scientifically proven to make women want you (on a subconscious level)

In dating, most men are playing checkers. With this Blueprint you’ll playing chess. Always knowing where to lead the conversation next…

Make Her Want You Component #4: SILENT SEDUCTION SECRETS

HOW you speak is almost as important (if not more) than “what” you actually say.

That’s why in Silent Seduction Secrets, you’ll gain the ability to read between the lines.

Knowing how to leverage the power of nonverbal communication to create an aura of charisma around you – that draw women to you like a magnet

You’ll also discover:

  • 3 seductive vocal tonalities proven to get her chasing you
  • ​The #1 non-verbal cue guaranteed to 10X your charisma (if done wrong she will lose attraction for you)
  • ​​5 body language hacks proven to “trigger” the chase in your direction
  • ​The 6 most common “micro expressions” to AVOID when talking to any girl (if you notice any of these, IMMEDIATELY self correct)

Like Neo, you’ll not only SEE the matrix, you’ll be in full control of it.

Make Her Want You Component #5: BULLETPROOF BUYER FRAME

Let’s face it… As men, the dating scene is completely stacked against us.

Beautiful women are placed on pedestals every day.

Hollywood teaches us to be romantic. To chase. To confess our feelings…

All in hopes that maybe “one day” she’ll realize you guy are “soul mates”, then you and her will ride off into the sunset, living happily ever after…

The Truth? Hollywood has it all wrong!

Making women want you does NOT come down to being overly romantic, confessing your feelings, or playing hard to get… (Leave that to the mediocre masses of men who continue to get ghosted by girls)

Inside “Bulletproof Buyer Frame” you’ll discover the seduction secrets to ramping up sexual tension, sparking the chase in your direction, and framing yourself as the “buyer” in any interaction WITHOUT sacrificing an ounce of your power.

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