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NICABM – Practical Brain Science

NICABM – Practical Brain Science

NICABM – Practical Brain Science

If the Brain Can Change, Our Patients’ Lives Can Change.

Here’s How to Harness the Power of Neuroplasticity to Enable These Changes to Happen

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, brain science can empower your clients to transform their lives

And in nearly every clinical circumstance, no matter your objectives, a more fit brain can benefit almost any patient.

It can help them think more clearly, develop greater focus, and manage reactive emotions.

But there’s so much information (with more coming out every day), and few of us are neuroscientists.

So – what if you could cut through all of the theory and the thousands of research articles to quickly identify specific interventions that could rewire your patients’ brains and change their lives?

In Practical Brain Science we’ll boil down the latest developments to clear, simple principles you can use after just minutes of study. I’ll bring in 6 of my colleagues to show you specific ways you can use neuroplasticity to bring about lasting change in your clients’ lives.

If we want to help them think more clearly, achieve greater focus, manage reactive emotions, and help them experience so many other benefits, showing patients how to change and strengthen their brains may be the first and most crucial step.

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