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Jack Denmo – Denmo Social

Jack Denmo – Denmo Social

Jack Denmo – Denmo Social

Denmo Social is for:

The average, non-social guy in 2021. There’s nothing wrong with you- but nothing exciting either. You want to be more interesting, more social. You want to take action. You want to be able to talk to strangers.. particularly girls you like.

BUT you have limiting beliefs: Too short, bald, poor, young, weird, awkward, inexperienced..You don’t know what to say, how to act… the reasons are endless!

In other words, you want to improve. Alot.

The Average Guy

When I talk to someone who struggles with girls and social skills, these are the most common things I see.

  • He doesn’t approach girls, but wishes he did
  • He thinks he needs a “reason” to talk
  • He’s afraid of being seen as “weird” by others
  • He has limiting beliefs about his appearance
  • He doesn’t understand what women actually like!
  • He lacks high-quality friends and social groups
  • He provides low value, resulting in low status
  • He lacks confidence, charisma, assertiveness
  • He wants to be liked, included, and respected

Unfortunately this is most young men in 2021- because of social conditioning from a young age.


  • How to effectively approach and meet girls by using charisma and social skills, creating a powerful first impression and fun dynamic!
  • How to start exciting conversations and enjoy engaging interactions! Have FUN.
  • How to communicate attractively through verbal and body language! COMFORTABLY!
  • How to be interesting and funny. How to make people want to spend time around you!
  • How to handle getting anxious or nervous talking to a girl you are attracted to! (It’s normal)
  • How to open, close and establish connections and relationships (of all types and purposes)!
  • How to create quality social circles!
  • How to handle rejection (and move on).
  • How to get women to APPROACH YOU!
  • How to be okay with setbacks, failures and making mistakes on your journey to improvement.

In order to live a fun life you need to become a fun person! A more confident, charismatic, assertive man. Be willing to fail and look bad. You must become the guy that people love to talk to and spend time with- NOT just another boring, predictable, average guy.

Become a Social Guy – the person others gravitate towards!

A Social Guy

  • Knows how to be charming and funny
  • Doesn’t care about what others think
  • Can approach strangers in public
  • Understands female nature and habits
  • Has solid friends and makes social circles
  • Has good habits, hobbies and PURPOSE!
  • Creates social status and provides value!
  • Fucks up (all the time) but doesn’t care

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