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Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood and Mind Elevator

Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood and Mind Elevator

Elma Mayer – Now Healing – Mood and Mind Elevator

What does Mood and Mind Elevator work on?

Any kind of painful or unwanted moods & thoughts. For example…

  • Stress & overwhelm about little things – and big things too.
  • Looping, nagging thoughts & fears – about family, money, the future, etc.
  • Disappointment in yourself – or others – or life in general
  • Impatience & irritability with your loved ones – that feels out of your control
  • Brain fog, inability to focus, feeling scattered – unable to fulfil your life’s purpose
  • Fear, anger, depression, feeling betrayed or hurt, or hypervigilant & unsafe – Because of the state of the world… Or the state of your body, health, finances, relationships, mindset, productivity… Or ANY outer or inner circumstances

It’s OK to feel out-of-sorts, occasionally. If you can bounce back quickly, it’s not unhealthy.

But… if you are often at the mercy of your mood or mental state, then… it’s time to HEAL!

Habitual negativity can hurt ALL parts of your life.

Your toxic thoughts & festering feelings will:

Infect your health & body

  • Over time, negativity hurts your heart, brain, gut, hormones, immunity, etc.
  • Your moods become etched on your face, posture & appearance of age.
  • Your stuck emotions & thoughts can correlate to chronic health problems.

Block your wealth & abundance

  • Negative moods often correlate with “blessings blockage.”
  • Good moods allow your “Attraction & Manifestation” to flow.
  • And… an elevated mindset creates a better chance of an elevated income!

Distort your relationships – with others & yourself

  • Relationships are richer when you feel loving, appreciative & uplifted.
  • But when you’re feeling down, it’s hard to show up as your best self.
  • If you often feel low, ALL your relationships start to reflect that negativity.

Sabotage your success, spirituality & EVERYTHING in your life

  • Your self-critical thoughts sabotage confidence, productivity & creativity.
  • To live on purpose, joyfully… you need to easily access high emotions.
  • Accurately hearing higher guidance requires a calm, clear mindset.

You can Improve ALL parts of your Life, when you Heal your Mood & Mind.

No matter what is going on around you (or inside you) you’ll be able to:

  • Handle the crap that life throws at you – with grace & humor
  • Feel SAFE – so you can get on with your life’s purpose
  • Be the loving person you know you can be
  • Attract abundance & love – because you are abundant & loving!
  • Heal your BODY faster – because your mind is not sabotaging you
  • Allow yourself to enjoy life (Yes, you KNOW it’s possible!)

Mood and Mind Elevator does not ask you to “Think Positive”… or “Really Feeeeeel your Emotions”. (That’s the hard way!)

You don’t need to seek your hidden “Spiritual Lessons”… or struggle to “Clear your Limiting Beliefs”… or beat yourself up to “Be Mindful”… or talk at length about your thoughts… or dissect your emotions… or re-experience your traumas. That’s the old-school way.

This is not talk therapy or psychology. We don’t work from the mental or emotional levels.

This is not spiritual healing, or spiritual bypassing. We don’t work from inside the level of body-mind-spirit, or inside the biofield level of chakras, chi and auras. This is much bigger!

We DO work on the level of morphic resonance. This is a NEW kind of “instant-energy healing”… to shift your energy & resonance, at the speed of light. It’s instant and effortless.

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