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Jason Linett – The Virtual Gastric Band

Jason Linett – The Virtual Gastric Band

Jason Linett – The Virtual Gastric Band

Client Resources

Your hypnosis clients receive a benefit-rich set of guidelines to increase their success.

Sound Effects

This is cool. By adding subtle “theatrical elements” to your process, you increase the hypnotic phenomena of the process.

Online Video Library

Model success as you get to watch the full training plus session demonstrations from both Jason Linett and Sheila Granger.

Two Content-Packed Workbooks

The manuals of the course deliver to you as interactive PDF documents ready for your use in sessions.

The $500k Phone Script

Check out this bonus… Jason Linett shares his phone strategies of how he has closed more than $500,000 in phone consultations seeing live, paying clients. This bonus alone is worth the full training and more!

Ongoing Support

Make the investment in yourself, plus join our online community of practitioners who have gone through this training. Got questions? You’ll get answers!

Sample Audio Resources

Compound the success of your clients with a hypnotic home audio program. Model Jason or Sheila’s, or get started seeing clients right away by sharing these audios!

Marketing Materials

This program is my “money-maker” in live talk and networking environments. Get the customizable-documents I use to spread awareness of this service in your community.

The Dave Elman Induction

Learn my updated take on the Dave Elman Induction to consistently bring your hypnosis clients into deep hypnosis.

…and much more!

This library is frequently updated as resources are requested from the community.

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