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Mark Waldman – NeuroWisdom 101

Mark Waldman – NeuroWisdom 101

Mark Waldman – NeuroWisdom 101

NeuroWisdom 101 is the most comprehensive Mindfulness and Positivity audio training program in the world that will give you evidence-based experiential exercises to help reduce stress, increase optimal neuro-connections, and add more joy and enlightenment to your life!

Since prehistoric times, every man and woman have dealt with inner fears and negative thoughts, and with good reason: it was “high anxiety” that kept our ancient ancestors alive! These deep-seated stresses are genetically embedded in us, and they constantly get triggered even when there’s no real threat in our lives. Today they do more harm than good, and they can quickly control and derail our life.

This breakthrough brain training program, developed by Mark Robert Waldman, will help you to take back control of your brain, your mind, and your life now!

NeuroWisdom 101’s 5-Stage Process

  1. Master the art of relaxed attentiveness using new strategies of concentration and a unique bell-entrainment.
  2. Learn how to interrupt old habits through intuitive reasoning.
  3. Harness the power of Daydreaming and Mind-Wandering.
  4. Learn how to quickly enter a state of mindful awareness where you neutralize the power that negative thoughts and feelings have over your life.
  5. As you Rewire and Reprogram Your Brain you will develop Unrelenting Optimism That Interrupts Debilitating Negativity

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