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Marisa Peer – Ultimate Confidence Bundle

Marisa Peer – Ultimate Confidence Bundle

Marisa Peer – Ultimate Confidence Bundle

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Felt Confident?


Praising yourself (and feeling comfortable doing so), eradicating negative self-talk, and feeling only love and compassion for yourself.

Having an unwavering self-belief in your skills, abilities, and qualities so that you strive towards your greatest goals, free from fear of failure.

Being your own most loving, powerful, and supportive ally, bulletproof against rejection and no longer attaching your self-worth to the opinion of others.

Feeling so deeply that you are enough—that you are lovable—and confidently attracting and maintaining the beautiful, loving relationship you desire.

You don’t have to keep imagining.

You just need the confidence to go after it.

You Were Born Confident

It may not feel like it, but there was a time when you had the supreme confidence that you could do anything.

You were fearless.

You believed in yourself.

You knew you were worthy.

You see, every baby is born with rock-solid confidence and the belief that they matter.

It’s somewhere during childhood or adolescence that self-belief gets lost – often, due to a critical parent, teacher, or authority figure.

The self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-sabotage that has weighed you down for so long is all learned behavior… which means you can change it.

You can reclaim the confidence you were born with.


By eliminating the negative self-talk that is holding you back and rewiring your mind for phenomenal confidence and self-belief.

It’s easier than you think with the unrivaled effectiveness of the Ultimate Confidence Bundle from globally-acclaimed therapist Marisa Peer.

Discover the Power of Ultimate Confidence

How Does It Work?

Ultimate Confidence consists of two powerful hypnosis audios and a 90-minute coaching course, which draws on Marisa Peer’s three decades of experience helping thousands of people elevate their confidence and self-esteem.

You will discover how to unlock unbreakable confidence so strong it radiates from you, and you feel at ease in any situation.

You can enjoy the same stunning turnarounds as Marisa’s clients in just six weeks.

Coaching Course: Installing The Cheerleader

This three-module training will silence your inner critic and reinstate the supportive, loving inner cheerleader you were born with.

You will discover the secrets super successful people use for incredible self-belief and how you can quickly adopt them to possess the same deep-rooted confidence.

The course includes coaching videos and hypnosis sessions from Marisa to uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs, reactivate your inner cheerleader, and unleash your full potential.

Time Investment: 90 minutes.

Hypnosis Audio #1: Confidence & Self-Esteem

Notice your confidence and self-esteem soar as you regularly listen to this audio. Reprogram your mind with encouraging, positive beliefs to bulletproof yourself from criticism and rejection.

Your confidence will be so profoundly wired-in that you stand taller, smile more, and feel entirely at ease in every situation.

Time investment: Listen daily for 21 days.

Hypnosis Audio #2: Lovability

To achieve success in any area of your life, you first need to believe that you are lovable. This audio will wire-in the belief that you are worthy, lovable, and good enough at the deepest level.

You will think, feel, and know it so completely that everyone around you feels it too.

You will give and receive love more easily for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Time investment: Listen daily for 21 days.

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