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Russill Paul – Engage the Infinite Intelligence of Your Chakras for Joyful Living, Health & Wholeness

Russill Paul – Engage the Infinite Intelligence of Your Chakras for Joyful Living, Health & Wholeness

Russill Paul – Engage the Infinite Intelligence of Your Chakras for Joyful Living, Health & Wholeness

Cultivate enduring self-healing using ancient bijas (seed syllables), mudras (sacred gestures), and other Vedic and Tantric practices that bring balance to your energy field by awakening your spirit, calming your mind, harmonizing your body systems… and harnessing the power of your chakras to initiate wholeness.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Russill will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to initiate a sense of wholeness with your chakras that awakens your spirit, calms your mind, harmonizes your body systems, and inspires spiritual progression.

Module 1: A Tantric Bija Sequence to Balance the Chakras

Sacred bijas can spark a visceral, transformative experience and be powerful self-healing tools.

During the first week of class, you’ll learn how to balance your chakras using bijas the Tantric way, while connecting more intimately to your energy body. This is an intriguing process that contains a sensual, dominant yin (female) quality that involves the tongue and breath to ground the body’s experience.

This technique is also known to have helped oncology patients reinforce their immunity while they pursued integrative medicine treatments.

This opening week, you’ll:

  • Learn Tantric tongue placements that connect the bijas to a particular chakra in a powerful way
  • Discover an experience that is sensual and visceral — and connect intimately to the subtle body experience
  • Rediscover the classic bijas to feel a sense of authenticity in your practice and teaching
  • Simulate the state of wholeness and absorption that occurs when the chakras are in optimal balance
  • Experience a glimpse of what deep absorption into wholeness feels like with optimally balanced chakras

Module 2: A Tantric Mudra Sequence to Manage Excess Energy in the Chakras

Mudras, or sacred hand gestures, can help uplift your mood, increase clarity, heighten perspective…

… and correct imbalances in your energy field during times when the positive flow of energy in your chakras has been disrupted.

Mudras are commonly practiced in yoga and Indian dance, but are also a vital component of traditional Tantra.

This week, you’ll discover a sequence of mudras that are partnered with each chakra and complemented by sacred sound to help manage excess energy in your chakras and restore balance.

You’ll also:

  • Learn a set of mudras to help manage the vital flow of energy in your chakras
  • Discover a sense of inner peace and containment that you can access quickly during any situation
  • Enter into the chakras to experience their energy, wisdom, and gifts from the inside
  • Discover a vocabulary of body positions that can enhance your energy practices

Module 3: Awaken the Chakras With a Vedic Mantra Sequence

Vedic mantras are such well-sculpted sounds that they have been known to stimulate spiritual awakening.

Learning how to say them in a specific way helps amplify the enlightenment experience that is central to yoga and meditation.

This week, you’ll discover how to stimulate energy in your chakras while opening them to larger energy fields using Vedic mantras. This is a particular category of mantra that connects us to a sense of cosmic order and harmony known as the Rta, or the natural order.

In contrast to the earlier Tantric sequence that utilized sensual yin, this sequence has a dominant yang (male) quality.

This week, you’ll explore:

  • How to expand energy states within your chakras
  • A cosmic experience related to the chakras in which a chakra mediates between a more refined intelligence and your body’s energy system
  • How to stimulate energy in your chakras through configurations in your mouth and breath
  • The state of spiritual awakening — by activating your chakras with Vedic sound

Module 4: Transform Negative Chakra Energies With a Tantric Bhakti Mantra Sequence

Deities are potent sources of spiritual energy.

This week, you’ll access the full power of Tantric sound in a sequence that connects the chakras to powerful deity energies. You’ll learn how to connect and charge your chakras to these energy sources the way electric cars charge when connected to a power source.

These mantras contain the names of specific Hindu deities that can be interpreted as sacred archetypes… or living, breathing, pulsating fields of energy and intelligence.

This classic form of a Tantric mantra offers deep healing by helping transform negative energies in the chakras.

In this sequence, bijas are contained within devotional mantras using a mantra structure that emulates the human body’s design.

This week, you’ll:

  • Learn classic Tantric deity mantras to connect and recharge your chakras
  • Explore how the aliveness of Tantric mantras emulates the human body’s design
  • Access the cosmic and mythical dimensions of chakra energy work
  • Discover the power to transform negative energies in the chakras through deity connections

Module 5: A Tantric Nyasa Sequence to Explore the Healing Power of Sacred Touch

Sacred touch can infuse particular body parts with intense and intimate healing effects when coupled with sacred sound or visualization.

This week, you’ll learn a self-touch sequence for healing that fosters profound states of spiritual and mental connection.

This sequence, which combines sound and touch, is positioned after the previous series to help you heal and integrate more deeply.

This week, you’ll:

  • Discover the power of sacred touch for self-healing and self-care
  • Learn to combine sacred sound with sacred touch for an enhanced healing effect
  • Experience how to slow down your mind using sound and touch to bring it into a deeper relationship with your body
  • Explore the heightened levels of sensitivity that are activated through traditional Tantric practices

Module 6: The Anatomy of Bijas — The Language of Your Nervous System

This week, you’ll venture deeper into the spiritual process of Tantra by accessing bijas that can help you communicate to your nervous system more effectively. In particular, you’ll focus on sounds that help address fear and anxiety.

The removal of fear and anxiety might be seen as an essential component of healing and energy work, since fear and anxiety block energy in our chakras and restrict the free flow of information within our wholeness.

As you delve deeper into chakra work, however, you’ll discover that it’s natural to encounter your deep-seated fears.

You’ll begin this process by combining bijas with mudras and placing them in specific areas of the body to enhance the healing power of sacred sound through Tantric methods.

This week, you’ll:

  • Learn bijas to address fear and anxiety often encountered with deep chakra work
  • Explore combining mudras with bijas to enhance their healing effect
  • Place healing bijas into specific areas of the body
  • Discover your power to communicate with your nervous system using Tantric sound

Module 7: Established in Wholeness — Ongoing Self-Care Through the Chakras

During this final week, you’ll develop an integrated practice that cultivates Tantric tools as an ongoing vocabulary for self-care and healing.

You’ll explore the sense of wholeness that you now embody… and recognize the power of the tools you now have to help reinstate wholeness when it’s lost.

Life will always push and pull you in different directions — some inward and some outward. Using this robust method of multiple sequences and dynamic modalities will not only help you reestablish your sense of wholeness in any situation… but deepen and expand it as well.

In this final week, you’ll:

  • Develop an integrated practice that cultivates Tantric tools as an ongoing vocabulary for self-care and healing
  • Establish confidence in your newfound Tantra tools to not only care for your individual chakras, but your entire chakra system as a whole
  • Envision a path of deepening and evolving wholeness

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