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Complete David Deida Audio Master Collection

Complete David Deida Audio Master Collection

Complete David Deida Audio Master Collection

Advanced Lovemaking: Giving Bliss Beyond Skill

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2013

Finding Love & Sex Among Vikings: Boy Toys and Superior Women

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2010

The Third-Stage: Making Love Beyond Sharing Needs

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008-2009

Enlightenment, Marriage and the Dark Side

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2010

Clarifying Consciousness and Cultivating Ecstasy

David Deida – Live Recordings

Emotional Chaos & Authentic Love: How to Help Your Man Navigate Your Heart

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008-2009

Craving Nothingness, Wanting Fullness, Celebrating Nowness

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008-2009

Rhythms of Revelation: Jazz, Jesus & James Bond

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2010

Buddhism, Blowjobs & Chocolate: Spiritual Access to Passion’s Portals

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008

Bondage, Boundaries & The Rolling Stones: Spiritual Happiness vs. Sexual Healing

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008-2009

Aligning with Love: Sex, Wealth & Worship

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008-2009

Third-Stage Love

David Deida – Live Recordings

For the Love of Time, Space and Sex

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2012

Speech, Kinks, Truth, Breath and Art

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008

Intimacy to Ecstasy

David Deida – The Complete Recordings, Vol. I

A Man’s Deepest Bliss

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: March 2016

Offer Your Sex from Shallow to Deep

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: June 2016

Cultivating True Love, Partnership, and Purpose

David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: June 2016

Opening Spiritually and Sexually

David Deida – The Complete Recordings, Vol. I
Year: 1999

Living Sacred Intimacy

David Deida – The Complete Recordings, Vol. I
Year: 2000

Q&A at Breitenbush 1999

David Deida – The Complete Recordings, Vol. I
Year: 1999

The Nuts and Bolts of Spiritual Intimacy

David Deida – The Complete Recordings, Vol. I
Year: 1999

The Shiva and Shakti Scales

David Deida – The Complete Recordings, Vol. I

Year: 1999

Beyond Success and Suicide PLUS Why Men Crave Nothingness

In this 95-minute audio recording, David explores with a man going through this process how men can realize their next phase of liberation. David speaks about:

  • Common mistakes men make when their lives feel meaningless
  • Today’s culture lacks a clear path into deep freedom, so men don’t know what to do besides consider ending their burdensome life
  • How the nothingness men crave through suicide, drugs, and future escape is accessible instantly for men who are ready
  • The emptiness that successful men feel is not a problem, but the very doorway into true freedom.
  • How men can transition gracefully from a time-driven life of purpose to an awareness-driven life of spontaneous creation
  • Understanding the huge shift from working toward fulfillment in the future to the discipline of relaxing into timeless openness, instantly, in the always present moment
  • How men can retrain old habits of working toward success in the new practice of their deep consciousness expressing itself creatively through the whole body, including sexually
  • As a man’s life and relationships are growing through obsolescence, how to discuss this new phase heart-to-heart with an intimate partner

This audio recording inspired a live 90-minute Q&A conversation with David Deida, titled “Why Men Crave Nothingness.” The recording of this call is a companion and followup to the dialogue in Beyond Success and Suicide.

Bingo – The Practice of Boundless Love

Explores the practice of opening beyond our self-made boundaries into a “Bingo” moment where we recognize each other and all as one heart of love and boundless freedom.

Kinks, Consciousness and the Plumber

A rare peek inside what has been called one of the most transformative workshop experiences available.

Love, Fear, Trust and Depth

Fear often restricts intimate partners from growing in love and trust. Moving beyond fear into open love invites trust, just as trust invites open love. In this recording David Deida reveals how men can invite their women to open in love, and how women can invite their men to become more trustable.

Primary Emotion and Deep Purpose

This audio focuses on the feminine practice of feeling and freely expressing the “Primary Emotion”, as well as the masculine practice of finding and aligning one’s life with his deepest mission.

Year: 2000

Realms of Love and Substance

This talk discusses the use of drugs and alcohol, sexuality, business, friendship, masculine and feminine spiritual practice, and other topics from the third stage perspective.

Year: 2000

Rested Deeper than Habit

Recognizing the deep source of who we are “behind” or “beneath” or “before” our habits and patterns is a primary foundation of spiritual practice.

Year: 2001

Spirituality Beyond Self-Improvement

Self improvement is a good thing, but all the self-mastery and personal growth in the world don’t add up to real spiritual openness. And neither does true spiritual openness depend on being a well adjusted, “successful” person.

Year: 2000

The Love that Washes through Patterns

Practices of love that transform those patterns of behavior which limit our intimacies, popping us through the patterns to the ecstasy of love-bliss that lies waiting on the other side.

Year: 2000

The Three Stages of Life

This recording introduces the three stages of life (and intimacy) that we all grow through.

Trusting Larger than Yourself

This talk describes one of the core understandings of the third stage: that other people can feel where you are at and where you need to grow better than you can.

Year: 2000

Questions in the Philosophy of Spiritual Practice

Author and Advaita Vedanta spiritual teacher Vartman interviews David Deida on a variety of topics in the philosophy of spiritual practice. Includes a discussion on why one should bother to practice spiritually at all.

Year: 2001

Communication, Yearning and Purpose

This talk explores the differences between communication modes for the masculine and feminine, as well as differences in communication and perception between the first, second, and third stages of human development.

Year: 2000

The Yoga of Deep Passion

This talk explores a variety of topics from the neurotic “shells” of sexual energy that we all have covering our core sexual essence, to working with anger, the roots of romantic attraction, and the nature of all appearance as the moment-by-moment sexual union of consciousness (the masculine principle) and radiance (the feminine principle).

Opening as Love and Nothingness

The infinite openness of no separation, or oneness, is the spiritual truth of every moment. Some of us (those more feminine in their core) open toward infinite oneness as love. Some (those more masculine in their core) open toward that same oneness as “nothingness”.

The Play of Masculine and Feminine

This talk explores the specifically masculine and feminine aspects of spiritual growth and the play of masculine and feminine energies.

His Freedom, Her Love

In each of us is a masculine principle or force that is always searching for more freedom. And in each of us is a feminine principle or force that is always searching for more love. These two different expressions of our sexual core are each fundamental aspects of an understanding of spiritual growth as sexual beings.

At Your Edge

Freedom, power, fear, money, sex, enlightenment, death, wisdom, excellence, challenge, transcendence, purpose–living at your edge is the masculine form of spiritual practice. In these recordings, David lays down in crystal clear terms what it takes to live a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and depth.

Year: 1999

Living Dialogs with Duncan Campbell

Noted interviewer Duncan Campbell and David Deida explore the philosophical and cultural context of Deida’s work on the three developmental stages of individual and social evolution and how the universal masculine and feminine energies play out in the human realm through those stages.

Year: 2000

Erotic Love and Feminine Bliss

Track titles:

  • The Zen of One Taste Meets the Dance of Love
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Melted by the Busboy, the Ecstasy of Surrender
  • Being Ravished by Consciousness
  • After Work, Do You Want a Wife or a Husband?
  • Loving Free from the Past
  • Being the Goddess He Can’t Ignore

Full-Spectrum Sexual Devotion

Track titles:

  • What Do Men Feel?
  • How to Love Her with Humor and Tears
  • Gifting and Not Diminishing a Strong Woman
  • The Erotics of Speech
  • The Pleasure of Helplessness
  • Stop Waiting for the Next Moment
  • Outgrow Your Need to be Seen
  • The Yoga of Full-Spectrum Sexual Flow

What Do Men Feel?

Love, Devotion, and Flowery Combat

  • Softening Cervix, Heart, and Throat
  • It’s Never Enough
  • What Makes Him Thrilling as a Lover
  • Her Secret Delight in Flowery Combat
  • Becoming Continuous with the Universe
  • Love Him But Don’t Settle
  • Drama, Conflict, and the Growth of Love

Love Him But Don’t Settle

Stages and Revelations

Track titles:

  • Growing In Love’s Duet
  • Beyond Masculine and Feminine
  • The Artful Play of Polarity
  • Heart-Wisdom, Trauma, and Skill with Men
  • How to Be Irresistible to a Deep Man
  • Awakening His Presence with Your Pain
  • Love is Effortless, Sex Requires Training
  • You’re Serving or You’re Suffering
  • Why Practice?
  • Attention is Devotion
  • Staying Conscious Through Layers of Ecstasy
  • Your Problems Create Your Gifts

The Free Man – Vol 1

Track titles:

  • When Awareness on Awareness is More Interesting than She
  • Practicing with a Woman to Surrender
  • Turning Her on with Your Voice
  • Attending to Your Thoughts as Your Woman
  • Golf and Her Pleasure in Not Opening
  • Do Art with Her Emotions
  • Tracking Her Heart at the Edges of Darkness
  • Worshipping the Goddess
  • Sex Beyond Surface

Tracking Her Heart At The Edges Of Darkness

Under the Surface: Deeper Lovemaking

Track titles:

  • Conscious Emotions
  • Is Your Man a Beautiful Wobbler?
  • Soft-bodied Men, Authenticity, and Sexual Reciprocity
  • Deep Sexiness is Responsive and Never Enough
  • Lovemaking as Conscious Dance
  • Practicing Presence in the Gargoyle’s Den
  • How to Bite Your Lover

Soft-bodied Men, Authenticity, and Sexual Reciprocity

Nothing Is Missing

11 New Tracks, 1.5 Hours on Love, Sex, and Divine Dildos
Recorded live in January 2017

How to Love Resistance

Live in Boulder 2016

Recorded Live in Boulder, Colorado
Year: September 2016

Live in San Francisco 2016 – Complete Set

Complete Set (Part I, Part II & Part III)
Recorded Live in San Francisco
Year: April 201615.

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