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Ryan Angelo – The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

Ryan Angelo – The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

Ryan Angelo – The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

Discover the Blueprint of Your True Nature to Liberate Your Deepest Gifts and the Unique Expression of Your Soul.

Release Stress, Financial Struggle and Illness as You Step Onto Your Most Aligned Path of Fulfillment, Power and Mastery.

What You’ll Discover in The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

In this 9-part transformational intensive, consisting of a 3-hour introductory session, seven core modules and a wrap-up integration video session, Ryan will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully open up to divine guidance and activate the gifts of your true self.

Each teaching module will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your alignment and alliance with your soul’s path.

Introduction: Consciousness Mastery & Awareness

If you’ve felt torn between “normal human life” and spirituality, it’s time to transcend this conflict. We start our journey with a new awareness of self-acceptance and the recognition that your ego holds a key to unlocking your divinity. Some spiritual practices state that you must become egoless; in truth, you must form an alliance with your ego.

Your spiritual gifts are filtered through your ego’s willingness to work in alignment with your higher guidance. We will explore your lower (sabotaging) and higher (ascending) ego consciousness. You will discover how to expand your awareness in order to embrace the many gifts, possibilities, joys and abundance your soul offers you. You will be equipped with a powerful meta-cognitive strategy to easily navigate the vastness of your psyche.

In this introductory 3-hour module, you’ll receive multiple exercises and discover how to:

  • Deepen and expand your awareness of self and others
  • Improve intimacy, sexual passion (and playfulness), and melt the binding ego
  • Identify the blocks to your divine channel and transmute them
  • Use a system for retaining self-mastery even in crisis situations
  • Understand your prime soul path, secondary path, and your divine balance

Module 1: Path of the ElderThe Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

Power catalyses creation, but power can be misused, manipulated or subverted. Power without restraint leads to destruction and dominion. A lack of power is bullied and begets unrealized dreams. Power that is in alignment with Divine Will and Perfection is neither lacking nor without restraint; such power represents the Divine Masculine. You’ll realize your greatest gifts of fearlessness and faith that reconnect you with your divinity. You’ll find that you are a part of a lineage of Elders who protect divine law and use power to create wonders. You are not bound by human laws; you are here to represent divine law.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

  • Call forth protection and dismiss toxic energy, entities and tricksters
  • Reconnect with your higher self in the face of deception and illusion
  • Enact your divine purpose, access your power, and transform your life
  • Speak your divine truth with great clarity and impact
  • Use your power over word to release false mantras and create anew

Module 2: Path of the AwakenerThe Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

Seekers soon realize that wisdom, understanding and discernment are vital skills on any spiritual journey. As such, this path is one of bringing ignorance into light. It is an understanding of cause and effect at such a level that you recognize the Divine Mind behind all unfolding. As you learn to listen and trust in the Divine Mind, you’ll find that you possess knowledge and insight far beyond that of a single lifetime. You remember what it is to be a teacher of teachers. As you quiet your lower ego and awaken your higher mind, you’ll find yourself one with the all-knowing light of illumination.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

  • Call upon the Divine Mind to give you the wisdom needed to solve problems
  • Release painful addictive attachments in favor of higher reasoning and relief
  • Interpret and clarify confusion in life and relationships
  • Connect your mind with your sacred heart so your lower ego can’t mislead you
  • Tune in and receive the right steps that need to be taken in any situation

Module 3: Path of the UnifierThe Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

Love conquers all. Love is the glue that holds the universe together. Yet love can be misunderstood, manipulated or inverted into an unhealthy form. Love heals and begets growth. All life needs love to survive and thrive. Yet love can be corrupted, codependent and lacking in balance. This path of Divine Love represents the Divine Feminine. You’ll discover how to protect your emotions from the emotional chaos around you. You’ll discover the sacredness and power of real love. You’ll awaken your deep artistic creative gifts. And you may find that your very presence can melt hearts of stone.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

  • Call on Divine Love to strengthen the love within and around you
  • Find refuge deep within the nurturing sanctuary of your sacred heart
  • Heal and cleanse the scars of grief buried in your heart and in others’ hearts
  • Discern real love (divine) from projected love (tricksters)
  • Renew yourself and fuel your creativity through natural love’s balance

Module 4: Path of the PurifierThe Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

This is the path of ascension. This is the center of all of the paths. It is a return to the purity of your divine blueprint. Children are pure. They have not lost their innocence. They laugh at everything. Joy is natural for them. But innocence is also naive and can be corrupted. Corruption, in its various forms, creates a rift separating you from joy. Purification is a discipline. As you return to joy and reclaim your innocence, you’ll feel lighter and brighter than ever before. You’ll learn to accelerate energy and build formidable momentum to break free from sticky, dense corruptive influences.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

  • Call for help to clear away entities of addiction and corruption
  • Let go of 3rd-dimensional separation consciousness in favor of 5th-dimensional love and connection
  • Understand and disentangle yourself from your mortal coil
  • Build a heaven-earth connection in a way that roots Spirit on earth
  • Hold a field of invincible joy that can render you immune to corruption

Module 5: Path of the Manifester

Manifestation occurs naturally through the harmony of divine science. Healing is a restoration of harmony. Disharmony is dis-ease that subconsciously creates diseases, poverty and emotional anguish. Your subconscious mind is very powerful, but if it’s ignored and not healed, you’ll continue to attract what you don’t want into your life. We’ll discuss mastery of mind. We’ll be healing the archetypal patterns and images that create disharmony in your life. We’ll unravel your gifts as a conscious and scientific manifestor.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call upon the amazing healing powers of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael
  • Clear your mind of discord and confusion in favor of clarity and vision
  • Reveal and wash away hidden patterns of self-sabotage
  • Become a spiritual mind-master utilizing next-level laws of attraction
  • See, study and measure the Divine Science of Manifestation

Module 6: Path of the Guardian

A house divided cannot stand. Conflict between personalities, nationalities and religions have led to much war, strife and grievances. Chaos can evoke changes, but if prolonged, chaos stunts and regresses progress. It is through brotherhood, sisterhood and peaceful oneness that greatness unfolds. By discovering how to stand firm in your distinct individuality (know thyself: autonomy) and honoring the same in others (tolerance: oneness), you become like the sun, a beacon of light that encourages and makes growth possible.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call upon the Resurrection-Redeemer archetype to burn away dense energy
  • Balance and bring peace into your own Divine Masculine and Feminine nature
  • Strengthen your confidence and assert your autonomy and individuality
  • Help others to realize their potential (even without them knowing)
  • Become immune to the efforts to steal your energy or slow you down

Module 7: Path of the Mystic

“Magic” is science that we do not yet understand. At the highest levels, this is a path that perfectly balances the Path of the Elder and the Path of the Unifier — Divine Masculine and Feminine in absolute and perfect balance. Lifetimes of discord between masculine and feminine have produced cycles of unlearned lessons and an abundance of karma. Your personal karma must be paid, and the wisdom gained by your soul if you are to ascend. Discover how to work with Divine Mercy, Compassion and Alchemy to transmute darkness into light. You’ll be required to trust and face your lessons, but you’ll be amazed by the miracles.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call forth an ocean of divine “magic” to transmute dense darkness into light
  • Heal the deep-rooted traumas within your Akashic records
  • Feel the freedom from guilt and denser emotions that you’ve longed for
  • Use alchemy to consciously bring forth resolutions and miracles
  • Understand and bathe in the mysteries of Divine Compassion and Mercy

Module 8: Integration

Based on the questions asked and the materials covered in the previous seven modules, we’ll wrap up this course up with a video integration module that strategically explores the interrelationship of each module. By this point, you’ll already be experiencing the benefits of the work done thus far. This final module will supply any missing pieces or key ingredients still needed.

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