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Leeor Alexandra – The Love Mastery Program: Attracting “The One”

Leeor Alexandra – The Love Mastery Program: Attracting “The One”

Leeor Alexandra – The Love Mastery Program: Attracting “The One”

Attract the life that you love, the love of your life & a healthy, happy, committed relationship through the Law of Attraction & a healthy helping of self-love.

The Law of Attraction is the universal law which states that like attracts like.

When looking for love, we must use this knowledge to our advantage.

That is why I created The Love Mastery Program – to teach people how to use this incredible universal law to their advantage. The fact is, you’re awake. You’ve woken up to the fact that there is more to the world and to this existence than what meets the eye. It would be silly now, to keep playing by everyone else’s rules when you know the secret.

You are here because you are ready. You’re ready to take your life into your own hands, to fully understand your own power and the reality that you create everything in your life -in your own mind, and to finally attract THE ONE.

You may have already met them. You may just be interested in a casual relationship. You may be ready for the alter. Whatever it is, you will find value in this course in several different ways.

In The Love Mastery Program, I will help you to purge negative thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.

I will teach you the value of self-love and how to practice it. I will teach you how to communicate better, how to make sure your needs and boundaries are respected and met in any relationship. Most importantly, and the reason why you’re here – I will teach you how to become the vibrational match to the frequency of love.

There are several ways to practice the Law of Attraction.

It’s likely you’ve come here from my YouTube channel and perhaps have even been a part of the community for a long time now. You know that I have been studying and practicing different techniques and ways of tapping into the power of the universe for the past 11 years, with tremendous results that get bigger and better year after year.

I am qualified to help you find unconditional love for yourself, and to help you open up to opportunities to attract perfect love for you.

We first begin with instilling the belief within you that yes, you do deserve it.

You do deserve that fairytale love, the love you’ve always dreamed of, the idea of love that keeps you up at night. You are not the anomaly that for some reason, won’t ever find the love of their life.

The chances are in your favor. The universe has your back. It is SIMPLE and EASY. I’m here to teach you how to fully trust the process and how to use it to your advantage, in more ways than just in love!

What you will find in The Love Mastery Program:

  • Video lessons to provide you – the tools to use the Law of Attraction to attract love
  • The exact script I used to manifest my current relationship
  • [Downloadable] Guided visualizations, affirmations, meditations
  • [Downloadable] PDFs and MP3s that will supplement your learning
  • Self-discovery prompts

Who is the Love Mastery Program right for?

  • Anyone looking for the love of their life – “The One.”
  • Anyone trying to attract a specific person.
  • Anyone trying to get back the one that got away.
  • Anyone who is trying to catch the eye of that cutie at work.
  • Anyone who is ready for a date, the alter, or just for their rom-com to begin.
  • Anyone desiring a stronger relationship – the universe and their higher self.
  • Anyone who needs a lot more self-love in their lives.
  • Anyone who is working on their confidence.
  • Anyone who is architecting their perfect life.
  • Anyone who is a divine being enjoying a fun physical experience.

What you can expect to gain from The Love Mastery Program:

  • The ability to manifest any sort of relationship you desire – anyone you desire.
  • All the tools needed to tap into Source power and your own limitless capability.
  • A better understanding of how the universe works.
  • Enhanced and renewed self-confidence, self-image, self-respect, and self-appreciation.
  • A better version of you.
  • An understanding of how to let go & trust the process.
  • Whomever it is you signed up for. They will be eagerly awaiting you.

About Leeor Alexandra

I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for 13 years. For 13 years, I have been creating my perfect existence, curating my perfect reality, and testing out methods to see which ones work best for which situations.

With my knowledge, in a year and a half I’ve amassed 280,000+ subscribers on YouTube, a large following on other social media platforms – but MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, an international community of lightworkers.

I have helped thousands of people find themselves, love themselves, and attract love into their life. That is what qualifies me to create this program, and why I know I can help more people through the creation of a one-stop love & law of attraction workshop.

YouTuber Leeor Alexandra speaks passionately about becoming the architect of your ideal life, using the Law of Attraction to your advantage, growing and becoming the embodiment of love. She has taken her knowledge of these topics and experience in helping others to attract the one they want and created a thorough course to help more and more people.

The Love Mastery Program Curriculum


  • How to Navigate the Course
  • Welcome to the Program
  • Quick Overview of the Law of Attraction
  • Guided Visualization
  • Love List

Resources & Extras

  • Attracting Love Subliminal Mind Reprogramming
  • Menu of Desire
  • BONUS: Full Moon Ritual
  • FAQ

Unlearn & Relearn

  • Creating New Thought Patterns
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind – Affirmations
  • Healing Our Soul, Forgiving & Learning from the Feedback Loop
  • Healing Prompts & Affirmations
  • BONUS: Full Moon Ritual


  • Before Self-Love
  • The Magical Kitchen
  • Practicing Perfect Self-Love: How & Why
  • Self-Esteem Subconscious Mind Reprogramming
  • Self-Love Routines
  • After Self-Love

Manifesting Exercises

  • Set the Intention – Ideal Relationship/Partner
  • Scripting & Acting As If
  • Attracting Love Subliminal
  • Put the Order In
  • BONUS: New Moon Manifesting Ritual

The Finishing Touches

  • Letting Go
  • Enter Flow
  • Gratitude
  • What’s Next? – Final Words

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