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Helena Nista – Masturbation Coaching

Helena Nista – Masturbation Coaching

Helena Nista – Masturbation Coaching


Discover The Most Enriching Ways To Experience Incredible Pleasure With Your Own Body

Expand your erotic potential, experience completely new types of orgasm, and create more charisma and magnetic power that others will notice and respond to.

Masturbation Coaching Is For You If:

  • Self-Pleasuring Is A Bit Dull & Disappointing
    You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, but masturbation just leaves you feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied.
  • Your Orgasms Feel Rushed & Shallow
    You can quickly ‘rub one out’, but you’re craving more depth and satisfaction.
  • You Feel Uninspired & Bored When You Touch Yourself
    You’re stuck in a rut. Masturbation feels routine and mechanical, but you don’t know what else to do.
  • You Feel Shame, Guilt, Or Embarrassment
    You’re ready to go beyond the toxic beliefs about your pleasure, your body, and sexuality we’re all programmed with.
  • You Don’t Know What You Want In Bed
    Or how to turn yourself on. You feel lost when touching yourself, or asking for what you want from another.

By The End Of The Masturbation Coaching Program, You Will:

  • Learn What Your Body TRULY Enjoys
    Be confident in what you want, learn how to give yourself that, and ask for it from another.
  • Touch Yourself In A Variety Of New Ways
    Your hands & fingers are amazing tools of pleasure. Re-sensitise your body to ecstatic touch, and find new ideas to enjoy yourself.
  • Release Shame & Guilt Around Pleasure
    Ditch the toxic programming and become joyfully expressed in the bedroom. Discover your most empowered, liberated, sexual self.
  • Become A More Confident & Skillful Lover
    The way you masturbate is the way you have sex. Uplevelling the way you touch yourself primes you for amazing sexual experiences with a partner too.
  • Understand Your Body Intimately
    You’ll understand your pleasure anatomy and all your erogenous zones – there’s WAY more pleasure potential to your body than you realise.
  • Become Multi-Orgasmic
    Discover new levels of pleasure and a range of orgasms that you didn’t know were possible (yes, including whole bodied-orgasms without ejaculation).


Let’s Take A Look Inside Masturbation Coaching For Men & Women Online Course

MODULE 1: Forming New (BETTER) Masturbation Habits

A lot of people are dissatisfied with their sex lives. But what most don’t realize is how poor masturbation habits contribute to this situation.

I’ll show you exactly where and how you’re limiting your erotic potential, and what you can do about it. We’ll look at your current self-touch practices and what they say about you.

You’ll also get delicious homework practices to start you off on a path to more blissful and ecstatic self-pleasure.

MODULE 2: Releasing Limiting Patterns & Beliefs

The majority of people still touch their bodies the same way they did 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Is it the same for you?

This week you’ll examine your masturbation history and any unhealthy beliefs and ideas that you still carry.

You’ll then learn an entirely new way of touching, stroking, and caressing yourself.

MODULE 3: Advanced Self-Touch Practices

Now you’re ready to go deeper with my advanced techniques and practices.

In this module, you’ll be introduced to important concepts like your pleasure landscape, and the two dimensions of self-touch and self-stimulation. This knowledge will multiply your pleasure-potential immensely.

Finally, I’ll show you powerful breathing techniques that will help you build and control your arousal energy.

MODULE 4: Sacred Masturbation Ritual

This week, I’ll guide you step-by-step through my very special Sacred Masturbation Ritual.

You’ll be introduced to more important elements to include in your self-love practice, and how exactly to play with them.

Get ready because this is going to blow your socks off!

MODULE 5: Ecstatic Masturbation & Full-Body Orgasms

In this module, you’ll receive the keys to the ecstatic masturbation kingdom. You’ll learn even more ways to fine-tune and multiply your pleasure and orgasms by building on everything you’ve accomplished so far.

And speaking of orgasms, would you like to expand them through your entire body?

I’ll teach you how to condition your body for climaxes that go way beyond your genitals – a climax that shoots up your spine, vibrates in every cell of your body, and lasts for minutes or even hours.

MODULE 6: Hidden Delights of Playing (& Dealing with Porn Addiction)

Your masturbation practice should feel fun, playful, and delightful. It should be a time for the uninhibited joys of your body, for exploration, and for pleasure.

This week, you’ll learn even more tools to use in your solo-sex time. And I’ll also address something that many people struggle with when masturbating – porn addiction.

So if porn is something that you’d like to move on from, I’ll teach you exactly how you can do that.

MODULE 7: 11 Unusual Ways To Masturbate

Your mind has been blown more than once so far, and this week is going to take it all to a whole new level!

You’ll learn 11 different scenarios to follow during your self-love sessions that’ll show you how to truly go outside the box when it comes to masturbation and orgasms.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in the same routine while self-pleasuring, I’ll give you a range of ideas to never feel this way again.

Ready To Become A Self-Pleasuring Pro?

Don’t Waste Any More Time, Learn, Practice, And MASTER The Art Of Ecstatic Self-Love

These techniques will serve you for the rest of your life. And will set you up for a lifetime of mind-blowing sex and earth-shattering pleasure.

Don’t let society, inhibitions, or any toxic ideas limit your masturbation potential any longer.

Embrace your full erotic power through potent practices of masturbation coaching.

It’s time to experience the pleasure, playfulness, and depth of orgasms that you deserve.

Get the Masturbation Coaching online course and your solo-sex experiences will never be the same again!

About Helena Nista

Hi, I’m Helena Nista!

You might recognize me from my popular YouTube channel – I’m a certified Sexologist and one of Australia’s leading Sex Therapists and Tantra Practitioners.

Here’s the thing – I know what’s possible for you, and it’s so much more than you even realise. You’re capable of experiencing more pleasure than you’ve ever had, of having incredible sex, and of reaching amazing, out-of this-world orgasms.

And I want that for you. Which is why I created the Masturbation Coaching online course. So that every human being can become effortlessly orgasmic, and experience incredible sex and legendary love.

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