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Carol Look – Eliminate Procrastination: Tapping Your Way from Sabotage to Success

Carol Look – Eliminate Procrastination: Tapping Your Way from Sabotage to Success

Carol Look – Eliminate Procrastination: Tapping Your Way from Sabotage to Success

Isn’t it time you eliminate procrastination and attract the freedom, happiness, and abundance you deserve?

Discover the EFT tapping technique that thousands have used to experience a transformative shift into a life of abundance.

Introducing “Eliminate Procrastination: Tapping Your Way From Sabotage to Success”

MODULE 1: Defining the Problem

What’s the difference between procrastinating, and taking a break? How do you become aware that you are procrastinating if you are always busy doing something? Are procrastinators made or born? All your burning questions on procrastination are finally answered!

MODULE 2: Identifying the 4 PRIMARY REASONS we procrastinate

Understand the four key procrastination types that Carol has identified. Discover the underlying mental and emotional blocks of your procrastination type that keep you compelled to procrastinate.

MODULE 3: Clearing Tools

In this module, you’ll learn the 4-step clearing process of the EFT tapping technique. You’ll gain insight on how to choose a specific target and rate the intensity of targets. You’ll also be guided on creating your setup statement and knowing where to precisely tap on the 9 acupuncture points for clearing your energy system blockages.

MODULE 4: Clearing Procrastination Type 1

Your Project isn’t Ripe yet

If you are this type you may resonate with:

“I feel a lot of pressure to get something done that doesn’t feel ready yet. I don’t have all the information that I need. I feel stuck and don’t know which was to go. And worst of all, I feel guilty that I can’t get it done.”

What you’ll get:

Guided tapping sequences to clear the underlying blocks that keep you stuck and unmotivated.

The results you can expect:

You can finally move forward without hesitation to execute your business idea, write that book, launch a new campaign or execute whatever creative idea you have on your mind!

MODULE 5: Clearing Procrastination Type 2

Fear of Failure

If you are this type you may resonate with:

“I really want to start writing a book. I have a great idea but I can’t get started. What if people don’t like it and they don’t buy it? I don’t think I can face that, so it’s easier and safer for me to stay in my dead-end job.”

What you’ll get:

Guided tapping sequences to clear your blocked fears of failure, rejection and criticism.

The results you can expect:

Your passion and motivation will be ignited. You are no longer focused on other people’s reactions to your work. Creativity and inspiration to pursue your interests will start to flow, and you’ll move quickly towards the life of your dreams!

MODULE 6: Clearing Procrastination Type 3

Fear of Success

If you are this type you may resonate with:

“I really want the promotion to become manager, but if I start doing more work, I’ll outshine everyone else and make them look bad. Then my colleagues will say that I’ve backstabbed them, and I’ll lose their friendship! It’s better for me to stay under the radar and not get the promotion.”

What you’ll get:

Guided tapping sequences to eliminate your fear of shining and standing out, so you can open your energy lines to the flow of success.

The results you can expect:

You’ll no longer hold yourself back from fully utilizing your talents and gifts. You’ll be fulfilled by an exciting new path of growth and enjoy being your best self — not to mention reaping the financial rewards!

MODULE 7: Clearing Procrastination Type 4


If you are this type you may resonate with:

“My boss is too fussy. Seriously, he doesn’t even know how to do things right. I’m going to do it my way. Besides, I do my best creative work when I’m not restricted by deadlines. If they want good work, they just have to wait until I’m ready.”

What you’ll get:

Guided tapping sequences to clear your need to fight authority.

The results you can expect:

You complete work and tasks joyfully. Relationships with the people around you improve as you let go of rebellious behavior that previously limited your productivity and happiness. You find new and healthier ways to feel empowered.

About Carol Look

Your success and abundance coach who’s dedicated to help you easily eliminate procrastination.

Carol Look is a licensed psychotherapist and EFT Master. She is the leading success and abundance coach in her field, and specializes in helping others to attract abundance in their lives by combining EFT – the tapping technique – and the Law of Attraction.

For over 16 years, Carol has been a pioneer and leading voice in the EFT community. She has trained and mentored thousands of energy practitioners, and has been coaching clients to clear limiting beliefs, and fears that block abundance using the tapping technique. Since tapping is based on the subtle energy system of acupuncture meridians, this technique provides transformative shifts in minimal time.

From her extensive experience in the field, Carol has learned how the habit of procrastination limits people from being the best version of themselves.

Today, you have the unique opportunity to learn directly from Carol on how you too, can eliminate procrastination and live up to your highest potential.

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