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Maitreya – Subconsciousness Reprogrammer

Maitreya – Subconsciousness Reprogrammer

Maitreya – Subconsciousness Reprogrammer

This audio taps directly into your subconsciousness mind. This means you can install directly new programs / models there without to listen to subliminals or affirmations one month or more so they can be installed in you. It’s designed to help you with changing your beliefs instantly – remove negative and install positive ones.

  • You have to work with this audio consciously, can’t multitask.
  • It works with two commands that will be included in download files.
  • Works on all languages! Change your beliefs on your own language.

People struggle with their results, because their subconsciousness beliefs don’t allow new changes to come, as this part of ourselves is made to work as a protector and reality builder. Most of the time people don’t get results from energy work or they get for a short time and after that everything fades away, because their subconsciousness holds a negative belief that is limiting them from desired results.

For example: If you have a belief in your subconsciousness mind “It’s dangerous to have money, I don’t deserve this, It’s not right to be rich when other people are poor, Money is a limited source, I have to work hard for money”, etc. you will project this in your reality (3D) and always struggle with this.

You have effects for a few days/weeks and after that you go to the start. Subconsciousness rules 95% of our reality and is designet to keep us safe (physically, emotionally, mentally).

This audio creates instant connection with your subconsciousness where you can re-design yourself as you wish.

How Your Subconscious Mind & Beliefs Affect Your Reality

The subconscious mind is incredible as it can heal and alter your life in a way that would shock not only you but everyone around you. It’s truly where the power of the law of attraction lies.

What is the subconscious mind?

We have two minds. The first one is your conscious mind where your ego lives. This is the mind you are most familiar with because you are aware of it on a daily basis. It’s where your thinking goes on, where your ego and its limited knowledge have a loud voice, and where you choose which thoughts you will program your subconscious mind with.

Your subconscious mind is the seat of your consciousness. This is the part of the mind that is generally unexplored and under-utilized, but is the attracting force behind your every experience in life. Your beliefs and chronic thoughts live here and once a belief makes it way to your subconscious mind, it becomes your reality.

How does the subconscious mind work?

I liken the subconscious mind to being our connection to our higher selves. Your conscious mind is for deciding what you want to experience and once a thought turns into a belief, it is then downloaded and executed by the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is infinite intelligence. It can figure out any problem, heal any disease and attract any circumstance. It can do what your conscious mind could never do on its own. Your conscious mind gestates a thought, impregnates your subconscious mind with it, and the subconscious mind then gives birth to the thought. It turns the thought into matter.

How beliefs work with your subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind executes your beliefs. Whatever beliefs you strongly hold or subjects you think about often are sent down to the subconscious mind to be manifested. Your reality and experiences reflect your beliefs. When you deeply don’t believe something, you won’t see anything in your reality that would prove otherwise. When you do fully believe something, you can find proof of it everywhere.

Beliefs are extremely powerful and truly determine the quality of our lives. This is where the fun comes in once you realize this phenomena. You can choose new and improved beliefs that will alter your life in a significant way.

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