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Rintu Basu – Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed

Rintu Basu – Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed

Rintu Basu – Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed

Description of Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed

Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed is a multi-level training course that centres on Presentation Skills. It is presented in a similar vein to Persuasion Skills on Steroids. You get a lot of content that you can use straight out of the box in your presentations, but the real course is in the notes.

The notes for this course are just under 20 000 words. There is no transcript, so those are just notes deconstructing the course and giving you an inside track on what I am actually doing with the students.

Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed is based on a recording of a two day in-house corporate presentation skills course I ran for six students. I was tasked with helping the students to become more confident, get the message home and making the content more interesting or entertaining as well.

The overt course content is about developing your presentation skills including; how to structure your presentations for maximum effect, dealing with confidence and emotions, using your nonverbal behaviour to help your presentation, dealing with questions and delivering your message regardless of what else is going on in the room.

The covert course content which is deconstructed in the 20 000 words of notes will give you demonstrations of multiple ways of building rapport and taking covert control of your audience, reframing what ever people say to getting your message across, lots of covert trance inductions and the use of hypnotic language patterns in a live setting with a specific purpose.

Who is Hypnotic Presentation Skills Deconstructed for?

If you make presentations at whatever level you will find new tools, techniques and ideas in just the content of this course. But the real power comes when you look at the notes. You will find all of the persuasion strategies used on the course completely deconstructed. They are all laid bare for you to analyse and put back together for you to use whether speaking to groups or individuals. I even cover material about written presentations.

Obviously if you train, coach or present material then this course has a lot for you. But there is huge amount of material here for anyone that wants to develop their persuasive abilities. Here are a few of the applications that you could use material from this course for.

  • Leaders – Seal commitment using a hypnotic presentation structure
  • Parents – Use the coaching questions from this course to help your children develop massive self confidence
  • Teachers – Teach your class without them realising they are being taught
  • Trainers – Give your delegates the illusion of choice whilst staying completely on topic
  • Marketers – Use my article writing formula to draw people in hypnotically persuasive language
  • Coaches – A simple three question performance coaching model you can install at an unconscious level insuring consistent professional development
  • Networkers – Rapport techniques to ensure you are remembered long after the meeting has finished
  • Project Managers – Preframe your project to automatically generate buy in, good will and a desire to help
  • Job Seekers – Use your body language to take covert control of the interview and develop persuasive interview presentations
  • Politicians – Reframe any question to one that you want to answer
  • Sales Professionals – Develop case studies and metaphors that sell for you
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Prepare the perfect persuasive presentations on the go

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