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Kinobody – Movie Star Masterclass

Kinobody – Movie Star Masterclass

Kinobody – Movie Star Masterclass

The most complete Masterclass for slicing off fat, gaining perfect muscle size & getting into Movie Star shape.​


This is the most effective fitness program to slice off fat, gain perfect muscle proportion and look like an absolute Movie Star. This is accomplished with just three hard hitting workouts per week and the most enjoyable diet of your life. In fact, I eat like a king every single night.

Two years ago I released version one of Movie Star Body. In just a couple years Movie Star Body spat out thousands of the most impressive before and afters in the fitness industry. In fact, no other fitness program in the world has come close to the results Movie Star has produced.

Men that were overweight, bulky, average and even skinny fat – have followed the system to a tee to look like absolute movie stars. Not only did they achieve insane results, they did so in just 4-6 months.

Now, I’ve decided to take my most effective program, Movie Star Body, revamp it to make it more effective and powerful and deliver it as a 4 month masterclass to transform your body. It will be as if you hired me one on one.

Everything that I had to learn, understand and master to achieve my physique goals, I will be downloading into your brain. Over 40 VIDEO LESSONS to teach you everything you must know to transform. Plus, my most effective 4 month training and nutrition plan ever created.

Following the system to a tee will be easier than ever before. I will walk you through every step inside the program.


  • You’ve been STRUGGLING TO DROP FAT & FIND A SYSTEM you can really enjoy & stick to!
  • You’re in GOOD SHAPE BUT HAVING A HARD TIME CUTTING the last 5-15 lbs of fat. You need to break through your plateau & get that chiselled look.
  • You’re stuck in the SKINNY FAT ZONE & need to slice off fat, increase strength and muscle size. This program will destroy it for you! Leaner and stronger by the week.
  • You’re already VERY LEAN but struggling to gain rock hard muscle. This program will help you pack on 8-10 lbs of muscle & increase your strength by 25-30+ lbs in the next 4 months!


Monday we will be hitting chest and arms heavy and light shoulders. Wednesday we will be hitting Legs & Traps. Friday we will be hitting shoulders and back heavy and light chest and arms. This is the most effective training split I’ve developed. By hitting chest, shoulders and arms two times per week we can speed up muscle growth in key areas and build the best physique possible.

Inside the Movie Star Masterclass, I’ve included a fourth workout for those of you that want to train more often. This fourth workout will be done on saturday. It focuses on abs training, forearms and neck work. Since you’re just hitting smaller muscle groups, the forth workout won’t mess with recovery..

One of the keys to looking powerful and attractive is in developing a thicker neck. A thick neck is a sign of masculinity and power. If you look at most movie stars and male models, they have a low body fat and a thick neck of 16+”. In fact, adding 1-2” to your neck can make you look 10-15 lbs of muscle bigger and stronger. It also protects your brain from injury. This is why fighters train their neck.

PHASE 1-3: The focus is on building strength, proportion and dense muscle size.

During The First 12 Weeks We Will:

  • Increase your strength & proportion. Start building that movie star body
  • Maximize your development by hitting key muscle groups with more frequency & volume, accelerating their development.
  • Thicken your shoulders, upper chest, and arms. Creating the perfect v-shape & a proportionate lower-body

PHASE 4: This is the shrink wrap phase. Gaining strength is no longer the primary focus. The goal is to perform higher volume and trigger quick increases in size to produce a skin tightening effect

During The Last 4 Weeks We Will:

  • Strategically increase your training volume, with more exercises, more sets and more reps.
  • Trigger sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, where your muscle becomes incredibly pumped & fatigued, responding by increasing fluid in the muscles
  • Shock your body with an increase in training volume, forcing your body to develop more size.
  • Become leaner, bigger, and have skin tightening muscle pumps


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