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Lori Kennedy – Weight Loss Coach Training & Done-For-You Program

Lori Kennedy – Weight Loss Coach Training & Done-For-You Program

Lori Kennedy – Weight Loss Coach Training & Done-For-You Program

ATTENTION Health Practitioners, Health Coaches and Fitness Professionals: This Is The #1 Thing Health Professionals Like You Can Do To Quickly Gain Confidence & Prosper In Your Business…

Don’t Waste Another Minute Trying To Reinvent The Wheel… It’s Time For You To Be Making $3,000 Or More Per Month From A Proven Program Already Created For You In The Next 30 Days.

Ready To Stop Being Your Own Best Kept Secret & Finally Have A Business You Can Feel Proud Of?

Dear Health & Wellness Entrepreneur,

Are you ready to have an irresistible 1:1 and group program that almost completely eliminates your unpaid at-home work time, while simultaneously instilling in you feelings of confidence and expertise?

And how would you like to be able to start working with clients right now without having to create any new programs, without having a website or an email list, and without having to do anything OTHER THAN follow a step-by-step “program template” that’s already been done for you and has been proven successful by hundreds of your colleagues.

What I’m going to share with you in this message will open your eyes and “reinvent” the way you look at serving clients as a health practitioner, health coach or fit pro. I guarantee it.

If your feeling stuck and battling with the thoughts…

  • “Can I really do this?
  • “How am I going to make money”
  • “Where do I even begin”
  • “How do I know what to teach and will it work?” coupled with feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt you are in the right place.

If you are sick and tired of losing out on additional revenue because your client’s want a nutrition & weight loss program BUT you just haven’t had the time or know-how to create one that’s proven to get them results, you are in the right place.

You are in the right place if you want to transform client’s bodies, coach them to re-establish a new relationship with food and health without relying on quick fixes, detoxes and supplements.

You are in the right place if you are serious about growing a holistic health, coaching or fitness business that you can feel proud of, that brings in consistent revenue each month and affords you the time freedom to actually live life on your own terms.

You are in the right place if you want to start having $3,000 months by attracting dream client’s who will excitedly enrol into your 6 or 12-week program nutrition and weight loss program.

I’ve achieved these results for myself and I’ve helped hundreds of holistic health and fitness professionals JUST LIKE YOU achieve the very same!

You Don’t Need Another Certification Or To Have The Perfect Website (Or Any Website) Before You Start Transforming Health On A Global Scale

If you are a new practitioner or coach in the holistic health industry then you know this for a fact (and have maybe even learned it the hard way):

The guru’s say: “If you want to attract clients and make money then you have to have a website, an email list, social media engagement, work more hours and hustle…”

  • You spend 6 months building a beautiful (and likely expensive) website
  • You overspend on technology platforms so you can grow your email list and attract dream client’s (while pulling your hair out trying to learn and figure it all out)
  • You plug away on social media trying to get more Likes and fans
  • You start to build your program and create packages but never quite finish them because there’s just so much you need to teach and aren’t sure how to cram it all in

And even after all of the effort, no client’s show up.

What’s worse, is that people aren’t even finding your website or signing up for your free discovery sessions.

This is painful, frustrating, embarrassing and absolutely NOT necessary!

Just imagine how incredible and fulfilling it would feel if you could…

Feel proud of your business and the impact you have on your client’s and their families. Your schedule is full with committed and on-track client’s who adore you, refer their friends and are happy to pay you what you are worth because they trust you will expertly guide them to their goal. All without having a fancy website or an email list.

This is NOT just a dream scenario available to “lucky people”.

This was my reality for over 5 years and now it can be yours too.

So how did I go from offering 1-off client sessions for $150 to working with 12 clients in a group & bringing in $3,000/month while cutting my client hours in half?

I did two things that proved to be very successful:

  • I stopped offering 1-off client sessions
  • I communicated and sold the transformation instead of the program

Why should you trust me with this?

First of all because I teach from experience.

I’ve been in the holistic health industry for over a decade, have mentored thousands of health practitioners, healers and coaches and continue to invest thousands of dollars into my own business and personal development growth.

After having taught hundreds of holistic health entrepreneurs how to coach client’s through their weight loss journey, having written weight loss programs for some of the most influential fitness brands and co-creating online programs with them and also transforming my own private practice, I feel a deep and personal responsibility to share my secrets to success with you.

But what I really want?… Is for you to STOP wasting time and energy trying to get everything all setup and perfect before you start your purpose-driven work with client’s. I want you to know that finding client’s and building your business all on your own terms doesn’t have to be that hard. And most importantly it doesn’t have to be painful, scary or overwhelming.

How Do I Know?

After I graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2006 I subscribed to the “if you build it they will come” scenario. My first painful business failure (lesson) came after I had signed a clinic rental agreement and was going to into debt each month… all with a pretty website, beautiful logo and organized client intake forms.

I spent the first two years of my business struggling to find client’s, to make more than $150 per session and then when I finally did, it was like the client’s took over my life and all of my free time. With a new marriage AND a new baby I had to figure out to balance my business and my life in a way that felt really good and fulfilling.

I discovered that…

  • Regardless of the client’s symptoms, 99% of the people I saw wanted to lose weight and learn how to keep the weight off
  • Having one signature program that was proven to work and easily customizable was all I needed to transform hundreds of client’s lives and make a really good living
  • Attracting client’s was simple when I communicated what they wanted to know instead of what I thought they needed
  • Building a thriving private practice on my own time schedule was possible without going into debt or needing any bells and whistles
  • The formula to client success (and my own) is that less is always more and it is 100% possible to have a very successful private practice quickly

After I created my own signature 1:1 and group nutrition and weight loss program that I’m going to teach you in this weight loss coach training (and then give you my very own 12-week program) it was like everything fell into place.

For 5 years I only ever offered my ONE 6 or 12-week signature program, was making $300 per hour and having $3,000 – $5,000 months while only ever seeing client’s 2 days per week.

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