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Huai Hsiang Wang – Qi Dynamics Master Program

Huai Hsiang Wang – Qi Dynamics Master Program

Huai Hsiang Wang – Qi Dynamics Master Program

About the program

Registration is now open for the next Prana Dynamics Master Program scheduled from January – June 2022 with Master Huai Hsiang Wang to guide those interested in step-by-step instruction both martially and spiritually. This 6-month mentoring program is geared towards those who are serious about mastering the internal arts. Both theory and practice will be expounded and demonstrated in detail, free from tradition and lineage.

In addition, for those who have been practicing an art such as Tai Chi or Aikido for many years yet fail to demonstrate internal skill spontaneously, the Prana Dynamics Master Program is the opportunity to fine-tune your understanding and master your inner energy.

As one walks the path, it can be challenging for the student to find the right teacher, whereas it is even more difficult for the teacher to find the right student. To know is one thing; to be able to do it is another. The essence of Prana Dynamics is to evolve towards the emergence of conscious intuition and spontaneous motion. Proper understanding will only begin after you have validated these words through your practice.

Master Program Curriculum

The Philosophical Framework of Reference

  • The Trinity – Essence, Energy and Spirit, the philosophical framework of reference.
  • Antenna – balancing the law of gravity and counter gravity.
  • Mind v.s. No Mind.
  • Wu – No Fighting: Non Violence, Non-Duality.
  • From Confluence to Permeation for Fascia Activation.

Rooting – Heaven Man Earth in Oneness

  • The Three Energy Centers.
  • Mind – Trinity in animation at the function of focus.
  • Relaxation – Fascia activation.
  • From Top Down to Horizontal Alignment – Linear v.s. Spacial.
  • Simultaneous mind-body modulation.

From Willing to Intent – Fascia Energization

  • The Electromagnetic Fluid – Flow.
  • Internal Breathing – the Buffer Effect.
  • Skin Pore Breathing – Tensegrity.
  • The Hula Hoop Drill – Synchronization v.s. Flow.

Inflation/Deflation and Tension Modulation – Fa Jin

  • From Flexibility to Conductivity.
  • Energy Throughput – Electric Vibration v.s. Magnetic Fluid.
  • Bow and Arrow Analogy v.s. Whip Cracking.
  • Energy Permeation and Modulation.

Line Sensation- From Flexibility to Conductivity

  • The Law of Resonance.
  • Application: Squeezing, Pressing, Contact Point Separation.
  • The Mental Orb Mechanism.

Bypassing and Line Sensation – Energy Mechanism in Motion

  • Awareness in Motion – The Bio Electromagnetic Mechanism.
  • Applications: Plucking, Flipping.
  • Game of Mental Hide and Seek – Variation Basics.
  • Intent : Focalization of the Astral, Mental and Vital energy

Synchronization and Tension Modulation – Energy Confluence Mechanism

  • Power of Integrity/Oneness.
  • Elbowing, Space Occupation.
  • Energy Plane – Theory and Practice.
  • Synchronization of Energy Sphere – Shoulder, Knee and Hip.

Internal Qin Na Basics, Theory and Practice

  • The Rationale of the Basic Practice.
  • The Spiral of The Ying and Yang.
  • Deadpoint Control.

Qin Na, Elbow and Shoulder Lock and Variations

  • Demonstrating various Techniques.
  • Reintegration of the RABIS Principles.
  • Spontaneous Manifestation in Motion.

Deciphering the Secrets of Forms – from Mechanics to Spontaneity

  • Introducing Seven Steps Form from the Eight Step Praying Mantis.
  • The Art from Visualization to Actualization.
  • The Transition from in between Applications.
  • The Importance of Continuity.
  • The Principle of Three.

Internalization and Meditation – the Internal Mindscape of Spirituality

  • The Empirical Art and Science of Reverse Self Engineering.
  • The Energyscape, Astral, Vital, and Mental.
  • The State of No Self.

Intuition and Spontaneity

  • Program Recap & Summary.
  • The Astral Body and the Light Body.
  • The Mysterious Gateway: Stillness in Silence and Prana Dynamics.

About Huai Hsiang Wang

Huai Hsiang Wang is the son of the late Grand Master Wang Chieh and has been exploring traditional Chinese Kungfu theory and practice through multiple disciplines since he was 14 years of age. Huai Hsiang Wang first learned the Eight Step Praying Mantis system from his father, Grand Master Wang Chieh, who had learned the system from Grand Master Wei Hsiao Tang. To him, his father was the last paradigm of tradition, a real Master to the title.

Afterward, he culminated his traditional martial skill by implementing the Eight Step Praying Mantis to assimilate ‘hard core’ application skills from different martial arts systems, including but not limited to Tai Chi, Hsin Yi, Aikido, Judo, etc.

After forsaking the orientation to fight, Huai Hsiang Wang experienced his internal martial arts transformation from 2001 to 200t. He reverted his mental energy from dispersion to harmonization – thus, the dimension of internal energy was revealed. Through diligent practice and evolution, he can intuitively see the answer to all questions regarding the essence of the art, both martially and spiritually, from within himself.

Huai Hsiang Wang has been studying T.C.M. as well as both Eastern and Western spiritual contexts extensively. He has been empathizing with Lao-tzu, Taoism, Buddhism, and Nisargadatta Maharaj. He has been putting the puzzle pieces together, digesting the acquired knowledge one at a time from within himself – an internalization process he calls “Self-Validation.”

Combining the theory and practice of T.C.M. and spiritual insights through the touch of an epiphany, he has summarized the essence of Chinese Kung Fu into “Prana Dynamics,” literally life energy in animation. He has been teaching Prana Dynamics internationally in workshops ever since.

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