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iAwake Technologies – Wesly Feuquay – Rapid Shift

iAwake Technologies – Wesly Feuquay – Rapid Shift

iAwake Technologies – Wesly Feuquay – Rapid Shift

Rapid Shift: The Alternator is a spiritual and emotional tool and technique that helps us deeply relax into a state of consciousness that allows us to identify the emotional blocks and wounds that are keeping us from being our most creative and joyful selves, and transmute these same blocks, hurts, and wounds into creative energy that can fuel and empower our journey of healing and transformation.

The Rapid Shift: The Alternator guided process is designed to relieve the weight of mental and emotional stressors quickly and efficiently.

It has been used by thousands to liberate themselves from everyday struggles, such as negative thoughts and energy, procrastination, creative blocks, depression, anxiety, feelings of insecurity, fear, emotional charge, and so much more. Users of the process have reported it removes more psycho-emotional turmoil in one session than months of traditional therapy.

The track guides you through a unique process which allows you to consciously shift between your thoughts and emotions. In doing so, you are able to accept your thoughts and experience your emotions in the moment, which almost instantly moves you from stuckness to freedom. The result is a relaxed, clear-minded “you,” open to better flow, positive thoughts, creative energy, and improvement of mood.

Rapid Shift: The Alternator can help you to:

  • relieve stress
  • feel relaxed
  • increase creative energy/thought
  • reduce anxiousness
  • create space for positive thought
  • reduce negativity
  • have better flow
  • relieve fear/insecurity
  • have freedom from struggle
  • have a clear head
  • get insight
  • get clarity
  • experience relief in minutes
  • connect to a deeper sense of you
  • get back to functioning quickly
  • integrate emotional charge
  • experience emotional hygiene
  • dissolve inner conflict and emotional knots

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