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Lee Holden – The Buddha Palm Online Course

Lee Holden – The Buddha Palm Online Course

Lee Holden – The Buddha Palm Online Course

  • Buddha Palm Helps You
  • Channel Healing Energy
  • Through Your Hands

You can learn how to channel energy through your hand for self-healing.

Whether you’re a natural-born healer, have been studying the healing arts for a long time, or you’re just starting to develop your healing gifts…

Buddha Palm can help you become your own best energy healer.

What is Buddha Palm?

  • Buddha Palm is a Qi Gong form you can use as a complete self-healing practice.
  • You can use the practice to quickly clear stress, anxiety, and pain from your own system…
  • Create an energetic field of protection that shields you from negative energies…
  • And balance your own energy to keep you going throughout the day.

If you have an existing healing practice you can use Buddha Palm to charge yourself up before a client session.
Or you can also use Buddha Palm to quickly revitalize yourself after a healing session. It will help you keep your energy grounded, clear, and connected before, during, and after your healing work.

In the Buddha Palm Online Course You’ll…

  • Learn the entire Buddha Palm Qi Gong set… an entire self-healing routine you can use at any time to supercharge yourself with healing energy.
  • Become your own best “energy doctor” with the Buddha Palm self-healing Qi Gong set (use this routine to replenish your energy on a daily basis).
  • Learn how to protect against negative energy by creating an energetic field around yourself.
  • Transform negative energy into positive energy. Learn to balance your own energy so you can keep going throughout the day.
  • Use your energy to create a healing effect on your clients… without depleting your own energy.
  • Develop “Hands of Light” for focused healing work on yourself and others.
  • Learn how to keep yourself grounded, clear your energy after healing sessions, keep your energy clear and connected.

Module 1:

  • Connect and Circulate Healing Energy
  • In Buddha Palm Module 1, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Buddha Palm.
  • You will learn a specific Qi Gong sequence to open the energy flow through your hands and arms so that more energy will circulate through your meridians.
  • You’ll develop what is called “Hands of Light.”
  • You’ll learn how to circulate healing energy within yourself… and channel it so you don’t use your own life-force energy for healing (which can exhaust and drain you).

You’ll learn…

  • The Buddha Palm Qi Gong set to help you connect to the source energies of the Earth, Universe, and Nature… and how to circulate this energy within yourself for self-healing.
  • Key pressure points for building abundant healing energy within yourself and releasing energetic blocks within.
  • How to bring healing energy to your hands and activate your “Hands of Light” for increased energy flow through your arms and hands.

Module 2:

  • Create a Field of Protection
  • In Buddha Palm Module 2, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from the “negative” energies around you.
  • This protective energy is called Wei Qi. It has to do both with the physical body, immune system, and emotional energy, and not taking on negative energy from others.
  • You’ll learn specific acupressure points to send energy through your body, mind, and heart for self-healing.

You’ll learn…

  • To use Wei Qi to create strong protective energy around the body to protect yourself from negative emotions, stress, and pathogenic Qi.
  • The second Buddha Palm Qi Gong sequence to build a protective shield of Qi.
  • How to send and direct healing energy to your own body using specific acupressure points and the “healer’s mindset.”

Module 3:

  • Connect to Source Energy
  • In Buddha Palm Module 3, you’ll learn how to connect to source energy… and how to channel that energy for healing.
  • You’ll learn how to bring more healing energy into your hands and project that energy out through the hands for healing others and yourself…
  • And a specific Qi Gong set that focuses on projecting Qi from the hands and fingers for healing.
  • The energetic points along the Microcosmic Orbit, how to tell when they’re blocked, and how to charge them up with healing energy.
  • To project Qi from the hands and fingers for healing.
  • How to circulate energy through the “Extraordinary Meridians.”

The Buddha Palm Online Course Contains All Three Buddha Palm Practices

  • Module 1: Connect and Circulate Healing Energy
  • Module 2: Create a Field of Protection
  • Module 3: Connect to Source Energy
  • Bonus: Fully illustrated Buddha Palm Companion PDF Booklet (Coming soon!)

Plus These Four Bonus Programs

  • Bonus 1: How to Do Healing Work with a Partner
  • Bonus 2: The Basics of Acupressure and Chinese Meridian
  • Bonus 3: How to Awaken Someone Else’s Microcosmic Orbit
  • Bonus 4: Self-Healing Routine for Healers

Lee Holden – The Buddha Palm Online Course

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