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Lucio Buffalmano – The Power Moves – Power University

Lucio Buffalmano – The Power Moves – Power University

Lucio Buffalmano – The Power Moves – Power University

What’s Power University?

Power University is a 10 week, step-by-step program designed to give you the skills to acquire power, status, riches, and attractive partners.

Power University gives you the tools to achieve the type of dream life that you want.

And Once you get the tools to succeed, you can live life on your terms.

Power University contains 8 modules designed to take you from whatever level you’re at, to social mastery.They go in order from the basics, to the most advanced levels.

Here’s What You’re Getting With Power University

1- POWER 101

This module alone will put you ahead of 90% of your peers.

You will learn:

  • Social exchanges: the foundational laws and dynamics that will make people want more of you
  • Foundational laws of power: the basics levers of life’s power and success
  • Foundational strategies of power: the habits, mindsets, and strategies that will make you 10x more successful


With this module you get your first big dose of what “social strategizing” and “social effectiveness” truly mean.

The lesson of assertiveness is a good example.

You probably heard a lot about “assertiveness” in life.

And for good reasons: it’s really crucial to social success.

This module teaches you assertiveness with real-life examples and quizzes.

But here comes the clincher: you will learn strategic assertiveness.

Because, you see, the way assertiveness is taught is about opening up, sharing your true thoughts and feelings, being honest… But that’s not always the best policy.

Here you will learn when NOT to be assertive.

When it best to be aggressive instead of assertive, and even when its best be submissive -yes, sometimes that can work, too-.

And when it’s best to deceive.

With this module, you really start becoming a social strategist.

The first step towards becoming a successful Machiavellian.

And all the other lessons are equally life-changing, if not more:

  • First impressions: the power dynamics of acing the perfect introduction
  • How to be assertive, powerful, and strategic
  • Covert power moves: learn to spot and address the power moves behind the fake friendliness that are undermining and disempowering you without you even realizing it
  • Social calibration: how to handle micro-aggressions, taunts, and everyday games people play to maintain and increase your status
  • Dominance showdowns: how to win when people try to dominate you, and things get heated


This module teaches you how to become a high-quality, high-power, respect-worthy man / woman.

And at the end of it, you will be more powerful, more confident, and more socially successful.

  • Dominant behavior you need to use
  • Submissive behavior you need to avoid
  • Styles of dominance, pros & cons and what’s best for you
  • The best scientific strategies for long-term power and success
  • Practical steps, mindsets & exercises to make you confident & powerful (same results for my coaching clients at 90% discount)


Frames are huge when it comes to life’s success.

And yet, there was so little good information about it… Until Power University finally came out.

This module teaches you all about frames:

  • A simple approach to read and understand frames
  • Proven techniques to control frames: 2 dedicated lessons to master frames
  • Quizzes to cement your newly acquired superpowers


Money is power.

And if you’re moving within an established organization, to acquire money, you need to know how to play that game.

And no, it’s not all about results.

Did you know that CEOs make 312 times more than what an average worker does in the same company?

Is the CEO 312 times smarter, or 312 times better at any specific task?

Most likely not.

The CEO is the CEO because he acts more like a leader, more like an alpha male / female, and because he displays what we term here the “exec skills”.

Such as, he acts like he’s worth a 7-digits salary.

You will learn those exec skills, together with politics, power dynamics, and career strategies.

  • Political skills self-assessment quiz: the areas you need to work on
  • Step-by-Step plan for successful workplace politicking
  • Realpolitik guide to management
  • Winning workplace power battles

And some women’s specific lessons:

  • Learning the rules of the male game: a practical guide for women
  • How to Combine Power With Femininity


This module mixes the best science with plenty of personal experience.

It’s a unique opportunity to go straight to what actually works.

For men, this should be mandatory reading.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • The real laws that govern intersexual dynamics
  • Games both genders play
  • Proven dating strategies to find the best partner you can find
  • How to use dominance to get the girls you want


All poor relationships are the result of toxic -but common- behaviors.

This module shows you what these behaviors are, and how to stop them, both in yourself and in your partner.

When you will learn relationship power dynamics you will be able to develop better and healthier relationships.

Men who want to become (benevolent) relationship leaders will learn how here.

  • How women control men & what men can do about it
  • How power changes as relationships evolve
  • How men seek to control women & what women can do about it
  • How to end all games for the best relationship
  • How men can be the best leader she’s ever had


Everything social builds toward leadership.

The previous modules prepare you with the knowledge and skills to lead.

This module teaches you how to lead.

  • Basic mindsets of leadership
  • Management: how to lead at work
  • How to recognize toxic leaders
  • How to recognize toxic followers, and how to handle them

This lesson empowers you to become a leader wherever leadership is needed.

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