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ContentCreator – 14 Day Filmmaker Smartphone Edition

ContentCreator – 14 Day Filmmaker Smartphone Edition

ContentCreator – 14 Day Filmmaker Smartphone Edition

Description of 14 Day Filmmaker Smartphone Edition

14 Day Filmmaker Smartphone Edition is for anyone who wants to produce cinematic & emotional videos using their smartphone without wasting months trying to figure it all out on your own.

14 Day Filmmaker Smartphone Edition: Course Curriculum

Day 1: How to Unlock Cinematic Smartphone Settings

  • What are the best apps to use to maximize the quality of your smartphone camera?
  • The perfect camera settings
  • How to avoid common beginner mistakes
  • The Fundamental Laws of content creation
  • 1-Hour Exercise

Day 2: Mastering your iPhone or Android Cameras

  • How to nail perfect exposure all day, every day.
  • How to get the best, cleanest slow-motion footage
  • Which cameras & focal lengths are best for your content
  • The secret hidden within your phone that’s RUINING image quality!
  • 30-Minute Exercise: Complete the infamous focal length challenge!

Day 3: Best Smartphone Camera Gear & Accessories

  • What are the best smartphone lenses?
  • Best budget film lights
  • Best smartphone microphones?
  • Best affordable motorized gimbals for smartphones?
  • 30-Minute Exercise

Day 4: Beautiful Composition… Explained!

  • How to immediately 10X the quality of your shots
  • How to compose the perfect youtube setup
  • What makes (or breaks) a beautiful video
  • The 5 step process to setup your perfect shot
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Copy our composition challenge!

Day 5: Cinematic Camera Movements

  • The 5 movements I use (no matter what I’m filming)
  • The best (and easiest) movements for smartphone filmmakers
  • How to film handheld (while still looking professional)
  • Full gimbal walkthrough and setup tutorials
  • Make boring things look awesome with movement
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Recreate these FIVE movements!

Day 6: Hollywood Lighting Techniques (Made Fast & Easy)

  • Getting a pro look without buying expensive lights
  • How to light youtube videos
  • How to flatter subjects with soft light
  • How to film using natural light sources
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Create your PRO setup!

Day 7: Recording Clean Audio On Your Smartphone

  • What are the fundamentals of capturing clear audio?
  • Save money, don’t buy these microphones!
  • The $14 dollar microphone that sounds AMAZING!
  • The perfect audio setup for vlogging, youtube, and commercials
  • 1-hour exercise: Create your file tree, organize all content shot thus far with naming conventions & breakdown five commercials lighting setups

Day 8: Storytelling & Viral Videos

  • The 4 essential components of a compelling story
  • How to sequence your videos so they aren’t boring
  • How to tell BETTER stories through creative EDITING
  • The viral video formula
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Creating your perfect story

Day 9: Cinematic Smartphone Editing

  • Best smartphone editing apps
  • Smartphone Editing vs. Computer editing: Which is right for you?
  • The universal 10 step editing workflow
  • 10 most common beginner mistakes
  • How to organize your videos to make editing faster
  • 1-hour exercise: Download practice footage and start editing!

Day 10: Mastering Your Editing Apps

  • Importing footage and starting your projects
  • Finding music & adding it to your videos
  • How to quickly edit professional looking videos
  • How to add titles & animated graphics
  • How to color grade your footage on a smartphone
  • How to edit slow-motion footage
  • How to add special effects
  • How to create cinematic transitions
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Editing your professional video

Day 11: How to Edit on Your Computer

  • What is the best computer editing software?
  • Mastering advanced editing strategies
  • Bonus-Course: Master Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Bonus-Course: Master Final Cut Pro
  • Bonus-Course: Master Davinci Resolve
  • Bonus-Course: Master Adobe After Effects
  • 1-Hour Exercise

Day 12: Youtube Mastery

  • Essential components of a great youtube video
  • How to setup your dream office/studio
  • How to edit vlogs
  • Best smartphone accessories for YouTubers
  • How to create youtube thumbnails that increase viewership
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Create your Youtube studio

Day 13: Social Media Superstar

  • How to edit instagram reels (Start to Finish)
  • Recreating popular Tik Tok trends
  • Our favorite seamless transitions & video effects
  • How to use different aspect ratios for different social platforms
  • Using video to grow your social following
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Recreating popular trends

Day 14: Commercial Content Creator

  • How to make money with your content
  • Step-by-step guide to starting your business
  • How to land your first client
  • How to shoot smartphone product videos
  • The tried and true commercial formula
  • 1-Hour Exercise: Customize & prime your social media channels, release your first commercial and write your second script.

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