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Justin Marc & Bradicus – Online Seduction

Justin Marc & Bradicus – Online Seduction

Justin Marc & Bradicus – Online Seduction

Online Seduction by Justin Marc & Bradicus

This is our BRAND NEW online dating / social media course that will teach you how to have HOT GIRLS delivered to your door daily.

What you’ll learn in Online Seduction

You will learn how to get thousands of women showing you interest on dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, or on social media apps such as Instagram!

We’ll offer you our best Tinder opener that will get hot girls to reply to you and interested in catching up with you.

This will transform your entire life (sex life or dating life, your social life) The content is all brand NEW never-before-seen strategies that allow you to gain unlimited dating options, and without the nonsense that is associated from online relationships.

About The Authors

About Justin Marc 

Author Dating Coach, Author, 8 years of experience, and more than 45 countries, 75k subscribers on YouTube

Justin started his journey to seduction at the young age of 16.

Despite numerous obstacles throughout his journey, he was able to look great and make a splash through the PUA course.

A little bit of a genius Then he was hired as an official at a nightclub for VIPs, in which he was known to pull girls and then fuck them into the bathroom of VIPs. He was immediately dismissed for being too brutal.

After many snarky moments, Justin was also employed by another pickup business, where he first came across Bradicus.

Justin has been able to play with some of the most renowned PUA’s worldwide and is close with the biggest influencers and content creators there. He’s the personal wingman as well as a private advisor to a number of millionaires, top entrepreneurs influencers, and other dating coaches.

Justin is now dating a famous social media star with more than 100k followers

About Bradicus

PUA veteran, with 8 years in game, 50+ countries, over 1000 pulls

Since the age of 22, Brad has been obsessed with learning game. Known for his machine-gun approach and imperviousness to rejection, he climbed the ladder from hardcase to MPUA with ease.

At the age of 23, after a stint at another pickup company, he was offered a job with one of the best in the business. And that’s where he met Justin.

Now, at 30, he is a stone cold professional – with almost a decade of experience under his belt. But a decade of experience in Brad’s world is worth at least twice as much as that of most players. He’s tried and tested every strategy known to man, in almost every country and culture you can think of.

Right now, Brad lives in Mexico City, holding parties in his AirBnB with Justin and pulling multiple girls a day.

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