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Kevin Hogan – Covert Subliminal Influence: How to Persuade Using Covert Messages

Kevin Hogan – Covert Subliminal Influence How to Persuade Using Covert Messages

Kevin Hogan – Covert Subliminal Influence: How to Persuade Using Covert Messages

How to Persuade Using Covert Images, Stories & Messages

Covert Subliminal Influence with Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.


6-DVD with complete Manual on CD

One “live” seminar with NOTHING edited out. Learn the secrets of covert hypnosis, subliminal persuasion (including HOW to make subliminal dvd’s!) and subtle forms of influence.

Technical Guru Mark Ryan assisted in the subliminal aspects of the course. More on this in a minute (I know…it’s so cool…)

Covert Subliminal Influence DVD program is hot-off-the-presses and contains demonstrations of nonverbal and verbal communication that you haven’t seen or experienced before.

You will learn how to tell a story with Covert Hypnosis.

This necessary skill set is what separates those who are good at subtle influence… and those that are truly masters. And I walk you through it, demo it and even have the class participate. You will be blown away. Promise.

Turn the DVD program off after just this DVD and you will have one heck of a return on your investment. (I promise, almost no one can tell a story well and it is stories that sell. Stories that market. Stories make money.)

  • You’ll learn how to embed false memory in others in seconds.
  • You’ll learn how to change memory.
  • It’s subtle.
  • It’s powerful.

Oh…and I’ll tell you why you want and need to know this….

Next you’re going to find out the seemingly magical use of energy around you to create incredible comfort and trust or discomfort and fear. I would argue that it isn’t magic, that it’s science but no time for that. The skills are all transferable. You’ll see audience members interact with me and in minutes learn how to do this most important skill.

You’re going to find out how to shape beliefs with single words or images.

I’m going to show you how simply tearing a piece of paper can cause enormous pain inside of someone. And what you can learn from this!

You’ll find out the secrets that Mark Ryan and I use to create what may be the only commercially available subliminal DVD’s that work. We will both explain why and then….you’re going to find out why we are hesitating before releasing more.

  • You are going to learn how to get from “no” to “yes.”
  • You are going to watch me work.
  • You are going to see the energy vibrate off of me and feel it enter your mind as you learn Covert Subliminal Influence.
  • You will learn how to send covert verbal messages with far more power than you ever learned in NLP. (Yeah…really.)

*EVERYTHING* in this seminar has been scientifically tested.

No guess work. No BS.

No time wasters. It’s 100% proven technology.

And it’s 100% heart.

You will have fun and learn at the same time.

Unlike most programs you watch, I explain EVERYTHING I DO “LIVE”. Questions are taken and answered from the audience. It’s all here for you.

Covert Subliminal Influence, newly released, comes on six DVD’s. It’s everything that those who attended got INCLUDING the manual which is rich in research and information on subliminal messaging.

You are one of the first to have this incredible program and I am proud that you will.

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