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Marilyn Jenett – Release Is Magnetic

Marilyn Jenett – Release Is Magnetic

Description of Release Is Magnetic

Here is something that you will find unusual for me.

Those who are familiar with my teaching style know that the information that I express in writing is always uplifting, inspirational, and valuable.

But for this presentation, I am about to describe situations that are not positive in nature. However, they will serve the purpose of letting you know some of the situations that can be resolved and healed by applying the special spiritual principle of Release. Many of these situations were brought to me over the years by my students. I was able to experience the results of teaching my students how to create dramatic changes using release work.

Students of my Feel Free to Prosper ® program know that Release is also a very important part of my teachings for financial prosperity. It’s all interrelated.

Are Any of These Situations Familiar to You?

  • You work for a company and are involved in work that you love, but the director or superior in the company, is making your life miserable. You do a wonderful job and know your value, but, for some reason, this person chooses to devalue your efforts and even berates you in front of others.
  • You are in business for yourself but sometimes attract clients who are difficult to work with or please, or do not pay as agreed. Or you may have a partner in business who is not aligned with your thoughts and visions and this causes difficulties.
  • Your marriage of decades is in trouble and your spouse has told you that he/she is leaving.
  • You are involved in a legal battle with a spouse or ex-spouse and the strain and stress not only affects your life but that of your young child.
  • Or your marriage or relationship has already been dissolved, but you have not been able to get over the hurt and disappointment.
  • There is a family member (an in-law, for example) who is causing great distress for you and interfering with your family’s harmony.
  • Your child is causing disharmony in the family through rebellion and inappropriate behavior.
  • You were deeply hurt in your past and you still haven’t been able to release the situation and find peace, although there is something within that knows that you need to do so, for your own happiness.
  • You hurt someone else deeply in your past and amends were never made. You carry this with you, unable to release it.
  • Someone cheated you in the financial area that caused you a great deal of resentment that doesn’t feel very good.
  • You have wanted something for a very long time and you have wished and wished, prayed and prayed, took all the actions you could think of, but your dream has never come true.
  • You are studying for very important exams for school or for professional reasons. You are very concerned and anxious about passing. Your future depends on it. That’s a lot of pressure.
  • You have resentment against a person who didn’t live up to your expectations, didn’t produce well enough in the financial or career area, didn’t take care of themselves, didn’t have the best relationships, and maybe did some stupid things in life. You find it hard to free up the resentment toward this person or to love him or her. Who is this person? The person is YOU.

Release Works in All Areas of Life

These are only a few of the scenarios in life which can be resolved, and peace and harmony expressed, inwardly as well as outwardly – by this spiritual practice known as Release.

My private students often arrived with situations that were very much in need of release work. And it works beautifully. It is the fastest, surest way to turn situations around in human relationships – whether those relationships are close to home or a part of business.

But we not only use -releasing with people, we can release many other areas of life. Often those dreams that we want and work toward don’t happen because we have not released them to allow the Universe to do its part to bring them to fruition. We hold on too tight. A very important part of the manifestation process in our prosperity work is to know when to -let go. Like planting our seeds in a garden, there is a time to plant and then a time to let the creative forces of the Universe take over. Our thoughts and desires blossom and are harvested in the very same way

We might say that in order to reap, there is a time to sow – and a time to let go.

It’s important to know you can never lose anything by releasing. In fact, if someone is in your life for your highest good, then releasing them will bring them even closer. Releasing family members brings closeness, peace and harmony. Releasing those who no longer belong in your life will allow them to leave peacefully so you are both free to find your greatest good.

Another added benefit from releasing? The greater your ability to release and forgive, the greater your ability to attract financial prosperity!

What you’ll learn in Release Is Magnetic

Release Lessons

In my Feel Free to Prosper program, Lesson Four is titled “Release Is Magnetic” and it addresses three important areas of release which you will find highlighted below.

But for this teleclass, I also adapted Lesson One of my Feel Free to Prosper program to Forgiveness and Release. So now there are two powerful lessons relating to the practice of release. My mentoring in the class will bring the understanding that will allow you to apply the lessons immediately to turn situations around in your life.

From the Introduction to the Release Is Magnetic Lesson

What does it mean to release?

The dictionary defines release (from Latin relaxare: to relax):

1. To set free from restraint, confinement or servitude; to let go
2. To relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses
3. To give up in favor of another; relinquish

Closely related to release is forgiveness. To forgive:

1. To give up resentment of or claim to requital for
2. To cease to feel resentment against; to pardon one’s enemies

In spiritual terms, there are three areas of release that we address in Release Is Magnetic lesson.

Part I. Release relates to the giving up of negative ideas and emotions that bind us to the very situations we do not want and prevent us from becoming open channels to the good that we do want in our lives. Holding negative thoughts – anger, fear, resentment, hate, ill will, envy, vindictiveness, possessiveness – all burden and confine us, stop the flow of good, and interfere with our mental and physical health.

Part II. Release also relates to, as Dr. Catherine Ponder states, -cleaning up and cleaning out unneeded possessions in your home and business, as well as by cleaning up and cleaning out unneeded relationships in your life – either those relationships that are questionable or those that you have simply outgrown. Yes, cleaning out the clutter also releases us from burden and confinement.

Part III. Holding onto anxious and tense thoughts about the good we want to create, or attempting to force an outcome prevents the actual manifestation of that good. It suggests a lack of faith and acceptance and creates a consciousness of -trying. Did you know that to try is actually a negative action? Trying implies that you may not succeed. Not very faith-filled, is it? You will learn how to release the results you wish to manifest.

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