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Richard Bandler – Submodalities and Hypnosis

Richard Bandler – Submodalities and Hypnosis

Description of Submodalities and Hypnosis

Discover The Awesome Of Power Submodalities On This 5 DVD Set. As Richard Bandler teaches just what it takes to create Super Fast Change in people. If you ever wanted to take your NLP skills to the next level.

This Is The Video Set You Must Have

In this DVD set Richard does more teaching then on some of his other videos. This is because the seminar on this DVD set is a 4 day Advanced seminar. Where all the participants have had Practitioner Training And a 12 Day Submodality Training Seminar. That’s why this DVD set gets down to business and delivers more actual training than other video sets. So if you are looking to enjoy Richard entertain you with his wonderful stories buy another video set. If you want to LEARN get this DVD set.

You will love the ease and speed of submodalities to effect change. This Video set was recorded in 1987. At that time Richard had only recently introduced submodalities to the NLP community. This is why the information on this video set is NOT on many other tapes of Richard Bandler.

In this powerful DVD set Richard Bandler teaches and demonstrates how to use submodalities and hypnosis for body work, beliefs, nonverbal change work and more.

1. Amplifying Kinesthetic States and Body Work 117 min.

Use non-linear submodality relationships to amplify desired kinesthetic states. Richard also demonstrates a form of body work he developed from Moshe Feldenkrais.

2. Nonverbal Elicitation and Change 78 min.

Use nonverbal anchoring, presuppositions, and sensory acuity to gather submodality information and make covert changes.

3. Presuppositions and Hypnosis 63 min.

How presuppositions change submodalities, and the direct use of submodality shifts to induce altered states.

4. Redesigning and Chaining States 96 min.

Use submodalities of time to install attitudes, moods and behaviors that are inevitable and use trance and finger signals for unconscious installation and contextualization.

5. Convictions, Beliefs, and Reality 82 min.

Work with beliefs, convictions, and reality strategies to make lasting changes. Use Submodalities to separate states or to synthesize new ones.

Be Warned: Richard Uses Explicit Language on these DVD’s.

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