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Jonathan Altfeld – Automatic Yes

Jonathan Altfeld – Automatic Yes

Jonathan Altfeld – Automatic Yes

Dear friend,

I’ve been teaching people skills for greater emotional awareness, intelligence, and influence — for years in my courses. Over time, I developed nuances, distinctions, short-cuts and insights, that students began to comment on.

Yet, I’d always trained that material only in person, not on CDs. Over those years, my Public Speaking students asked for “refresher home-study material” on what they’d learned from me about emotional influence.  Also, while teaching other courses, I began to notice — by observing my students who’d taken other trainings before coming to my courses — that most other NLP courses weren’t training these skills! …including most Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses!

It became apparent that I was training them on various useful unique distinctions and easier ways to master this incredibly important NLP process… that they’ve never seen/heard explained anywhere else. Repeatedly, I’ve heard the same thing over & over:

“My trainer didn’t spend much of any time on State-Chaining, but the way you explain it makes it much easier for me to understand, accomplish, and succeed.”

In my opinion — this is truly a critical skill to master if you’re going to “say” you know NLP and/or know how to use NLP.

With all that in mind, I finally authored this new 4-CD-set on State-Elicitation & Chaining. On getting more automatic YES responses from other people. It took me longer than I expected to complete these, but I’m extremely happy with how they turned out! I know you’ll find this to be an essential addition to your NLP Home-study library.

At Least THREE Home-Study Programs, in One.

Some of you may be new to my NLP home-study materials. If you’re not, then, you know that I like to layer my materials extensively. I’m anything but a “linear” trainer; I usually prefer to weave skills together concurrently so that you find yourself… surprise yourself even… with how much you’ve learned, without necessarily knowing it was happening.

This home-study course is no different; I think of this set as incredibly useful for multiple audiences. (My marketing mentors would thrash either themselves or me, upon hearing I’ve released something that doesn’t have just ONE purpose and easy single selling point. LOL!). But that’s OK. After all. I like hiding fabulous surprises in my material, and giving people challenges they can rise to meet or exceed!

For the Emotionally Inflexible:

I expect this audio-program will significantly help you to become FAR more emotionally aware, intelligent, flexible, and congruent. If you’re frequently out of control, emotionally, this may be LIFE-CHANGING for you. If you feel you can usually control your emotions, but other people don’t warm to you, this will definitely help lead others to connect with you better.

For the Student of Influence:

Most courses for Influence & Persuasion focus on specific language patterns & techniques for making others see your perspective, and hear what you’re saying with less resistance. THIS audio program takes the Kinesthetic Route. THIS program helps others to feel what you want them to feel, through a series of direct or indirect emotional state elicitations. Once they feel the way we want them to… they’ll come to all the right conclusions and decisions — for all the right reasons that make sense to them. IN other words… if we can become kinesthetic persuaders… then we don’t need to convince people of anything. People will convince THEMSELVES… for us.

For Change-Workers:

Change is not only possible… it’s easy… if you can get people emotionally UNSTUCK. This audio program is, in MY OPINION… nothing short of the BEST HOME-STUDY MATERIAL AVAILABLE TODAY on getting other people UNSTUCK. Think about it. But stop delaying more growth.

Every day you delay brings you more people you’re not yet as powerfully equipped to help — as you could be. This is a NO-BRAINER for change workers of any/all kinds. With a money back guarantee, you just cannot lose. Is it YOU who’s stuck at your current level of development??

For now, I’ll simply show you what’s covered in these 4 CDs, and provide several SAMPLE TRACKS in .mp3 format!

Automatic Yes CD Set Tracklist

Automatic Yes CD 1: Introducing State-Chaining Skills

  • Introduction
  • The Power of Context
  • People Only Take Action in Action States.
  • Most People Occupy “Encounter States”
  • Process Vs. Content
  • People are Threshold Machines
  • Influence and EQ
  • 4 MB full sample track.
  • Crossing the River
  • You Go First!

Automatic Yes CD 2: Painting Emotional Landscapes

  • State Categories in more Depth
  • 4MB full sample track.
  • Action States Unpacked
  • Encounter States Unpacked
  • Filling Gaps Between Encounter & Action
  • Accelerator vs Hub States
  • Turn States UP not DOWN
  • HUB States
  • Accelerator States

Automatic Yes CD 3: Building Up Your Emotional Influence Vocab

  • Congruence: Just ACTING won’t work.
  • Best Methods: Eliciting ANY State
  • Learning New Emotional Pathways
  • Controlling Highly Unresourceful States
  • Cleansing Incongruence
  • Touching on Anchoring
  • 3.5MB full sample track.
  • Baby Steps – Using Just 3 States
  • Becoming More Adept with Sequencing
  • Almost any Content can be Piped through Any EmoSequence

Automatic Yes CD 4: Becoming A More Natural Leader (Examples CD)

  • Anchoring Principles
  • Anchoring Chains of States together
  • Results Achievable with Anchor-Chains
  • Indirect State-Chains; Irrelevant Content
  • Sample/Example Emotion-Sequences
  • Sales Example – Influencing YES Repeatedly
  • Personal Example – Calming Down a Spouse
  • Summaring the program
  • 2 MB partial sample track.

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