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Steve Piccus & Johnny Soporno – The Secret To Dating Multiple Girlfriends

Steve Piccus & Johnny Soporno – The Secret To Dating Multiple Girlfriends

Steve Piccus & Johnny Soporno – The Secret To Dating Multiple Girlfriends

Hey Guys,

A couple of keys, used by some of the most affluent self-made men in America, to unlock the secrets of how they became wealthy, famous and successful, was how they used honesty and integrity in their relationships.

According to science and even quoted in Napoleon Hill’s best selling book, Think And Grow Rich, all men, by nature, are polygamists.

And when a man aligns with his nature and learns how to trans-mutate his sexual energy, he can harness this power to excel in any and all areas of his life.

Check it out. If you could discover a couple of systems that teach you everything you needed to know about how to Ethically Date Multiple Girlfriends (at the same time) this information could lead you into discovering the secrets of harnessing incredible self confidence and success, Would you be interested?

If You Are Not Interested, STOP READING NOW!!!

Okay, if you’re still with me, it must mean you want to explore how to improve the quality of your life by Ethically Dating Multiple Girlfriends (at the same time) Discovering Secrets from a couple of guys who are living the life they talk about.

And if you’ve spent any time at all studying male psychology, you’re probably familiar with something called the Coolidge effect.

Coolidge effect

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In biology and psychology, the Coolidge effect is a phenomenon ­ seen in nearly every mammalian species in which it has been tested ­ whereby both males and females exhibit continuous high sexual performance given the introduction of new receptive partners.

If the males are left with the same sexual partner (or none!) their sexual performance wastes away.

Imagine your perfect meal. See to me, the perfect meal would be a great, big, juicy steak. Now imagine if you got your perfect meal. That would be pretty great huh? Now imagine you have to eat that and only that for every meal, every day, for the rest of your life!

Not so excited now are you?

See women have a different definition of “ bi-sexual ” or “ bi-curious ” then men do. Ask any woman who claims she’s not bi-sexual, or at least bi-curious, if she’s ever kissed another woman or played with another woman’s breasts or licked another woman’s belly?

Almost always they say, “ Yeah but I was just experimenting when I was in college. ” or “ Yeah but I was drunk. 

Now look, I did a lot of experimenting when I was young. I mean it was the ’60s. I’ve been drunk as hell on Tequila; where I was holding on to the ground so I would’t fall over… Never have I kissed a man or licked another man’s belly or played with his nipples.

Women use those things as an excuse to do the things they want to do anyway when they can’t find a real man who can allow them to have these experiences.

Men and women are using the same words with different definitions. And its not that they’re being deceptive, they’re just wired differently than you are.

All the time I get letters from guys asking what hypnosis can be used to make a girl want to be with another girl.

Guys, if youre here hoping to find some sneaky trick on how to manipulate women, youve come to the wrong place.

This is about how to develop the mindset that will attract the types of women who want this type of life style. (Which is a lot more than you expect!)

I don’t want to manipulate anyone. If you want to be in a polygamous, or poly-amorous lifestyle and do so in a healthy relationship… And that’s key. This is about relating to people and letting them know your desires in a healthy manner.

Whichever form you desire to have, make sure its what you really want in your life.

If youre not ready to watch another girl go down on your girlfriend and bring her to sexual ecstasy, maybe being polygamous isnt for you.

And that’s okay. This product isn’t for everybody. I always make sure my private coaching clients are very clear in knowing what they want with their relationships. This is a serious decision. Because if you’re not sure this is what you want and you don’t have an understanding of the mindset for this type of lifestyle, you’re only setting yourself up for a lot of drama.

And the amount of drama in your life is inversely proportional to the amount of success in your life

Look If You Tried The Whole Monotony Thing

And You´re Ready To Make That Change

Whether You Want To Date A Lot Of Different Girls At The Same Time

Or Stack Them On Top Of Each Other

Its Time To Take The Steps To Discover How The Other Half Live.

I mean you’ve already done the hardest part. If you’re like most guys, you’ve realized that something isn’t right with the traditional model of how a relationship is supposed to be created. I mean, I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that the man should have to give his nuts over to his girlfriend and ask for them back once a month when he has permission to go out with his friends.

And Ill GIVE YOU The First Step When Talking To Women About All This:

Be Honest.

Be honest with yourself AND be honest with the women you meet about what you want.

Look, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore about wanting to date multiple girlfriends. The women are WAITING for you to come to your senses and man up to the place of power that is rightfully yours.

This is a basic primal thing. And when it gets suppressed by society (like it is now), it has to find an outlet OR ELSE its going to burst.

And if you’re not scared yet, go over to the Wall Street Journal and read about something called “DINS” (that´s dual income, no sex) published on April 3, 2003.


16% Of Couples Fail To Have Sex At Least Once A Month

Low Sex Desire Isnt Because Of Her Job Like She Claims

60% Of The Time, Its The Guy Who Has Stopped The Sex

Look Sex May Only Be About 7% Of The Relationship. But When Its 0% Of The Relationship It Becomes EVERYTHING To The Relationship.

It would break my heart when I would work with couples teaching my White Tiger Tantra and they would talk about how the sexual aspect of their relationship had died. “ We still love each other but weve accepted that part of our relationship is gone. 


I mean if you just want a roommate to help with the rent and the chores and things like that, okay fine, go do that.

See to me, Creator put us on this Earth and made us with interlocking parts to get us into some really whacky, bendy positions. I lived through the Summer Of Love. And all the couples that were into what is now considered “ Alternative Life Styles ” (Which was EVERYBODY) weren’t thinking, “ Wow this sex stuff is great, but after I hit 40 I think Ill spend all my time perfecting my underwater basket weaving. 

The great news is that there are exercises to reawaken all those pleasure parts even if you decide to be with a single partner. However, for those of you have decided upon the path of being with multiple girlfriends, you can cross this problem off your list!

This is what is REALLY meant by the Coolidge effect.

I believe its not an increase in your sex drive that multiple partners create, it prevents the decrease in your sex drive that a single partner creates.

My brother had a dog named Bully. Now Bully was one of the most energetic dogs I´ve ever seen. My brother had a couple acres of land out East of San Diego and his dog would spend all day running up and down the fields chasing birds and squirrels and anything else that looked like it might want to play. Bully also had a habit of hunting coyotes at night while everyone else slept.

Now I don´t know if you know this but coyotes don´t come one at a time when they´re prowling around at night. They come in packs of 3, 4, or 5. In Arizona, sometimes these packs grow to be as large as the triple digits. And Bully didn’t care. While everyone was asleep, we´d hear the familiar yip and yowl of the coyotes as they got closer and suddenly, Bully would be barking and growling and just making a terrific row.

But Bully wouldn´t be any where near the house. See Bully would sneak off over to where the coyotes would be coming acrossed the fields and run up on the coyotes. He didn´t always get one but after a short scuffle those coyotes would be sure to avoid my brothers land in the future.

Now, as time went on my brother met a girl and she moved in. She thought Bully was “ too aggressive .” Pretty soon Bully was sent off to the vet to be “ fixed .”

Now thats got to be the most fucked up euphemism ever created. He was fine! He wasnt broken in the first place.

Bully stopped chasing things around the yard and gained considerable weight. It wasn’t long before a group of coyotes attempted to venture acrossed the fields. After returning from the vet (that time Bully didnt fare so well against the coyotes), Bully became an “ inside dog .”

I mean this is bullshit. I told my brother that that was not a healthy way to start a relationship when she first brought it up. But for whatever reason, he needed to learn that lesson

See sometimes friends become enemies, and sometime enemies become friends. As we walk along our paths, you have to make the decisions of what you want in your life.

I’ve released this product because we keep hearing about guy after guy who wakes up in a relationship feeling like he was trapped. He was going along feeling fine in his masculine reality, until he met a woman who convinced him he needed to “ Just slow down and act his age. ” After the guy ended the relationship, they want to know about how to ethically date multiple women.

Now, I Believe That A Proper Relationship Is One Man And Multiple Women.

However I also believe that different folks need different strokes. To that end, I invited one of the few people I know who has found how to make poly-amorous relationships work for him, Johnny Soporno, to join me on a panel talk explaining to a group of our students how to create and foster these types of relationships.

See a lot of people stay in real broken, screwed up relationships because of familiarity. They think, “ Well, it could be worse. ” And I believe that’s a screwed up way to view the world. The world is filled with women who are just waiting for a guy who is secure enough in his masculinity to let her enjoy sex with him and other partners.

In my model, those other partners are other women. In Johnny’s model, those other partners could be anybody. There’s no jealousy involved. But there are rules that everyone follows.

And with the help of Jaime Smart, we go over not only the “ Why ” of these relationship lifestyles but also the “ How .”

If you’ve been to one of my workshops or heard me speak at a seminar, you know that I believe that in every interaction you’re either selling a person, a product or an idea. If you’re not working on becoming highly sexed, you’re strangling your potential as a man.

Look it doesn’t matter if you’re fat, bald, short, tall, skin… none of that matters. The women love Johnny and want to be with Johnny because of the frame that he holds. Just the same, the women love me and want to be a part of my life because of the frame that I hold.

This is something I WISH someone could have taught me when I got started. We had to figure this out on our own through trial and error. And thats why Im releasing this DVD, because no one else is teaching guys how to ethically date multiple girlfriends.

And some of the other guys who are trying to teach this ARENT living it.

I don’t advocate that everyone should be with multiple women. But if you decide that these types of relationships are for you AND YOU WANT TO DO IT WITH INTEGRITY AND ETHICALLY, I didnt want you to have only one way to do it. I dont think that my way is the only way.

So before you start sending me emails asking me what else is on the DVDs, Check Out This Partial List:

The first 12 words that should come out of your mouth when you meet a new girl you are interested in. (These words alone are worth the program tenfold.)

Why most men get nowhere when approaching the subject of threesomes and moresomes with women they´ve just met or even women they´ve had a long-term relationship with.

The main reason why most men will never be able to convince a woman to have a threesome – even though most women are ready and willing to explore that aspect of their sexuality.

How to present yourself as the kind of man she will want to explore with. What you will learn here will set you apart from the rest of the guys, making you look like the prize in her eyes.

How to show bi-sexual women that you understand their unique, and sometimes difficult, life and social position. This will give you a true appreciation for bi-sexual women.

How to get bi-curious women to want to choose you as the first man that they explore a moresome with and how to make it an experience that they will truly enjoy, without any regrets.

How to get your woman to willingly attract other women into your ´pleasure circle´ so you can both continue to enjoy ‘new adventures’ all the time. So when you’re ready to continue heading down the path that will lead to having multiple girlfriends, openly and honestly, in your life, click the button at the bottom of this web page and let me be the first to offer my condolences to the way you used to be and welcome you on your journey to becoming a powerful man

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