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Orion & Kamal – Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters I

Orion & Kamal – Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters I

Orion & Kamal – Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters I

Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters I teaches you in-field techniques to improve your seduction skills.

What you’ll learn in Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters I

Disc One:

  • Getting Initial Rapport With Her
  • Listening For Her Key Trance Phrases and Values
  • Calibrating Her Non-Verbal Responses
  • Mastering Your Tonality
  • Asking The Right Questions
  • Getting Her To Use Her Imagination
  • Memorizing Patterns For Easy Recall
  • Using Seduction Themes And Sensory Rich Descriptions

Disc Two:

  • Using Poetry For Seduction; Where, When And How To Introduce It!
  • Learning and Applying Speed Seduction If You Are An Engineer
  • How To Handle The First Meeting
  • Using Patterns In Your Initial Phone Call
  • Projecting and Mastering Congruence
  • Bringing Out and Using Natural Abilities That Attract Women
  • The Proper Use of Fluff Talk
  • Building A Powerful Frame Of Mind
  • The Effective Use of Humor In Speed Seduction(Kamal is a Master at This)
  • Ways To Elicit Her Values
  • Handling Resistance And Objections

Disc Three:

  • Closing The Deal By Eliciting Process
  • Physical Closes and Test Closes
  • Keeping Loops Open/Leaving Her Eager For More
  • Characteristics Of The Successful Speed Seducer
  • Great Places To Meet Women
  • The Unique Opportunities Of Art Galleries And Art Openings
  • Palmistry And Seduction

Disc Four:

  • Using Handwriting Analysis For Seduction
  • The Skilled Use Of Quotes And Metaphors
  • When And How To Effectively “Play” Therapist To Seduce Her
  • Fighting And Utilizing Women’s Conditioning By The Media
  • How To Effectively Create A Speed Seduction Practice Program and Schedule For Yourself
  • Final Thoughts

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