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Jeff Allen – Charisma Mastery 2.0 – 5 Hour Charisma

Jeff Allen – Charisma Mastery 2.0 – 5 Hour Charisma

Jeff Allen – Charisma Mastery 2.0 – 5 Hour Charisma

Become Highly Likeable In JUST 5 Hour…

EVEN If You’ve Never Been Popular Before… Or Felt Like An Outcast…

How Far In Your Social Life, Career, Relationships, Could You Go if You Knew…

How to influence, charm and create win-win situations ON COMMAND…

5 HOUR CHARISMA will give you the tools to:

  • NAIL the All-Important First Impression With Non-Verbal Communication – AKA the “Automatic Like”
  • SPARK Engaging, Never Ending Conversations By Always Having Something Interesting to Say
  • LEAD to Influence and Create A Win-Win Situation That Gives Everyone What They Want and Makes Them Love You For It
  • ATTRACT the Right Type of Attention And Look “Cool” Without Even Trying
  • GUIDE the Interaction Where You Want It To Go With the “Always Win” Formula

These are the 5 core skills of Charisma – the foundation needed for any charismatic personality.

These are your 5 Commandments of Charisma. And they are worked just as any other skill.

Simply put, you WILL NOT achieve true charisma without even one of them.

On the flip side, anyone who masters them will truly be set for life. Not just socially, but personally, financially, and creatively.

In fact, pretty much EVERYTHING I’ve ever accomplished can be boiled down to these 5 skills. The rest is just improvisation – what the old folks call “being yourself”.

5 HOUR CHARISMA is for you if you:

  • Struggle to form a meaningful connection with new people.
  • Lose people’s attention as soon as you get it.
  • Are constantly ignored or passed over for other people.
  • Don’t like how lonely your future looks right now.
  • Want people to be genuinely interested in who you are.
  • Can’t get the results you want no matter what you do.
  • Feel like an alien every time you try to meet people.

You will learn exactly how to break out of your shell, turn your own “personality volume” way up AND know how to use it wherever there’s a gathering of people….

5 Hour Charisma Works 100% Of The Time For 100% Of The People Who Do 100% Of The Work…

You’ll Become MORE Charismatic ONLY IF You Actually Roll Up Your Sleeves And DO THE WORK.

It’s time for you to take action and assume responsibility for your own social success…

I don’t want you to miss out… 5 Hour Charisma is about changing WHO you are…

Gaining the mindset and the skills you need to see results FAST.

Ensuring you don’t miss out on opportunities… relationships… friendships…

Helping you create the life you want.

Imagine getting the promotion you’ve wanted… finally being able to effectively cold approach someone you’re interested in… connecting with someone who will be your next business partner… best friend…

All because you learned HOW to communicate with people at the highest level because you signed up today and received the bonuses…

What’s that worth to you? What would you pay to change your life?

$5,000? $2,500? 1,000? $500?

Any of those amounts would be a fair investment cost… but I want this to be affordable… and I don’t want money to be an issue for you…

I will only keep 5 Hour Charisma at this special price for the first 100 action takers… who are serious about having a mentor in their corner…

The normal price for the public will be $294…

Now you can wait for the public price or “think about it”… and guess what will change?


You can’t just “wish” for a different life… you have to take action.

Big action takers get big results!

I reward action takers… and that’s why I’m making 5 Hour Charisma…

Jeff Allen – Charisma Mastery 2.0 – 5 Hour Charisma

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