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Tallulah Sulis – Divine Nectar – A Guide to Exploring Female Ejaculation

Tallulah Sulis – Divine Nectar – A Guide to Exploring Female Ejaculation

Tallulah Sulis – Divine Nectar – A Guide to Exploring Female Ejaculation

Hi, I’m Jem,

I had the wonderful privilege to participate in the production of the movie, Divine Nectar. Demonstrating female ejaculation comes easy to me, and ever since my first demonstration several years ago with Anton Diaz of, I hoped I could continue to inspire women and open them to new realms of their own sexuality.

I’ve been ejaculating since 1981. It first happened during high stimulation using oral and manual techniques, and completely out of the blue. I didn’t even know liquid came out of me. I just was experiencing great pleasure and it squirted out! With much encouragement from my partner, I began to experience it as part of my normal opening and orgasming.

The most important thing for me has been that it be accepted and even encouraged by my partners over the years. If a partner doesn’t want me to ejaculate, or if he doesn’t like it, I will not be able to completely open to my orgasmic experience. Ejaculation is a normal part of my whole experience, this is what eventually leads to a full-body orgasm. Knowing that female ejaculation can be a normal part of a woman’s orgasmic process is the beginning to this acceptance.

I hope to continue a dialogue and open new doors for both women and men. This website is an evolving project, and my intention is to create a safe, “shame-free” space to connect with and explore your own sexuality. Please write me and/or join my email list, and come back soon to see what other surprises I’ll have to share!

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll buy the dvd, Divine Nectar.

Many Blessings,
Jem, aka Kristal Magic

Please join us for an erotic, educational and visionary journey into the ecstatic dimensions of female ejaculation. Through the revolutionary process of reclaiming our Divine Nectar, we can activate the empowering and healing aspects of our sexual potential. Featuring seven women and their partners, this film offers a sacred and explosive look at this incredible Experience which has touched many lives, and now, perhaps yours. Join us on an unforgettable journey as we bring you the gushing, wild women who have surrendered to their luscious nectar!

Special Features:

  • Transformational art animated to an incredible soundtrack featuring: Suzanne Sterling, Living Alliance of Love, Sofiah Thom and many more.
  • An interview with Deborah Sundahl, a pioneer of women’s sexuality.

“An astounding and magical journey! Truly a unique tapestry of art, sexuality and education; this ground-breaking gem is hot, wet and enlightening!”
— Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., sex worker turned sex and love guru.

“A beautiful video that expresses the inherent nature of the sacred feminine in female ejaculation.”
— Deborah Sundahl, pioneer of women’s sexuality, author and video producer.

You can download Tallulah Sulis – Divine Nectar – A Guide to Exploring Female Ejaculation immediately!

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