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Carlos Xuma – Sexual Spark System

Carlos Xuma – Sexual Spark System

Carlos Xuma – Sexual Spark System

Sexual Spark System system by Carlos Xuma shows men how to trigger instant sexual attraction and addiction in a woman, and supercharge her sexual desires. It is designed to tap into a woman’s addictive habits in order to become her desired obsession.

Some of the areas covered:

  • The words to bypass a woman’s rejection reflex
  • How to get a woman to feel genuine sexual desire for you
  • A technique to know when a woman is ready to sleep with you
  • How to get you out of the friend zone and create an instant bond with a woman

Sexual Spark System is based on igniting three sexual sparks in a woman:

  • Curiosity spark
  • Suspense spark
  • Action spark

Bonuses include:

  • The Girlfriend Blueprint: how to get a girlfriend fast
  • The Firebrand: to pass a woman’s tests and establish a sexual connection
  • Ultra Magnetic: Make Her Crush on You – how to be the funny sexy guy she wants

Table Of Contents:

  • Storybook Romance Technique: how to romance a woman
  • The Sexual Spark Sequence: outlines the language of female desire
  • The Activation Pattern: how to give a woman permission to drag you into bed
  • Arousal Triggers: bypassing a woman’s “rational” mind and awaken her sexual hunger

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