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David Snyder – Renegade Reframing: Instant Conversational Belief Change CPI3

David Snyder – Renegade Reframing: Instant Conversational Belief Change CPI3

David Snyder – Renegade Reframing: Instant Conversational Belief Change CPI3

How would you like to pull a “Waking Inception” on someone …? Crawl into their head… and make them agree with you on any topic …

This is one of my most controversial programs, because belief change has nothing to do with what’s true. In fact, if you’re explaining your view to someone, point by point, in a logical fashion …

That is the best way to lose them. I personally don’t like this fact of life, because I’m a logical person. But I decided long ago to focus on what WORKS, rather than what I’d prefer to work.

Now, everything I teach in persuasion has some type of belief-change element. In my beginner courses, I teach how to create compelling charisma and establish deep instant rapport, so people want to agree with you.

But that only takes you so far. There are some deeply held convictions, that just cannot be shaken by charm, authority, or even hypnosis!

Introducing – Renegade Reframing: Instant Conversational Belief Change

A lot of my earlier programs concentrated on developing a powerful general charisma that charms people into going along with you. It’s a great foundation to have in the persuasion world.

How’s this Renegade Reframing: Instant Conversational Belief Change CPI3 program different?

Renegade Reframing is ideal if you want to laser-focus on certain beliefs in a person instead of just trying to be all-around more convincing.

It can be used in politics, dating, business, friendship and more.

Beyond that, it works on the concrete thick beliefs about one’s identity, the world, and even GOD.

Yes, if you’ve ever wanted to snap someone’s religion in two and destroy their faith, you can do that here, though I wouldn’t recommend it. Cults routinely try to break someone’s beliefs too quickly and it can drive someone literally insane.

First, let me explain to you how belief change really works.

Any Master Persuader, Seducer, or Salesperson
Can Change Someone’s Beliefs
One you learn very quickly in the persuasion & influence world is that you never meet someone with a “clean slate.”

Whether you’re selling, dating, convincing, or even making friends, the person in front of you has a 6-Layer Deep structure of beliefs.

Much of the time, the person’s beliefs will go against what you want.

Think about beliefs you run into, like:

  • “I don’t sleep with someone on a first date.”
  • “I can only afford to spend $_____ today.”
  • “I think we’re paying you enough already.”
  • “This vaccine is obviously safe/unsafe.”
  • “It’s dumb to buy a product without comparison shopping first.”
  • “I can’t vote for that person because they’re a Democrat/Republican.”
  • “If you cared about me, you wouldn’t have forgotten the milk.”

This isn’t just about getting the advantage on someone.

Some of these beliefs will be coming from people you care most about.

You’ll have a friend, partner, or family member who is about to make a terrible decision, and you want to help them.

Maybe they’re about to make a terrible investment, or not taking care of their health. Or maybe you two are fighting about something you know the answer to, but they just won’t get it.

Unfortunately, as much as you press them or try to convince them, they’ll stubbornly stick to their guns.

And the more you push, the more they’ll dig their heels in. (Unless you know Renegade Reframing.)

Other times, these beliefs come from people you want something from, or want something with.

Maybe there’s a person you want to date, but they’re held back by their own beliefs.

They might think they are only attracted to tall, handsome men, or petite blonde women.

You may think this is simply a preference, but much of the time, someone’s attraction is dictated by what they think they’re supposed to like. Once you pop that bubble, you’ll find that many people are attracted to you instantly, simply because you got all the crap in their head out of the way.

Then there’s the Business End of this.

Maybe you want to make quick $50,000 sale, and the buyer doesn’t think the current economic times are safe.

Or they believe that another brand is better than yours because it’s more well-known.

Or that they shouldn’t hire you because you don’t have experience in their industry.

Or that the “right” thing to do is ask their wife or husband before making a big purchase.

No matter what it is, you NEED a strategy to change these beliefs, or it’s GAME OVER.

David Snyder – Renegade Reframing: Instant Conversational Belief Change CPI3

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