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David Wygant – 20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women

David Wygant – 20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women

David Wygant – 20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women

Do you ever worry about remembering those typical lines you hear from the movies? Do you try and fail time and time again? Well there may be an answer to your problems as dating coach David Wygant has come up with the ideal formula for guys to meet hotter women without those clichéd phrases.

Wygant teaches in this program that there is no need for a game plan and that the best game plan is the ‘natural game’ because every situation and every woman is different!

With 20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women without Pickup Lines you won’t worry about meeting women by using the lame lines that you may have got away with at high school. The program is a strictly ‘No canned routines’ zone so you can put those old corny lines back in the rubbish.

20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women program will teach you how to be the confident man you thought you couldn’t be and the guy that all women are looking for. The CD will also go through the best ways to move from attraction to comfort in a flirtatious conversation without ruining the entire conversation or killing the mood by creating those awful awkward pauses.

This audio series will also deal with different ways in which the typical nice guy can set himself free from the dreaded ‘friends zone’ and how to avoid falling into this category to begin with. David Wygant, typically, gives you the best of the best of his own openers for approaching and takes you through some of his less successful approaches.

Wygant covers it all in the audio series. He starts from the beginning; all the way from getting her interested to ensuring she calls first, which is always a difficult one. The most appealing thing and it’s unique-selling-point is the fact that Wygant focuses on the ‘natural approach’.

Wygant’s teaching style is also something to be admired. He doesn’t bore you or patronise you with his expertise, he simply tells you what you want to know with a pithy wit and comes across as particularly engaging, without any of the scammer vibe that some dating coaches seem to have. His style is very entertaining too; it is highly-theoretical, while still mixing in some good practical advice, and delivering top-notch material.

The thing about Wygant is that he offers products both for men and for women so he obviously knows what both want and need in partners. This makes him a one-off in the pickup community – and it probably accounts for part of his success and the respect he commands.

20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women, WITHOUT Pickup Lines is a must-have for this very reason and while Wygant definitely has routines and patterns that he likes to use, his focus is on something really different to what other dating coaches say. He stresses the importance of being present with women, and open to whatever moment they’re in. His mantra is “get out of your own head!” as he doesn’t want you to fuss with the inadequacies or insecurities you may have, he’s all about being yourself and being open!

So we strongly recommend “getting out of your own head” and checking out David Wygant’s material today!

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