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Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery Course

Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery Course

Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery Course

Don’t Let Your Spiritual Life Pass You By…

If you’ve decided that you’re ready for SUPER-SUCCESS with astral projection and OBE, then what I’m about to tell you about could help you get it FAST.

I’ve put together what is arguably the most complete educational product on planet Earth for DRAMATICALLY increasing your success with astral traveling.

This digitally recorded and edited video training program contains over TWENTY full hours of me teaching all of the ideas, concepts, techniques, tricks, and secrets that took me YEARS to figure out and develop.

This is your chance to “pick my brain” and get ALL of my best thinking.

Now you can get all the benefits of hearing me teach my best ideas, all from the comfort of your own home.

What You’re Going To Learn in Astral Projection Mastery Course:

Here’s a VERY partial list of what you’re going to learn inside this exciting educational home-study program:

  • How to get out of body easily and consistently so that you can astral project “on command”
  • What you must do to ALWAYS be “mentally ready” so you don’t blow it when you get a chance to astral travel (this will prevent that thing that ALWAYS happens… you feel like slipping out of body for a nice “vacation”, but by the time you finally settle down your time is UP)
  • A simple 2-step exercise to permanently eliminate the fears and frustrations that are holding you back from success with OBE… fast and forever
  • The universal “hard-wired” biological process that FORCES you to go out of body… and how to trick your subconscious into actively creating powerful astral projections FOR YOU
  • How to tap into your “psychic instincts” and develop a strong energetic presence that makes your chakras help you get out of body
  • Have you ever seen a less intelligent person having more success with astral projection than you… and wondered what the hell was going on? Here’s the little-known and closely-guarded secret of the “naturals” you can use to “cheat the system” and begin having astral adventures you’re friends won’t believe. (It’s much easier than you think… when you know the secret)
  • A secret that the “ascended masters” on the astral plane use for their own sophisticated astral travel… which happens to work just as well with humans! (This is one of my personal “secrets” I use ALL THE TIME)
  • The REAL reason why most practitioners will never become successful with astral projection… and how to SMASH THROUGH and permanently eliminate this dangerous mental obstacle
  • How to “wipe your internal slate clean” and build a powerful force of confidence that every person you come in contact with will notice
  • A proven way to “keep your progress” in the development of your astral projection skills and guarantee that YOU ARE gaining the ability for the rest of your life (This will also eliminate any nervous “head games” you play with yourself… because you’ll be so strong that they’ll melt away)
  • The 7 trance induction traits that psychics who are “naturals” with astral projection possess… and a way to bring out your natural ability to relax down into deep trance faster than you ever thought possible
  • How to track down real “ascended masters” on the upper astral plane and get them to feel comfortable sharing their techniques and secrets with you
  • An easy, secret technique you can use to permanently eliminate nervousness about sleep-paralysis
  • A quick, easy way to enter the “theta state” when you’re relaxing and want to take a short HASSLE-FREE astral excursion
  • The way to use your own unique body size and proportions to facilitate the easiest, deepest, trance… even if you have terrible posture!
  • How to soften up and relax every fiber of your body within seconds, so you can get out of body instantly
  • The secret biological reason why you’re unconscious loves dreaming… and how you can use it to TRIGGER your internal “astral project mechanism” and MASTER your OBE reflex
  • The reason why you’ll astral project easily one night but not get out of body no matter what you do other nights (Which would YOU rather experience? When you know this secret, it will be your choice)
  • Inexpensive tips to improving EVERY PART of your meditation space to create an area specifically for enhanced astral projection
  • The astonishing secret of master projectors that practically FORCES you out of your body, and into the positive astral planes… or anywhere else (So easy to learn you’ll use it THE NIGHT YOU LEARN IT!)
  • The tests your Higher Self uses to disqualify you… how to pass every one BEFORE it comes up by doing just this one thing (Unfortunately no practitioner ever discovers this on his own… and must endure on rejection
  • after another)
  • An eye movement technique stolen from ancient yogis you can use to drop yourself into an instant trance (When you finally “wake up” you’ll want to
  • right back down)
  • NEWSFLASH: Taming your mind before you start your exit technique is absolutely critical to your success with astral projection. Here’s a trick to nail it every time…
  • The 7 key energy centers of a normal, healthy human being, with specific step-by-step ways to supercharge them for OBE (Do just 2 or 3 of these centers and you’re golden)
  • A trick I learned from a European magician you can use to make sure you never get “stuck” in an area of the astral plane that you don’t like (and how to return to your body safe and sound immediately)
  • 2 exercises to develop your clairvoyance skills on the astral plane and learn how to see events from the future or the past (You can start doing both of them today, and see results FAST)
  • A powerful exercise you can use “in the field” to eliminate nervousness and anxiety in seconds
  • My personal favorite “move” for each of the “most common” situations with astral projection… quieting your mind, entering deep trance, exiting your physical body, traveling to the upper astral planes, meeting evolutionarily advanced beings, and having a kick-ass time (I’ve field-tested and refined each one… you’re getting ONLY the best)
  • 3 best times of the day that are optimal for ensuring the easiest astral projection possible every day of the year
  • The 6 things you must NEVER do while out of body in the Real Time Zone (I learned each one of these “the hard way”… and I’ll tell you how to AVOID the pain and failure I had to endure)
  • “Sneaky” (but fun for your friends) ways to play with, and tease your buddies and loved ones while on “the other side”
  • A way to exit the physical body for astral projection that works EVERY time
  • A surefire way to get out of body that works EVEN BETTER if you’ve already been trying to astral project for years without success
  • The 1 energy body techniques you need to GUARANTEE you’re perfectly relaxed and energetically set to commence your astral projection
  • Have you ever seen an exotic locale, and wanted to astral travel there? Here’s a surprisingly easy “why didn’t I think of that” way to get there FAST
  • A easy way to meet and converse with other curious astral projectors, travelers, and extra-terrestrials floating around on the astral plane
  • A simple language trick for INSTANTLY making your astral vision clearer and brighter so you can see everything with crystal clear 20/20 vision or BETTER
  • How to use your “chest voice” for the most powerful incantations and affirmations… they’re so strong that they practically manifest your wish immediately
  • An exact, step-by-step exit technique to use when you’re relaxing and just want to slip out of body problem-free
  • A detailed color map of the astral planes so that you know EXACTLY where you are and what you’re doing at ANY moment
  • A surefire fun “game” to play on the astral that costs nothing, boosts your morale… and you’ll remember it forever
  • The rule of astral travel almost all projectors BREAK that can ruin your chances of staying out of the body without you even knowing it
  • 5 things you can do to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE you’re ability to remember and recall all of your most fascinating and meaningful astral projections (If you’ve ever forgotten a special OBE moment… you probably missed these tips)
  • The 4 “set in stone” rules of astral traveling, so that you get to where you’re going without zipping off to some unknown place accidentally
  • Exactly what to say when an astral being approaches you (Most projects FAIL these simple encounters and LOSE the opportunity to make a useful friendship… Now you’ll be prepared to increase your “social network” on the astral )
  • A simple thing you can do to visit the enchanted “elemental” lands and planes… seeing a real dragon, fairy, and gnome for the first time will blow your mind
  • My favorite “get out of jail free” card you can use to immediately disappear from any reality, dimension, plane, or world that is scaring you. (You can also use this same trick to appear in any location you want)
  • A 10 point “First OBE Checklist” ever practitioner NEEDS to go over before he gets into deep trance
  • The secrets to quickly cultivating a strong, long-lasting relationship with everything from angels to fairies and sprites (and leave them intrigued by YOU)
  • A psychological “magic trick” that makes your subconscious feel comfortable at letting you out of body the very first time you attempt
  • How “gurus” use lucid dreaming techniques to assure they gain consciousness DURING the dream and convert it into a power astral projection
  • How to smoothly operate your astral body, and navigate the Real Time Zone surrounding our physical world… You’ll quickly become a master traveler and begin REALLY exploring outer space!
  • How to use self-hypnosis and proven affirmations to literally “reprogram” your mind to begin astral projecting… and PERMANENTLY remove any negative blockages or obstructions
  • My well-vetted technique to know exactly the right moment to initiate your astral projection exit technique AND make sure that you get fully out of your body to begin traveling
  • An advanced astral travel method, stolen from a master psychic, that lets you choose which world, or plane, you go to… explore the endless set up of tunnels and highways with confidence and conviction that you’re headed in the RIGHT direction
  • How to end the first astral projection in a way that ensure you WILL be able to remember everything that happened with clarity
  • 2 mega-successful, “I can’t believe it’s that simple” exit techniques that involve nothing more than you “pretending” like you did when you were a child (If only pretending worked in EVERY area of life!)
  • 10 tips for separating from the physical body in the easiest, fastest, most efficient way possible. It’s taken me 35 years to refine these masterful techniques
  • 5 of my own favorite things to do for fun on the astral plan (WARNING: don’t do these unless you’re ready to become addicted to OBE)
  • A detailed explanation of my innovative NEW Energy Ways techniques and theory… use this invaluable information to increase your success with astral projection TREMENDOUSLY – by learning how to stimulate and energize your chakras and kundalini
  • Why just “intellectualizing” about astral projection never works… and why hard work ALWAYS pays off (especially in OBE)
  • What your Higher Self is, and how to develop a verbal relationship with your “guardian angel”
  • How to stop being afraid that astral projection is “dangerous”, which is silly and untrue, and start recognizing your natural astral traits as a human
  • Creating powerful OBEs takes more than just the right techniques… it takes a special combination of posture, relaxation, confidence, understanding, and other “internal” skills. I’ll show you the magic formula, and break it down into bite-size chunks that you’ll easily grasp
  • A very specific exercise and formula for overcoming each and every fear you have with astral projection
  • The pineal gland, and “OBE” part of the brain, and how to appeal to the particular functions that these organs have to empower your ability to astral project 10-fold
  • Lessons from astral beings that will help you see how astral projection should fit into your life… and show you how to get out of body to visit their temples on the astral
  • How the persona or “social mask” you wear melts away as you learn your true multi-dimensional nature
  • How we deceive ourselves into believing things that aren’t true or useful about spirituality… and how to overcome this self-deception
  • How to keep more of your personal power… instead of giving it away to astral vampires
  • How to find and identify your own limiting or inaccurate beliefs about yourself and astral projection… and how to turn them into useful beliefs that will help you succeed
  • How to think about “life” in a way that makes you excited about achieving your goals and dreams
  • How to “make your own luck” when it comes to OBE. There are things that “lucky” practitioners do to get out of body – and you can learn what they are
  • Why some techniques work better than others when it comes to astral traveling, and the exact techniques I use personally to exit my body
  • How to project a powerful, magnetic confidence to “ascended masters” by seeing them as “guests in your reality” as opposed to people whose approval you need
  • A detailed explanation of the inner beliefs of master psychics who are ULTRA successful with astral projection, and how to cultivate these beliefs within yourself
  • Specific guided self-image exercises to improve your self esteem and confidence with astral projection
  • Why your “Reference Group” (or those you choose to surround yourself with) will largely determine your success… and how to use this secret to skyrocket your success with OBE
  • Answers to the profound question: “How do you live happy life?”
  • How to stop flipping your “fight or flight” switch in your mind which prevents you from getting out of body – and shut it down for good
  • Specific techniques for directly accessing the deeper, evolutionary aspects of your brain in a way that makes you automatically begin having synchronicities and uncanny “coincidences”
  • How to communicate to your UNCONSCIOUS that it’s safe and desirable for it to begin allowing you to have out of body experiences
  • The magical powers that “gurus” and “masters” use to manifest their wishes on the astral plane… and how to harness the positive aspects of this power yourself without being abusive
  • How skilled astral projectors think, feel, and experience the world, and why you need to “get” this in order to achieve the SAME results as they do
  • Every single thing you do or think can either increase or decrease your chances of astral projection… learn how to turn this to your advantage and make the most of every thought, behavior, gesture, and situation
  • Various astral plane types, how they work, and what to watch out for
  • Specific guided exercises for clearing fear and anxiety… you can use these techniques in any situation to help you clear away uncontrollable anxiety
  • Great places to practice astral projection… these are places where that unconsciously facilitate OBE (really!)
  • Exit techniques that actually work
  • A thorough explanation of mental rehearsal exercises and examples to help you plan your success with astral projection
  • One of my favorites! How to make your dreams turn into astral projections automatically
  • “Training wheels” for astral projecting… different types of props, tricks, etc. that will help start deepening your trance and taking it all the way through to exiting the body
  • How to get out of body in any situation
  • How to plan out your initial interactions on the astral plane so they go smoothly – without any “hiccups”
  • How to use your physical body to change the chemistry of your brain in a way that induces the deepest trance you can enter
  • How to ask an “ascended master” to help you – there’s a right way and a wrong way… I’ll show you the right way
  • The best places to go while out of body… to have fun and not spend a lot of time traveling
  • Exactly how to use contemporary science and pop culture to maximize your understanding of where you “fit in” to the big picture of existence
  • How to make your subconscious mind work double-time toward helping you get out of body easily and quickly
  • Why following “age old” astral projection advice is HORRIBLE and causes you to fail, and how to right the wrongs of these old school authors
  • How to set up a direct line of communication between you and your “Higher Self” so it can feed you instructions for improvement (You’ll find your Higher Self is the best teacher you could ever have)
  • The keys to making your astral excursions INTERESTING
  • The “magical power” of being confident and bold with astral projection
  • My favorite specific stories from my myriad travels and journeys
  • How to make it natural for you to get into a routine of going out of body
  • My personal secrets for exiting the body at a moment’s notice, day or night, 24/7
  • The 6 things that instantly let your “Higher Self” know whether or not you’re ready to become a “frequent flyer”
  • “The Wuss Cure”… and how to get yourself back on track if you feel like you’re starting to get nervous, and you sense that you’re about ruin an astral projection attempt
  • Secrets for having an astral projection your very first try
  • How to attract friends among the fairies and elf folk… and increase their participation in your life so they help YOU astral project
  • How to use the “Astral Projection Test” to see if you’re ready to exit
  • Examples of actual case studies and students I’ve helped master OBE
  • How and when to end an astral journey (hint: If you screw this up, you may find you’re stuck out of body for a long time)
  • How to smoothly fly up to the upper astral level, and get an angel to look after you and care about your personal evolutionary success

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